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Found 9 results

  1. Source: Mods, if this has already been posted, merge accordingly.
  2. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    Well its confirmed the numbers aren't huge. Actually looks really nice.
  3. Hmm, could this be a tease at some of the design elements on the new Pacers uniforms?
  4. Since Nike is going to be the new jersey supplier for the NBA I made some concepts to show my take on the new jerseys. I used the USA olympic jersey featuring a nike vapor jersey and made my own mockup on it, to get the realistic stitching details on the numbers and logo I used a photoshop action called realistic stitching action to make it look realistic as possible. I hope you guys enjoy! Half way done the other half of the NBA will be uploaded as soon as possible. Feedback would be helpful!!
  5. 2017 NHL Adidas Uniform/Logo Changes

    Since my last page was shut down by a moderator due to a lack of activity for some reason, I decided to post jersey concepts here that I had planned for the logo changes in my other forum. Note also there are no alternates for the first year: First... PACIFIC DIVISION Anaheim Ducks: Their current alternate is promoted to their Home jersey, while a similar reversed color away jersey is added to replace the old one. The "D" logo remains an alternate logo on the shoulders. LA Kings: Same jersey colors and striping, but the new logo I created in my other forum is added to the front of the home and road jerseys. Other than that, no changes. San Jose Sharks: New logo added onto the front of both the home and road jersey. The old logo on the shoulders are removed. The neck color on the home jersey is changed to white to contrast the blue jersey. Edmonton Oilers: Orange alternate jersey already announced as their new home jersey for 2017-18. No changes otherwise. Calgary Flames: There recent throwback jersey returns as their primary jersey to coordinate the new logo I proposed. An away jersey reverses the colors of the home jersey and uses the primary on the font without a black outline. Vegas Golden Knights: I expect a relatively bland uniform (considering the ownership), at least for the first few years. Black home with gray sleeves and gold stripe. The same goes for the road with an added black stripe separating the gold stripe from the white. The neck laces will be the team's red accent color. The primary logo will be on the front of the jersey. I chose a more classical font, they may choose a modern font, but I think that may look too similar to the old Ducks uniforms style wise. Vancouver Canucks: Same home and road uniforms but the new logo is added to the away, and an inverted version is added to the home jersey. The logo is removed from the shoulders on both uniforms. Arizona Coyotes: No changes at all. Uniforms were also updated last year, so change is unlikely if not impossible. What do you think? Coming next: Metropolitan Division!
  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    It's probably about time to start this, so I'll open it up with this pic I was shown today. That Nike logo is MASSIVE. There's a possibility that this is a prototype uni, but either way, the Nike logos will be on the tops and shorts next season (along with ads on the opposite side of the top for some teams). Not a great start for Nike here. Hopefully the rebrands they plan on spear-heading will make up for some of the other issues. Can't wait to see it all unfold!
  7. I'm sure as many of you know that the NHL is going to switch over to Adidas between the 2017-18 season, which means a lot of stripes so don't be surprised if these designs have too many. I'll probably do all the teams Alphabetically but if you want to see your team jersey concept your welcome to ask. If by chance there is a relocation or expansion and the teams starts with a passed letter it will be the one up next and if not it shall follow as previous, and yes I am not really a fan of the Adidas three stripes on hockey jerseys. Anyhow, here we start off with these five. ANA, ARI, BOS, BUF and CGY. C&C are always welcome. (All logos go to their respective owners)
  8. FIFA World Cup 2018 - Berlin Wall

    Not much to say about this, after this years uniform mess (well kinda, some were great though), I decided to do some creative work on some national team kits. The first one is for Brazil. After the 1:7 debacle some wondered if they'll change their home kit like they did back in 1950. I took the challenge and created this: The second team I did is Colombia. Their look was really screwed up this WC. I went back to their traditional 90s look. I especially wanted to recreate the red kit with blue shorts and yellow socks from the 90s, as I think this is the best look they ever had. Next ones: Germany and Portugal!