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Found 145 results

  1. ForwardProgress

    Graphic Designer Draft concept

    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where the appropriate place in this forum to post this idea was so I chose Concepts because it is indeed a concept, just not visual. My concept is a Graphic Designer Draft held in late April and May. It would be modeled after the NFL Draft and would allow top companies looking to hire graphic designers to hire the best new talent that appears on the job market every May: graduating graphic design majors. My initial concept was the graphic designers available to be drafted would be sports-minded and the companies drafting them would be sports companies too, but this doesn't have to be the case. (Honestly though I think if this whole concept is sports themed it makes it more fun and obviously more appropriate for to be involved. Read on...) How do you determine the order of selection though? Would it be whatever company is willing to pay the highest salary gets to pick first? That would make the most sense, because then the most talented designers would get selected first and then offered the most money. I was thinking this draft would be open to major sports companies (Nike, Reebok, adidas, Under Armour, etc.), the big four sports teams and leagues, minor league teams, marketing firms working with sports teams and leagues, ad agencies working with sports teams and leagues, universities *with athletic programs* needing creative help, and sports magazines and websites needing creative help. If you can think of any other types of companies, businesses, or organizations that could possibly want to be involved in the draft please let me know. I was thinking of including sports TV networks but my concept is more about print / 2D graphic designers and illustrators, not people who create television graphics. But obviously if you guys think television graphics should be included too by all means let me know. Obviously if ESPN starts drafting creative talent from this draft and mentions it on Sports Center it would be huge publicity. Now for the graphic design talent and how someone can enter the draft: I was thinking ALL graphic design majors who will be graduating in the Spring semester of a certain year can be eligible for the draft of that year. For example, John Q. Sample is a graphic design major at My State University and graduating Spring 2015 (in May of 2015). Therefore he would be eligible for the 2015 Graphic Designer Draft. The idea of having it in late April and May is so that a college graduate can go from being a college student directly to being a working professional. I have actually thought about this concept for many years and just decided today to let people know about it. I'm not sure why I didn't try to make this a reality before today, but hey, better late than never right? Since this is my concept AND i need a job I would like to be one of the graphic designers available to be drafted in the inaugural draft. However, it doesn't make sense to have someone much older with much more experience than college graduates to be mixed in with a bunch of fresh-faced 22-year-olds. So I guess TWO different drafts would be needed: one for rookies and one for veterans. So I would enter the veteran draft. Problem solved. Now here is my idea of how can be involved in this: obviously this site has a huge fan base, the majority of which are creatives interested in sports. If this whole draft concept could be website-based and hosted on, it would bring A TON more traffic to the site. Plus I'm sure would be able to make money off it, not just from more advertising revenue but from possibly charging graphic design graduates and veterans a fee to enter the draft, and charging the hiring companies a fee to be able to participate too. This could be a wildly successful addition to and I'm basically handing this concept out to you guys on a silver platter. And I'm doing this because 1) I need a job, 2) I'd be curious to see where in the draft I'd be drafted, and 3) I love sports AND art and having a job that combines both would be my dream job (hello, NFL Properties!). Obviously if wants to pursue this concept and make it a reality I would want to be involved in the creation somehow. This concept is my baby and it needs to be nurtured so it can grow into the successful endeavor it deserves to be. What does everyone think?
  2. Some schools have patterns and designs that are known specifically with certain schools and teams (like UNC, FSU, Tennessee, etc.). If you know of any other patterns that haven't been listed please post them. And if anyone could make versions of the ones shown that are on helmets or other objects, like the Maryland helmet below, into flat versions, like the second Oregon one below, so people in the concept section can use them that would be great. North Carolina Tar Heels Florida State Seminoles Tennessee Vols (Checkerboard) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Honeycomb) Maryland Terrapins (Maryland Flag and Turtle Shell) Oregon Ducks (Both types of feathers)
  3. MCM0313

    Best/favorite color schemes?

    What are your favorite color schemes? This doesn't necessarily mean how they integrate the schemes into the logos and/or uniforms, just the combinations of colors themselves. Here are a few of mine: NFL---Dolphins, Redskins, Packers, Broncos (1980s-1996) NBA---Hornets (original and current), Hornets (during their New Orleans time), Bucks (1980s "Irish Rainbow"), Nuggets (rainbow), Nuggets (current), Spurs (1990s "fiesta" color scheme; would've been great to see them do something with it on their uniforms), Mavericks (original), Suns (pre-2000s, loved when they had black to go with purple and orange) MLB---Phillies (one of the best red-white-and-blue combos, and if you consider cream part of it it's awesome), Giants/Orioles (black and orange look great in baseball), Diamondbacks (pre-2007), Padres (1970s-1980s, brown, yellow, and orange together), Royals, Athletics, Mariners NHL---Mighty Ducks (original), Islanders, Rangers, Wild, Blackhawks, Canucks (current), Flyers, Bruins (when they wore brown instead of black) College---Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Coastal Carolina, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida State, Temple (pre-black), Tulsa, Tulane, Clemson, Arizona (when you include copper), Central Michigan, Indiana, Indiana State (before they made their shade of blue more generic), Bowling Green
  4. Hello everyone, I was bored so I just thought of a new idea and rebranding some of the schools that have switched brand recently. The first one I remembered was Arizona State's switch from Nike to Adidas. So I edited my basketball template and I decided to make this. I tried to be a bit more realistic so for the Desert Fuel Uni I made it Sleeved (yeah I know everyone hates them). I know there isn't a ton here for the first concept because I wanted to keep it similar to what they wear now because they look good with a simple look. So tell me what you think?
  5. KU, in preparation for the World University Games in South Korea has played it's first exhibition game against Canada. KU-SA beat the Canadians 91-83. In case your wondering, KU is the representative of the USA is the tournament.
  6. Anyone else got favorite players on other teams? They could be players you liked when they were on your favorite team and still like even after they were traded/released, players you rooted for when they played in college but were drafted by another team, or players you just respect who happen to play on other teams. Also they can be retired (a couple of mine are now retired). Here are my picks. Baseball: Nyjer Morgan. He was my favorite player when he was with the Nats. Basketball (I have 2): Charles Barkley: I did a report on him back in the 6th grade. Steve Nash: I respect him because he was a great point guard.
  7. Hello everyone, I am finally back on the forums after taking a bit of time off to finish my school work and I am proud to say that I am officially done and I have graduated High School. So now I have time to get back into making concepts and such. So I was watching the College World Series and I wanted to redue my College Baseball Redesigns since they weren't bad but I thought they were a bit bland. So I edited and fixed alot of the problems with my Templates and I made them alot better. Some of the concepts are going to look the same from my old Thread but alot of them will be different and I'm going to take more chances with these concepts.
  8. Alright, I think we all can agree that my first try was a fail. But now i've improved. I have digital graphic designing which means actual team colors, and real templates. I also have more experience with other designers in the requests forum. So let's finish what we started! Right where we left off is where I'm starting. The University of Purdue Boilermakers! (P.S. I accidentally left Home on the Road uniform template so don't get confused.) Hope you like it, ECUFan25 EDIT: 150th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello! This is my first topic, so it may seem a bit odd, but I was inspired by the fact that I have two favorite teams, the new logos, and another topic by LLHFHockey. Either way, the point of this is to get your own custom logo, with two of your favorite teams' logos, all within the logo. (Lots of logos.) Some examples are posted below.
  10. Just out of the blue, I decided to make custom Cover Photos for Facebook the other day. I made it for a Big XII group (for obvious reasons) so I decided expand and make more for other conferences. Don't think I have to explain how they're made. If you like them, feel free to take them. - ACC (A / C) - American (E / W) - B1G - Big XII - C-USA (E / W) - Div. 1 Ind. - MAC (E / W) - Mountain West - Pac 12 - Sun Belt - SEC (E / W) Requests - West Coast - Big East First up, the ACC.
  11. Hello everyone, with all this football talk I've really been itching to do some more football concepts. I started a similar thread a few months ago when I first started getting into design, and now looking at it I've gotten waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better lol. Now unlike my last football thread I will just do whatever teams I feel like so I most likely wont do all of them. So my first concept is a simple one i decided to tweak my favorite school Michigan State Michigan State Now I really like the new additions of Green Pants and the new White Unis, so this is just a small tweak. -Made Monochrome Green and Monochrome White Home and Away -Brought bake there Gold Nike Pro Combat Gold Helmets -I made a Rivalry Home and away for games against Michigan (Yeah I know Miss State already does the same exact thing but I thought it was a cool idea) So this was a very small tweak but there will be more, so stay tuned and C&C!
  12. For me, the archetype of this would be "normal" green. You know, something similar to the color of a Crayola crayon labeled simply "green." The Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Jets, the Oakland Athletics, and (among other schools) Michigan State University all used to wear variations of this color. Now they've all greatly darkened their shades of green, with the Eagles donning what's actually dark teal, and Sparty wearing something not too far off, while the Jets' shade of green looks almost black. Who's still wearing "normal" green? Off the top of my head, all I could think of in the Big 4+well-known colleges and universities were the Boston Celtics (primary color), Marshall University (primary color), Florida Gulf Coast University (secondary color), and the Vancouver Canucks (secondary color). Anybody else got more? Another is a *bright* metallic gold. The Saints used to have this, as did the Colorado Buffaloes. UCLA football still wears it, but many of the others have either darkened or dulled (or both) their shades of gold, for whatever reason. Anybody else have more examples of teams that used to (or still do) wear these colors? Any other colors that have faded from the spotlight? It definitely seems that there's more standardization of colors, especially in college---probably due to more manufacturer-sharing, although I don't know that for sure. Anyway, feel free to weigh in!
  13. Hey everyone! This is my 2nd stab at a baseball redesign project. Hopefully this one will be better recieved . The first team in this series is the Iowa Hawkeyes. Without farther ado here it is! P.S. sorry it's sideways!
  14. nobizshowbiz

    Memphis Football re brand

    Hello everyone, I'm new on here, so please help me out if I do something wrong. I've created a Memphis football re brand with a new field and new uniforms. Please tell me what you think. Thanks. Home and away: Alt 1 & Alt 2: Field:
  15. Hello everyone, I've taken a little break from the site because of school but now that its calmed down a little bit I've been able to make some more concepts. Over my little break I've changed a lot of my techniques and have gotten a lot better at creating good concepts, my biggest change have been my transition from Photoshop to Illustrator. Baseball ended a few weeks ago and I really miss it, I've been having a lot of baseball concepts in my head but I didn't want to create a MLB Concept, I wanted to create something that isn't usually seen on the Concept Thread.....College Baseball Redesigns! To show off Illustrators magic I created (not really just edited a template I found on the internet) baseball templates for Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. I'm really excited for this thread as I can already tell its gonna be my favorite. Now unlike my NCAA Football Thread, I won't be promising that I'm gonna do X amount of teams it'll just be how I feel like making, but I will do them by Conference. So now enough talking and lets get to the concepts . My main goal is to modernize College Baseball uniforms and to stop them from looking like clones from the MLB (Like Colleges that use Old English when it doesn't match the schools wordmark), I'm also gonna use more current logos and wordmarks for teams that stick with older fonts on there uniforms for baseball only. AAC Cincinnati / Connecticut / East Carolina / Houston / Memphis / Tulane / UCF / USF ACC Atlantic Boston College / Clemson / Florida State / Louisville / NC State / Notre Dame / Wake Forest CoastalDuke / Georgia Tech / Miami / North Carolina / Schools without Teams SMU Please Give Feedback It's Greatly Appreciate!!
  16. LSUbeat

    LSU Basketball Tweaks

    Hey guys, First time posting a new concept. I've just joined officially, but I've lurked around for years. Just a couple stabs at updating what LSU wears currently. I wanted my first to be something I knew (LSU, obviously) and also something that would be a challenge to update without giving up the equity LSU already has in their looks. The template I used I found on here, but I can't seem to locate the link to it now for reference. Will do when I find it with an update. This is LSU's current look. Thanks!
  17. MCM0313

    Most '90s uniform ever

    What, in your opinion, is the most 1990s uniform of all time? A few nominations from me: ---Mighty Ducks' "Wild Wing" alternate: ---Villanova men's hoops 1994-95 road jerseys: ---Kentucky's "claw mark" road jerseys: ---Kentucky's "denim" jerseys: ---Toronto Raptors' first few seasons ---New England Patriots' 1993 home ---New England Patriots' 1996 home or road ---Any of MLB's "Turn Ahead the Clock" sets ---New York Islanders' infamous "Fisherman" jerseys ---Carolina Panthers' whole set from inaugural season until logo change ---Something else altogether? If it helps, you can go sport-by-sport, and even separate between professional and amateur. I'd also be interested to see people's opinions of the "most 80s" and "most 70s" uniforms out there, though I myself was just born in '84. As far as wordmarks go, I don't think anything can challenge the Panthers' pre-logo-change script:'>
  18. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    Brand update for the top 15 NCAA Division 1 ice hockey teams. University of North Dakota Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota State Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Miami RedHawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Michigan Tech Huskies Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston University Terriers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Omaha Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Denver Pioneers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Providence Friars Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston College Eagles Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Bowling Green Falcons Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Yale Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota Golden Gophers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch UMass Lowell River Hawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch
  19. My friend was wearing a Adidas Baylor hat today and it got me thinking. I thought Baylor had Nike uniforms and not Adidas . I looked up the uniforms and realized that Baylor had Nike for football and Adidas for basketball last year. Has there been any other colleges that have more than one jersey manufacturer?
  20. Heard about this today listening to ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike". FanAngel, a crowd-funding site, allows fans to give athletes donations when their eligibility expires. The purpose of FanAngel is to give student-athletes an extra incentive to stay in school or reach a certain number of stats in a game or season. article by Darren Rovell... ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike" interview with FanAngel creator Shawn Fojtik. (13 min.)
  21. ProvidenceRI

    Brown University Throwbacks

    Nice article on their throwbacks for all sports, in celebration of University anniversary:
  22. High school teams that have unis like college or pro teams, college teams that have unis like pro teams, colleges with similar unis, or pro teams with similar unis. Example: Louisiana Tech looks like New England Patriots Or my high school used the same jersey template as USC And supposedly my school will be wearing something like UCLA next year So, do you guys know any other schools/teams like this?
  23. Magnus

    Fictional College Design

    So... I've been working on a multifaceted project involving the creation of a fictional island country for a few years now. I have a basic design for the national flag, which is simple, and sports a unique emblem. I'm at the stage in the project where I want to design parts of the many facets of the fictional country. One of them is the government-run post-secondary institution, which I have named the Star Island College, Trade School and University (SICTU). I have a concept for the main logo, but I would like some input on it. This is the flag of the fictional country. This is my proposal for SICTU.
  24. grabursock5

    Retro college Football unis

    Hey everyone! I love this website and just recently found the forums section and have found a lot of interesting threads. However, I was unable to find a thread of retro college football uniforms (late 60s/70s/80s/90s/ even early 2000s) I love making retro uniforms on NCAA Teambuilder, but it is so hard to find retro uniforms unless you search for a specific player from that team in a given era. For example, if I want a 1984 maryland uniform, I need to look up "Boomer Esiason maryland football" in google, and even then its usually a crap shoot. But here is a chance to put some uniforms that you grew up loving in this thread So, for the greater good of the whole comunity, lets just make a thread completely devoted to college football retro uniforms! Please include the year that the uniform was worn! good luck everyone! hope this projhect is a success! I'll start us off! Vinny Testaverde, Miami U, 1989 PSU Joe Jurevicius 1997 With a little bit of late 90s USC in there too lol