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  1. hettinger_rl

    Falcons Concept Logo

    Before I'm away for the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with this new design and a few thoughts. I was recently inspired to draw-up a falcon image and while working it out I chose to think metacognitively about my process. What follows are a list of some of the thoughts that were........thunk. 1. Lets see what a falcon looks like Search for falcon images 2. Falcons have big eyes and a small beak compared to eagles and hawks, that's a distiguishing feature Draw out the shape of a basic falcon head 3. An angled pose would be most dynamic Search falcon in stoop or stooping falcon stooping is a funny word Add more slant to composition 4. They almost have an innocent look to them 5. Try to keep some of the innocent look 6. I wanna keep that ring around the eye, that's a distiguishing feature 7. Since the eye doesn't have much anger, what makes them scary? They are FAST..... lightning shapes They have a black colored eye... no yellow in the eye itself like hawks and eagles, that's a distiguishing feature Search falcon screeching 8. Erase closed beak, draw in open mouth 9. Keep dark portion of beak, that's a distiguishing feature 10. Work in the dark shape in the feather colors on the face 11. Huh, that doesn't look half bad References used:
  2. kcoslett17

    Fantasy baseball league logos

    I took it upon myself to redesign my fantasy baseball league's branding since my Inkscape skills have gotten a little better. I was hoping to get feedback on these, since we will use them for a lot of things throughout the league (watermarks on letters, on the trophy, etc.). First, the league logo. It obviously draws heavy influence from the Jagermeister label, but I modified the stag, font and added a baseball instead of a cross. Any feedback is good feedback, so fire away. Thanks!
  3. KhanMiller24


  4. astone11

    USA Baseball

    Hey all! Back with another baseball concept. Just trying my hand at USA Baseball. Tell me what you think.... Primary Script Home Uniform Road Uniform
  5. GenericUsername30

    United States Baseball League

  6. Tyler Crowder

    Blue Jays font

    Hello anyone, I was wondering if anyone out there has the font the Blue Jays use (preferably the one that has the pointy edges) as I'm working on a photoshop project and I planned on using the font but all I can find is the back of jersey font and thats your run of the mill block font. I'm looking for the one on the front of the jerseys and numbers with the double lines.
  7. Discrimihater

    Asheville Tourists revisited

    As an old song put it, let's do it again. A few years back, I'd posted an Asheville Tourists concept. Then I tweaked it. Then the Tourists changed to the moon logo shortly afterward. I'd thought about a revisit for a while, but it always got put on the backburner...until now. The distinguishing feature of the home and away jerseys is the stars & hibiscus patterned cuffs. The old tourist bear inspired a sunglasses cap on the previous set, and a revisit wouldn't be complete without borrowing the moon man's shades. Now, for what the people want. Oh yes...khaki pants. I went there. Granted, it's a bit difficult to think of the navy jersey as a Hawaiian shirt, given the lack of flowers, but the idea was there. Going with it is a navy version of the shades cap with a starred bill. The royal blue jersey...yeah, it's the more straight Hawaiian shirt, with flowers and stars, and the moon mixed in. Figured the rib-eating moon man would fit the mood of this jersey, so he adorns the left sleeve. Yell words, while I sue Tails for false aint gonna need a Tailescope (or a telescope) for this one.
  8. Link for those interested in entering the contest.
  9. So, I was browsing through the minor league baseball logo files and I came across a few that are in desperate need of a refreshing or... much more than that. One of the worst logos in my opinion was the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League whose main emblem is rudimentary at best. I also felt their design as a whole was dated, so i really wanted to take them on. I don't know if I'll work on a few more teams for this alongside my Updates & Overhauls thread, I'll just have to play it by ear, But I will be posting uniforms for the Devils. So, here is my take on the Tri-City Dust Devils: C&C is appreciated, Thx!
  10. Hey everyone, Inspired by @Bruins starting of the Star Wars League (in which only one spot is remaining, so feel free to join) and my own revival of love for Star Wars with last year's The Force Awakens, I decided to try to make some baseball uniforms of my very own. This series is going to utilize the 30 cities that are currently a part of Major League Baseball, but with Star Wars inspired names. Most of the teams won't be very much inspired by their actual MLB counterpart, as much as they will be by aspects of the city itself. I'm also going to try to make Force Awakens and Rogue One special alternates for teams whenever applicable, to commemorate the new movies. Anyway, starting off the series today with the Arizona Speeders! Uniforms -Credit for the name goes to @Pulv! for this one, and I'm excited to see what she does for the League team. The name makes sense for the desert feel that Arizona brings, much like Tatooine. -The colors are a pretty natural choice, as they are the main colors of Luke's landspeeder in Episode IV. -The font is meant to evoke speed, with the actual speeder hovering over it. The piping is meant to resemble all of the curved lines and patterns you see on a landspeeder. -For some of these teams I'm gonna need to get really creative with the player names, and for this one I looked up the names of some different speeder models and utilized them. -The Force Awakens alternate is inspired by Rey's self-made landspeeder, with the main colors being maroon and dark gray. From what I saw, there weren't any speeders in Rogue One (I really hope that's not a spoiler for anybody) so there's isn't an alternate for it. Feel free to let me know what you think about the first team of this series!
  11. NDFreek

    Dog Logo (C&C NEEDED)

    Been working on a dog logo lately, caught a bit of drawer's block. I'd love some C&C on this
  12. Zeus89725

    Mile High - Colorado Rockies Rebrand

    After getting a little bored and thinking of teams in more sports than hockey that needed an update, I decided on the Colorado Rockies. I'm not sure about you guys, but from the moment I really started to really started to look at the Rockies' logo, I realized it was just crap. The font was outdated and just looked bad, and it was an odd mashup of wordmark and logo that just doesn't work. However, I tried to redo that while maintaining some of the logo's best aspects, and adding some new mountains and double purple. My goal for the redesigned Rockies was to be mostly black-free to create a more colorful and unique identity. Here is my initial product. With the primary logo, it is what I wanted it to be; a more simple, more purple, updated version of their current logo. I completely redid the mountains, which was my goal, as well as refined the shape and introduced a new font. However, when I look at the area under the mountains and around the "Colorado", something looks off. I can't put my finger on it, and I'd love if one of you guys could help me out. Here's a secondary logo I made pretty quickly. Not a ton to say, just a recolored Colorado flag 'C'. It'd make a good cap logo. In addition, I had some spare time and decided to photoshop my logo where the huge Rockies logo sign is at Coors Field. I was going to make jerseys, but I need to get more ideas and actually figure out how to make a good baseball jersey. What are your thoughts?
  13. NotZeeNan


    i have decided to create a baseball league concept project, based somewhat off of the USFL logos and team names I Started with the Arizona Bulls, which was changed from the Wranglers of the USFL, But was changed
  14. The 2016 World Series will be a historic one, to put it mildly. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 108 years; the Indians have waited 68. In just a few days' time, the history of one of those long-suffering teams will be changed forever. That's a pretty big deal. So for this set, I decided to look at some meaningful uniforms the two teams have worn over the last century. Much like my previous entries in this series, these uniforms would be worn a couple times per season, tops. The Cubs and Indians aren't true rivals, but I have a feeling they'll become them after this postseason. Let's start with the Cubs: CHICAGO CUBS For the Cubs home set, I decided to go with a clean, pinstripe-less look based on their home unis from 1945, which was the last time they appeared in the World Series. I used their current primary logo and a white cap with blue bill similar to their 1908 caps. I went with road pinstripes for their away set, but replaced the old "bear with bat" logo with their current "walking bear" alternate logo. CLEVELAND INDIANS: The Indians home set is a combination of two looks: their 1948 home unis and their late '80s "Major League"-era unis. As such, I'm thinking of making this uniform off-white to give it an old-timey look and to separate it from the Cubs home set. Their road set is loosely based on the Cleveland Cavaliers "Pride" uniforms, which the Cavs wore when they clinched the NBA Finals Championship this past June. I'm thinking of adding front numbers on the opposite side of the block "C," as well as eliminating the sleeve stripes to make it even truer to those Cavs jerseys. I left the road cap blank for now because I haven't yet decided how it should look. I'm leaning towards using Chief Wahoo, so that every cap in this series won't have a "C" on it. As controversial as Wahoo may be, the fact remains that he's been a big part of the Indians identity for the last half century. Any suggestions for the cap would be great. As always, C&C appreciated!
  15. Discrimihater

    Detroit Tigers

    A couple years ago, I decided to take a stab at the NY-Penn League's Connecticut Tigers after they introduced mascot logos that looked like they'd come out of a 30s Mickey Mouse cartoon (and I say that in a good way). The road jersey in that concept was basically the Sparky Anderson-era grays, but with CONNECTICUT instead of DETROIT on the front. A few years removed, and I've decided I wanted to see what the big leaguers would look like in a similar set. First, the home and away... Like I'd done with the CT Tigers, the home whites are tweaked more than anything: orange trim is added to the D and lettering, and the tiger head appears as a left sleeve patch. Orange trim is also added to the cap D. The grays take their cues from the 80s, with orange-white-navy cuffs and pants striping, and eliminating the white outlines and front number. The socks also now have orange stripes. There is a home alternate, basically a white version of the grays, the chief difference being the Tigers script instead of Detroit. For the hell of it, I included a slightly toned down version of the CT set's striped alternate-most of the jersey stripes blend in, with only two remaining navy, fewer stripes on the cap, and the pants are still navy, but with more normal looking striping that wouldn't be pooh-poohed as something more befitting the Astros. But wait, there's more! In the next post, a second variant!
  16. farachini

    Logos that Should be Added

    AHL Outdoor Classic (Whale Bowl 2010/2011)
  17. farachini

    Eastern League

    Eastern League All-Star Game
  18. GRAND SLAM BASEBALL UNIFORM TEMPLATE So I've finally managed to finish polishing my Baseball template and just released it this morning Full of Features Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated,To Give you Total Control over the final look of your Design.. Use Discount Code "MAY16" for %10 off Would love to hear your Comments and feedback Download PSD
  19. After finishing my Uni-Swap Series, I got the itch to keep making baseball concepts. Thus, I present the MLB Color Rush series. Inspired by the NFL series of the same name, I will be designing monochrome (solid-color jerseys and pants) uniforms for all 30 MLB teams. Please provide C&C; I want to know what works and what doesn't--where I should add piping, where I should remove it, etc. We start today with the Mariners and Padres, AKA the "Vedder Cup."
  20. Has a team ever worn alternate jerseys (not grey or white) in the world series ?
  21. Last year the White Sox honored their 1976 unis but went more conservative by wearing uniform pants rather than their infamous shorts. Probably a good idea. My idea is this: What if the shorts had actually caught on and every team decided to adopt them the following season? Going with this idea, I made concepts for each MLB that existed in 1977 with colored short pants. I'll start out with the pioneering White Sox, who I paired with the Indians. C&C appreciated.
  22. Hello all, I am starting a MLB project. My NBA alternate universe will continue, but I will do this alongside it. The team completion order is in the spoiler: With that, here is the first team: the Baltimore Orioles! #1 BALTIMORE ORIOLES HOME AWAY HOME ORANGE ALT HOME/AWAY BLACK ALT BATTING PRACTICE All in all, this is a pretty simple set. The '60s scripts make a return, and the O's will rock the front panels - all of their caps (excluding BP) have a front panel. All caps have the 'B' in the 'Baltimore' script that I used. I took great inspiration from a Orioles concept from 2009 (a lot of my inspiration will come from here, as this is one of my favorite threads on these boards) with the checkered striping, as I like the uniqueness of it. I am also using a new BP template: mainly primary color, secondary color sleeves, and side panels (team's choice). While I didn't put a unique design in the side panels for Baltimore, I might for, say, the Yankees, which (if I do it) will have pinstripes in the side panels. I also started using a template for my designs, which will hopefully make them better. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  23. KCDesign

    High School Baseball Redesign

    The following is a overhaul of the current baseball programs at a local high school, Shawnee Mission South. Obviously funding for the projects would be an issue, but this is all hypothetical. Current Uniforms \ Here is our current uniform set. Varsity uses a two uni set, wearing all white for home games, and the green uniform with white pants for road games. JV uses the old varsity gray uniforms, and these are my personal favorite unis in the program. On the right is the official school roundel logo, which is pretty sweet imo. All uniforms throughout the program use the same hat, close up below. Current Field Currently, the field at the high school is overgrown with weeds, and games are not played there. Last year, one game was held in part of the 50th year of SMS celebration. Below are some current pictures of the field. The pictures show the current dugout, field, and overall facility conditions. Right now there is a plan in the works for new hitting cages and a "spring training" bullpen area. As of right now, there is an unused bullpen in left field along with an unused hitting cage. The bullpen in right field is half concrete, and floods when it rains. Overall, the field has drainage issues, but there is potential. Here is the area the current field is. This would simply be torn up, leveled, and a new field built on top of it. New Uniforms The new uniform set uses three uniforms. Home - The home set uses a cream jersey and cream pants, with an all green hat. The left sleeve (player) features the roundel logo used throughout the school. This doesn't stray too far from the current set, but I simplified it. Road - The road set is all gray, topped off with a gray/green hat. "SMS" featured on the front of the uniform, rather than "South". These uniforms are based off the current JV set. Alt - The alternate set uses a green jersey, and can be worn with either cream or gray pants. This is based off the uniforms used in the 80's, only difference is the sleeve patch. Hat used is the same as the current hat. General Notes on Uniforms Hats can be interchanged, except the gray hat is never to be worn with an uniform involving cream (if green uniform uses gray pants, gray hat can be worn) Field Update The field is completely new, all turf, and features a new locker room, hitting cages, and bullpens. The new field would make the facility nice enough to be able to hold games at the school. Lights are not included, so only day games would be available until lights are purchased. Dimensions 290' LF 370' CF 310' RF Wall Height 7' Wall Height at Cages 13' Arial view shows the new stands behind home plate, including a concession stand, and the new entrance down the right field line which holds a ticket booth and concession stand. Fans can either sit in the stands behind home plate, or bring lawn chairs and blankets and sit in the grass areas down each baseline. Various field equipment (rolling BP cage, L-screens, throwing nets, etc) can be stored near the clubhouse (gates in walls). Adequate parking is now provided for both the baseball field and the football stadium beyond the center field wall. Here are the new facilities. To the left is the locker room, which is much closer to the field than the 1/2 mile walk down to the field every day that players take currently. There is also a spring training style bullpen, which contains 6 mounds that can be used for practices, and used as a formal bullpen during games. There are 4 new hitting cages, three full size cages and a shorter cage. The full size cages allow for batters to take BP off live pitching. Home plate view, with the football stadium in the backdrop, provides good batters eye for the hitter. Hope everyone likes it, C&C is well appreciated!
  24. Yet another MLB tweak idea instead of continuing the Premier League x Baseball crossover? Well, I'm kinda burned out of the series. I will obviously finish it, but I want to design other things meanwhile as well. It's time for the Houston Astros. I think the Astros have a really nice colour scheme, but their current identity is a bit bland. That's why I decided to bring back the "Tequila Sunrise" scheme, which is the prefered by most of the people. I have applied the Tequila Sunrise pattern to the wordmarks and logos, instead of using just orange. I have also used it changing the orange shades for blue: The uniforms feature the gradient on the cuffs, pants, socks and numbers, keeping havy as secondary colour: These are the sleeve logos: Props to @Carolingian Steamroller and @MJD7, whose great Astros designs inspired these ideas. C&C appreciated!
  25. Hi everybody. As some of you may know, this is my third series. The first one was about baseball, the second one was about soccer, and for this one I deicded to imagine what if the clubs from the (British) Premier League were Baseball teams. Each team will have three uniforms: a white or off-white home, a grey road and an alt one, which I will try to make close to the actual soccer kits. First of all, let's start introducing the clubs' names: -Arsenal FC: London Gunners -AFC Bournemouth: Bournemouth Cherries -Burnley FC: Burnley Clarets -Chelsea FC: Chelsea Blues -Crystal Palace FC: London Eagles -Everton FC: Merseyside Toffees -Hull City AFC: Hull Tigers -Leicester City FC: Leicester City Foxes -Liverpool FC: Liverpool Reds -Manchester City FC: Manchester Citizens -Manchester United FC: Manchester Red Devils -Middlesbrough FC: Boro Smoggies -Southampton FC: Southampton Saints -Stoke City FC: Stoke Potters -Sunderland AFC: Sunderland Black Cats -Swansea City AFC: Swansea Swans -Tottenham Hotspur FC: Tottenham Spurs -Watford FC: Watford Hornets -West Bromwich Albion FC: West Bromwich Throstles -West Ham United FC: London Hammers Alternative Name Ideas: -Sunderland: Tyneside Black Cats I'll be doing and posting the designs in alphabetical order (like the list) above. Each team will have a cap logo different to their actual crest, and this (the actual crest) will be featured on the left sleeve of the unis. I'm also thinking on featuring the league badge on the right sleeve. C&C appreciated!