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  1. So, after hearing about Arizona State getting varsity hockey, I was wondering what if other colleges got a hockey team out of the blue? I started with Iowa State, a team picked at random out of the college page, C&C appreciated...
  2. Blackhawks#9

    Michigan State pro combat

    So I was pretty happy about Michigan State beating Ohio State today. So in honor of that, I decided to make a Michigan State football pro combat. I liked what they came out with a few years ago, so I based this off of those uniforms. The template I believe davidson made, which can be found in the templates thread. For the concept- -No black -Sleeve design is based off of a spartan shield with the upside-down V -Current font -"State" wordmark C&C is appreciated
  3. _Seji

    Florida Gators concept

    So I'm not great at graphic design (By the way if anyone is and would like to digitalize this for me that would be fantastic) so I just drew this out by hand. Gators, concept. Also first blog post, what do you guys think?
  4. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the first playoff national championship game could look like. With most of the uniforms already unveiled this was fairly easy to set up. Oregon's away uniform is just a guess based off of the leaked retail version we saw at the time of the unveil. Alabama VS. Oregon Alabama VS. Florida State Oregon VS. Ohio State Florida State VS. Ohio State
  5. OhioSportsMan61

    Ohio State Football 2015 and Beyond

    With the release of Nike's new series of specialty jerseys for the College Football Playoff, most of Buckeye Nation (including myself) are extremely happy with what they have Ohio State wearing for their matchup against Alabama. Even though the current set that they wear is sharp, this seems like the perfect opportunity for both the OSU athletic department and Nike to reintroduce the uniforms that the Buckeyes most recently won a national title in. A traditional look that never gets old. But to keep those who like the look of the "Rivalry Uniforms" happy, I also made some minor tweaks to both sets. I personally like their alternate uniforms, but they shouldn't be worn more than twice a year (night/prime time games). C&C always appreciated, Go Bucks!
  6. Here's my start off for this thread starting with old dominion
  7. I decided to take a little brake from my NFL series to try rebranding Air Force. I actually almost joined a few months ago to post an Air Force concept. But before I did, I got some feedback from my brother, who told me that if he had to wear that, he'd quit the team. Quite frankly, I agreed. It was a pixelated mess, and it wasn't anything I thought I should even try posting. Then almost a month ago I cleaned up a couple concepts and decided to join. Now, after seeing BrandMooreArt's concept, I decided to give another shot at Air Force. I made my own logo, made sure it was completely clean, and decided to post it. First are the logos. Primary: Wordmark: Air Force has a mess of an identity. Their primary logo is a generic "AF", the team name is the Falcons, yet they use a lightning bolt on the helmet. This is meant to fix that by eliminating both the falcon and the lightning bolt. The primary mark is based off the roundel of the USAF, and the secondary logo is really there just so I could justify using it on the uniforms . Anyway, here are the uniforms: The uniforms are pretty self explanatory. The helmets feature the logo on one side and the number on the other. The sleeves have the logo on a double stripe. The number font is the "USAF Ararmillo" font I found on, and yes I realize it is the same font BrandMooreArt uses in his concept, but it is an official USAF font (used on their aircraft) and it's the only official USAF font I could find, so I went with it. Then of course, the Thunderbird alternate: This alternate could be considered a Pro Combat. Of course, it based off the Thunderbirds, F-16s that are dressed for an air show. I used the blue-red striping a lot, but my favorite use of it is on the helmet, to resemble the nose of the plane. Then finally, the field: It's a pretty plain field. I didn't want anything drastic, because unless your Boise State or Eastern Washington, the field shouldn't be the center of the show of your home games. That's all I have. It's my first complete rebrand, and I don't feel like I did too bad on it. I didn't go too uncreative, either. If there's anything that bothers you about it, please let me know. But if not, enjoy!
  8. very happy to be able to wrap this one up before the end of the year, it's been my personal project for the last 4 months. you can see the whole project on Behance here: WORD MARK & TYPE the word mark is a modified version of Rush which you can get from and the supporting font Century Gothic. Amarillo (the font used by the USAF) will be the secondary choice. I felt it was important to keep the lightning bolt around and extend it into the identity in other places besides the football helmet and primary logo. it's the key element of the identity here PRIMARY LOGO This logo actually started as a concept for a client but they didn't like it. I felt it was good enough to try in the Air Force project and ended up liking it way more than any of the sketches i had at the time. again the lightning bolt makes an appearance here. FIELD DESIGN secondary logo at midfield and i always like trying some new, odd things with the end zone art. again, lightning bolt. doesnt need to be anything else. UNIFORM i hope you all like this because its one of my personal favorite uniform designs i've created. i think you can connect the pics to how i used them in the uniform design. i imagine the shoulder design changing to match whatever rank the player holds similar to how UnderArmor designed navy's latest alternate. the lightning bolt on the side has always been at a downward angle and i just done think it fits on the helmet really well that way. this rotation give a sense of upward movement (if i were a Nike copywriter i'd say "it's inspired by the angle of an F-16 taking off from an aircraft carrier before it goes hunting from the shadows"). the helmet stripe has ann F-16 at the front and the white design meant to mimic a contrail from the exhaust. ALT HELMETS I never designed any alt jerseys or pants because i had 2 other helmets i really wanted to use and wanted to keep the overall options as minimal as possible. both are inspired by AF aircraft and use the same 2 grays, Ghost Gray, and Gunship Gray. the number on the back would change with the player of course and so would the position next to it on the back. for example a RB with the no. 23 would have "AF RB 23" on the back of his helmet. THUNDERBIRDS One of the main reasons i chose to do a whole identity for Air Force was the chance to design a uniform based on the USAF Thunderbirds. looking into their history i found all kinds of great visuals. the planes have been silver for most of their history which was new to me and i might design another uni that uses silver helmets, but just the white for now. Andrew Harrington suggested doing some sort of tribute to a fallen slot pilot (number 4). the Thunderbirds used to paint the "fin" of their slot plane black but took Harry's suggestion and went with an upside down number. i felt the Tbird uni they had a couple of years ago was OK, but it took some elements from the planes and shoehorned them onto the football uniform. i designed the whole uni with the same mindset the actual planes are painted in, following the shape and curves of the uniform pieces to create something that looks like it belongs there.
  9. mattwillcox

    Nike VS. Series

    Hi guys! I’m exciting to start sharing this personal project with the community. These designs have been in the works since April and I’m finally at the point where I’m happy with all of the work that I’ve done. This is easily the concept that I’ve enjoyed working on the most during my time on these boards so I hope you guys enjoy it. Despite the fact that this concept is “finalized” in my mind I am still very open to critiques and criticism. There are always areas that can be improved and the members of this community tend to have some great ideas, so let me know what you think. Taking inspiration from Nike’s widely praised work for the Ohio State Buckeyes football program in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, the Nike VS. series aims to create modern interpretations of classic and timeless uniforms. These uniforms will be showcased and pitted against each other in some of the country’s most heated rivalry games during the 2014 season. The goal being to draw attention to the long and storied history of each rivalry while acknowledging the modern progression that has occurred. For some schools this will entail a refreshing take on a look they have worn for decades. While for others these uniforms will take their inspiration from teams of the past. Release Schedule Oregon VS Oregon State 7/28 Florida State VS Miami 8/1 Alabama VS LSU 8/4
  10. Discrimihater

    College to Pro 2013-14

    You'll notice my template looks a bit different...mainly the jersey and pants. Yeah, I decided I wanted to redo my most recent Bears third, and I'll have to check but older concepts from a fellow poster's blog caught my eye, so I traced the template he used, though I decided to keep the socks and collar from the old template sincde they've never wronged me. Since the calendar's changed from 2012 to 2013, it was time for the next chapter in the College to Pro saga. First up in the new year, Matty Ice BC: honestly, I actually like the Falcons' template. It was a bit tricky to make here though, and I'm pretty sure I :cursing:ed it up a bit here. Falcons: yeh, looks like a Walmart jersey, I figure I'll throw that one out there so you can't say it Second up, retired Titans stalwart Eddie George Buckeyes: I considered putting a big buckeye on the helmet and the O on the sleeves, but as you might figure, O would be mistaken for 0 too often. Thus, O on helmet, buckeye on sleeves. Titans: Yes, you freakin canucks, I know this one looks like a slightly different Argos. My reasoning for using powder blue instead of gray, is simply because other than the T and the sword, kthe Titans don't really use silver at all. And red serves the same role on this uniform that black does on anOSU's, a very tertiary color best used sparingly. Speak on em, and say stuff about em too. Even your two rusted Lincolns EDIT: there are way too few posts here to justify a brand new thread, so I addended it to 2013-14.
  11. next_gen_uniforms

    College Football Alternate Helmets

    In the last few weeks I have been playing with Microsoft paint and I wanted to share some of the Helmets I created so I could get some feedback on them. First up is South Florida. I made the inside of the bull logo gradient to go along with the newly added gradient on the basketball uniforms.
  12. COMPLETED COURTS: Air Force Alabama Detroit Purdue Indiana Indiana State North Carolina Texas-San Antonio Harvard Michigan Virginia Southern California American Oregon Long Island Connecticut Illinois UNLV Notre Dame Old Dominion Florida State Northern Arizona Hampton Army Navy Loyola-Chicago Loyola Marymount Davidson Maryland Eastern Shore Arkansas Georgia Auburn West Virginia Dayton Appalachian State North Carolina Central North Dakota State Denver Oral Roberts Tulane
  13. Hey, first concept posted to these boards. Starting with the Quebec division of CIS football. To begin, the Concordia Stingers. Only redesigning the uniform, haven't reworked the logos yet. Working on this for fun, C&C welcome and appreciated!
  14. cajunaggie08

    College Baseball 2014

    I know we have had a few individual threads started about 2014 college baseball changes, but I figured it was time to get the mega thread going. Adidas is continuing its stupid trend of applying the same template to multiple teams. The tequilla sunrise Astros inspired striping that Adidas provided to Louisville and Mississippi State for the CWS has made its way to Texas A&M. Also, Houston has replaced their grass and dirt field with all field turf. A trend i despise in baseball, but i understand the long term cost savings.
  15. hjones13

    NCAA Baseball Concepts

    I had started a baseball concept thread a while back, with no response, so I think I deleted it. But since I had a positive response on my football concepts, I thought, what the heck, why not go for baseball again. So here we go. Finished: Ole MissOle Miss Rebels Tried to keep them simple. Baseball looks better simple, and I really love Ole Miss' current Navy jerseys, so these are all kind of built off of it.
  16. I decided to mix this look: with this look: and got this baby: Comments and Criticism welcomed Edit: Made the logo and facemask gradient. Looks WAAAAY better
  17. next_gen_uniforms

    NCAA Football Helmet Concepts

    NCAA Helmet Concepts and Redesigns.
  18. rickyISking

    Sports Teams Music Videos

    It's funny seeing sports teams in music video's either signing or dancing. So I thought I would start a thread. Only post music video's that have a sports team in it, they can either be singing or just in the video. So here's FSU's 1988 classic "The Seminole Rap"
  19. Hey all, I started a thread in the Sport Logos forum about vintage college mascots (http://boards.sports...e-mascot-logos/) and it inspired me to take a look at a few colleges that didn't have that style of logo. I started with my alma mater South Dakota State University; their previous logo was taken straight from Warner Bros. and in 2006 had to abandon it. This is the concept sketch that I came up with: The body position was borrowed from NCSU, but the rest was either researched from SDSU or developed myself. Next I turned my attention to SDSU's rival, USD. The coyotes had a Warner Bros. inspired mascot logo too. This is USD's concept sketch; Again the body position was borrwed, this time from Navy, and the rest I came up with.
  20. When i played NCAA football on the ps3 this was one of the 2 schools I always made. I was playing around with the Revo helmet and the rest of the uniforms spawned from that. Let me know what you guys think of these and I haven't done a mascot logo yet. Enlarge the picture twice to see the full image
  21. jdp

    SIU Salukis logo idea

    Having grown up in the region, I've always had a soft spot for the SIU Salukis. However, I've never been thrilled with the Saluki logo. After reading how we forum newbies should start smaller, I thought I would have a go at it. I've gone through several iterations of the eye, but this is where I'm at now (without making it look like he's wearing a Robin eyemask). I feel like there's more to do here, but I've been looking at it for so long, I think I'm missing the forest for the trees (and vice versa). CC welcomed and appreciated. For reference, here's the current logo: Plus a link to the SportsLogos page And an actual saluki:
  22. First off, thank you to lightning25 (wherever you are) for your basketball court template for Paint. NOTE: THIS SERIES IS FOR MID-MAJOR TEAMS...I think it's time somebody gave them the shine they deserve. #1 St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers To begin with, I picked the Catholic school in a borough I've always been fond of. The St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers are one of two Division I college basketball programs in New York City's largest borough (the other being conference archrival the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, who meet twice a year in the Battle of Brooklyn). Their current gym, the Lynch Gym at Generoso Pope Physical Education Center (often called "The Pope"), has character, but IMHO is WAY TOO SMALL at a capacity of only 1,200. Therefore, my design had them moving to the Barclays Center for more high-profile games (smaller ones still being at The Pope). As far as the color scheme goes, I stuck with The Pope's pattern (blue sides, red paint), however, I put the "BROOKLYN ST. FRANCIS" wordmark in front and center (similar to the Nets' "Brooklyn New York" logo placement). As for the court, I named it after Dennis McDermott, who played for the Terriers from 1971 until his graduation in 1974, held the team's all-time scoring record, and whose number 22 remains the only retired uniform number in school history. Of course, I didn't want to leave the Terriers part out, so I put the side-facing dog's head inside the paint between the 3-point line and the key. All C&C is greatly up will either be another NEC team or a MAAC team (suggestions welcome).
  23. wyopokes2

    Colorado State Rebrand

    Hey guys I haven't made a concept in a very long time and I was killing some time over break and wanted to revisit some old ones that I started back in the day. A couple years ago I started making a rivalry series of concepts that never fully materialized. I came across my Colorado State Rams draft and decided that I should finish it even though I despise them as a rival. Now some of you may be wondering why I put them on a Nike template when they are an Under Armour school, and the answer is simply when I started this concept initially they were with Russell and hadn't named a new supplier. I had all my work done on a Nike template and it was easier to transfer over for me. I apologize for being too lazy to change it, but it's just a concept. I wanted to make sure that I incorporated 2 things in the redesign that being: 1.) Bring back the yellow gold that was used from 1933-39 and 1959-1993 while keeping the lighter gold as an accent 2.) Incorporate the old bone horn that made it's debut in 1951 to separate them from St. Louis. I wanted to do a new logo that also featured the bone horn and get rid of the non athletic looking mark they currently use. I have included an Orange alternate as a throwback to when the school was named the Aggies and wore orange from 1940-1958 . They have thrown back multiple years in a row now and I thought it would be cool to keep that tradition up. Now if you took the time to read this thank you. Oh and if you like my work please take my sig into consideration. Logo (click for full size) Uniforms (click for full size) Sticker Wallpaper (click for full size) Photorealistic (click for full size)
  24. Hey, I've noticed that one area that's rarely explored on these boards is college basketball. Well, Christmas Break has left me with a little more free time on my hands, so I decided to make some uniform concepts for the first time in a long time. I'm not going in any particular order, although I've been starting out with most of the Top 25 teams and other schools I feel don't have a solid identity in college hoops. If I have not done a team, it's because I feel they already have solid uniforms that don't need to be improved upon. I sure hope you've read this far before looking at all the pretty pictures, because I will not be taking requests. The last thing I want is for this thread to turn into an all out request-fest. Also, I will not be giving out this template, so please do not ask for it. Thank you. Please offer up any comments or criticism you like, and enjoy! Oh and one more thing, I'm throwing all brands out the window. So no Nike, no Adidas, no UnderArmor. I don't want to have to adjust all my ideas to fit any pre-designed templates. Just think of these as all being done under my brand. Creighton ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Butler ---- HOME // ROAD Kansas ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Wichita St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Baylor ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Purdue ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Wisconsin ---- HOME // ROAD Oklahoma St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Oregon ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 // ALT 3 Syracuse ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Louisville ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Colorado ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT San Diego St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT ...more coming!
  25. hettinger_rl

    Wolverine 2.0

    I recently got back into an old wolverine logo that I had put together in 2011. While it felt good to get a little closure on that concept I still wasn't satisfied. It needed more aggression, but with a hint of personality. So I did some research and compiled some reference photos: And this is what I came up with: