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Found 399 results

  1. C-Squared

    Warriors High School Logo

    My first project of the summer - for the Brookwood Warriors of Thomasville, GA - for use across the entire athletic program:
  2. C-Squared

    NHL Little Howlers Concept Logo

    As some of you may have seen, I am in the middle of a Lil NHL concept series of youth-inspired NHL logo spinoffs. I have decided to submit some of my designs to NHL teams for their youth hockey programs (some don't work for the brands teams have cultivated, so I'll try to work those elements into my upcoming designs). The first logo I am formatting for submission is for the Little Howlers program, run by the Arizona Coyotes. I posted this logo before, but made a few tweaks and developed a crest for the program. I am looking for any feedback before I pull the trigger and send it in! The current logo is based off their mascot, but its worth taking a shot in another direction!
  3. With all the talk of highschools and their lack of logo originality (often ending up with some crappy drawing or logo ripoff.), I've decided to make a series where I will try to give highschool logos a fresh look. I know this kind of topic had been done before, but I wanted to take my own spin on it. I figure I will take ideas for highschools that need help, because I don't really know which ones need to be redone. (Technically, I could google highschools, but I'm to lazy for that ). Also, if you request a school, I can't guarantee how long it will take to make a logo, so hopefully you will be able to be patient. Let's start off the first two highschools with their old logos. I know some of you have already seen the tiger, so I'll be rehashing a bit. I figured it fit in this topic though (I won't talk about it much.) The Tioga Tiger's logo isn't the worst I've seen (And as far as I know they aren't ripping off someone), but is really just not a logo. Now the Horseheads Blue Raiders are obviously ripping off the Broncos. It's pretty blatant and they really need something new. I'll start with Tioga. Pretty self explanatory but if you want to hear my ideas behind the logo you can look here: Next is the Blue Raiders logo. I decided to add a few more colors than the original, although I have just a white and blue version (Not a huge fan of it.) Again, I think the logo speaks for itself. Requests and comments are welcome. Show me your ideas.
  4. VitorioArts

    SWB RailRiders Logo Concept

    Hey Guys! It has been a long time since I made a post on here. So I decided to make a logo concept for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. I am not saying their current designs are not good, I just prefer a more simple look. Here is a main logo and three alternate logos. I hope you like this one! C&C Welcome! Main: Alternate: Thank you!
  5. I'm a big fan of international hockey, I find it so entertaining to watch. The players, fans and sport are all so different then what I can normally watch from the NHL's point of view. So I decided to make some concepts on none World Cup teams. (Except jerseys are made by Nike, and I may make WCH team after) I need a break from Adidas. So I'll start by releasing the logos first then jerseys afterward some other time. C&C is always appreciated. Thanks. Team Switzerland A national symbol, the Greek Cross. The Swiss have worn and flown it for centuries, and now it gets a modern touch for the modern team. Team Germany The German Eagle is a proud symbol of the German people and has been for a long time, a simplified coat of arms brings a more modern look.
  6. BKDArtistry

    Pacers Re-Brand

    Hello, just signed up here. Being a Pacers fan is difficult with our bland designs. I did a bit of an update recently and wanted to share. Getting great feedback on the logos but yes, I know the jerseys are too busy. Let me know what you think. Thanks, BKD
  7. Redux

    School Logo design.

    Hey guys, I'm here just to post this logo design I made for my school. I would like some C&C for the design before I submit it. Cheers. (made with PaintDOTNet)
  8. Presenting the official league structure for the sport of Dice Racing: The WRS, which stands for "Wide Rolled of Sports" (say it out loud and the joke will make better sense.) Think of the WRS as the "FIFA" of Dice Racing. It's the governing body that came in and purchased and unified all the various leagues, organizations, tournaments, and otherwise chaotic elements of the sport that had existed for a long time. (More detail about the league and design concepts.) Any and all C&C is welcome, as this project is primarily to force me to master all of the graphic design tools at my disposal. My day job is a video producer, so almost all of my regular design work comes in that form, rather than pure logo or graphic design. I especially want to master Illustrator, as my current level of experience is basically very rough and crude manipulation to prepare graphics for animation or other video work.
  9. Earlier today, I saw jaha32's excellent bulldog concept logo. He mentioned that lots of schools use the same few stock bulldog logos for their programs. I spun that concept into a logo for a youth hockey league that, instead of stealing a pro logo, integrates a pro logo into an original design. I might give this a shot with more logos soon... any feedback is appreciated!
  10. Hey Folks, A few elements of the new leafs logo bother me, I did a behance project on a possible changes, please let me know what you think.
  11. So with The future of NHL Expansion to be announced some time in June, I thought it'd be nice to get more serious about a team possibly landing in Las Vegas. It's only a matter of time before it happens, that being said I chose the team name Nevada Roadrunners simply because I don't like the way Las Vegas rolls off the tongue and I doubt that the Franchise would name the team after it's history of Gambling. So I thought it would be nice to name them after something evocative of the surrounding Geography, hence Roadrunners (I like the dessert theme) In terms of colours I went with colours that would fit a dessert team, which pretty happy with. But I feel like right now the logo looks like a Marlin when I squint my eyes, maybe because of the sun, but I'd really like to keep the sun in the logo somehow, I feel like it offers more depth to the logo and Character, (There are already plenty of other logos with Bird Heads) Feedback much appreciated! -Hayden
  12. If the NWHL decided to expand, How about the Los Angeles Queens!? I came up with this logo while watching a Boston Pride hockey game and thought that a team in LA would perfect to expand into. I went with gold and black instead of the Kings silver and black. Comments and critique wanted.
  13. Hi all, I don't don't have the time to contribute here much these days but do check in from time to time. Anyway, I just saw this new tutorial on line and thought you might be interested. -LT
  14. New England a while back was going to get a LFL team called the new england euphoria, A team was also assembled and ready to go but then it got axed. The way the league us now is better and I would love to see a LFL team here in NE in the future. Here's a concept I came up... The New England Glory. I hate how the eyes look and I know it needs some touching up but I want some feedback if im headed in the right direction and what should be improved. Keep in mind this is just a WORK IN PROGRESS.
  15. Recently it was announced that the Arena Football League will be expanding to Washington DC for the 2017 season and I thought it could be fun to get some ideas flowing on what this team could eventually be called and what potential logos could look like. The team owners are the same group that own the Wizards, Mystics, and Capitals so that might be something to keep in mind about them. The two names I've heard/thought of that I like the best for the team are the Washington Maul, which I read in a Washington newspaper article online, and one I thought of that seems perfect for Arena Football; the Washington Insiders. While I really like both names I had some issues thinking of good logos, but I thought I'd share what I thought of and see if anyone has any ideas for improvements. Feel free to share your ideas on these or post your own names/logos! This was my first thought for the Washington Maul; it's based off a commemorative Centennial Ax that was made in honor of George Washington's election as President (he's known chopping down a cherry tree as a kid). The axe-head shape is based off a pentagon, and the obelisk in the oval is in honor of the Washington Monument in the National Mall at Washington. Here's my first thought for the Insiders. I've found that many 'insider' logos usually have 'In' inside of some sort of box or thought cloud or something so I decided to go along those same lines for this. I chose a pentagon as the outer shape in reference to Washington's Pentagon. It creates a cleaner, more simplistic logo that I think would actually stand out pretty well among other AFL logos.
  16. Sportsworth

    Best file to save logos under?

    Hope this is the right place to ask this question... Every time I post a logo it doesn't look sharp and crisp on the forum but it looks sharp when I have it opened on my program, (Just not on the forum)... Also it looks great on my cell phone when im viewing these forums on it. Is there a reason why this is happening or is it just my screen resolution on my laptop? Same goes for other peoples concepts, Always looks dull and kind of faded on the forums but on my phone they look crisp and very vibrant. Is it the file I'm saving it under?
  17. ECUFan25

    New Aquafina logo

    I saw about 1/2 the water bottles in the mini fridges at the grocery store had a different Aquafina logo on them What do you think?
  18. Sportsworth

    LA Rams Concept Logo

    While im a big New England Patriots fan living in Rhode Island all my life its still nice to see that LA has finally got the Rams back where they belong. Here's a little concept I decided to make seeing as how the team will be switching uniforms in the 2019 season.
  19. Sportsworth

    San Antonio Rampage Concept Logo

    The Rampage have a cool name but a lousy logo. I always thought of their logo as dull and it has no spunk... Here's my concept for a much needed update. Hope you all like!
  20. A womens hockey team I came up with... The Hollywood Starlets. The star on the state is where Hollywood is located and I went with a gold and black and white color scheme, and the font is the Hollywood hills sign. I'm going to make jerseys for this team soon and will post them on this thread. I have a few more teams in mind to go with this and will get to creating them soon enough.
  21. I create my logo concepts just for fun... Here's a fun idea I created for the Nordiques, I went more cartoonish with this logo style.
  22. This is a logo I created to brand the Vancouver Amazons…... (Their original logo is on their sweaters in the pictures) While the Amazons weren't the first women's ice hockey team to ever exist they were the first ever women's team out of Vancouver to compete in any type of cup in a tournament. Established in 1921... In 1922 they would go on to win the Alpine Club Cup. This is my first in a line of 1800's to early 1900's of women's hockey logos I will be creating and posting. These women are some of the forgotten pioneers of the sport of Hockey and should be remembered and honored. For more info on the women's teams of the late 1800's and early 1900's you should check out "Hockey, A People's History" documentary which tells the story of the beginning of Hockey in the 1800's (both men and women's hockey) all the way up to current hockey. I recommend any fan checks it out. I own it on dvd but the entire series is posted on Youtube in parts so you can watch the whole thing.
  23. Artist4Adonai

    New Atlanta Falcons Logo/Uni Concept

    It's about time for my beloved Falcons to get a new look. And by new look I mean go back to when our logo and helmet was the best thing going in the NFL even if our team wasn't.
  24. *Update added 3/16, still in progress* I don't think the Skins will go in this direction (nor should they necessarily), but I wanted to try something different from most Washington rebrand concepts. I wanted to create something military-themed with a few nods to the franchise lineage. I like the name "DC Soldiers," but "Washington Warriors" would probably work, too... this is a first draft & I do want to make this logo a bit less Archer-ish (especially the eyes), so any feedback would be great!
  25. CS85

    New CBBC logo

    old left, new right