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Found 9 results

  1. 1904 FC 1904 FC Facebook
  2. We've touched on this in the domestic soccer thread, but I think this is now big enough that it deserves its own thread. Last year, the US Soccer Federation sanctioned two leagues as Division 2 - the NASL, which had been the only D2 league, and the USL, which had previously been D3. The NASL almost folded at this point, and was only spared when Rocco Commisso saved the Cosmos from going under at quite literally the last minute. That gave the NASL a stay of execution, but only a temporary one. Last month, the owner of the NASL's Miami FC partnered with the owner of the semi-pro Kingston Stockade FC, filing a claim with the Court of Arbitration for Sports in an attempt to force the USSF to institute promotion and relegation in US Soccer. Two days later, it came out that the USSF had rejected the NASL's application to retain D2 beyond this year. Now the NASL, led by the Cosmos, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the USSF in a desperate attempt to keep its D2 status. At its heart, the lawsuit is intended to challenge the USSF's minimum requirements for a second-division league, including the number of teams in the league, the geographic distribution of teams (how many time zones are covered), market size of the cities represented, each stadium capacity, and the minimum financial requirements for team owners. Now, the irony is that the NASL helped USSF write those guidelines back in 2010 in a deliberate attempt to shut out the USL, but has never been able to meet them. The biggest problem is that they've fallen short on the number of clubs; according to the standards. By year six they were supposed to have twelve clubs. This is their seventh season but only have eight, and one of them is threatening to fold if more people don't start showing up. This is a huge mess, and threatens to derail a growing sport. There's some pretty good summaries of the issues from people in the know here and here. Thoughts?
  3. Brave-Bird's World of Soccer

    Team No. 1 -- Atlanta Silverbacks Founded: 1994 Current league: NPSL (amateur) Location: Doraville, Georgia Stadium: Silverbacks Park (5,000) Kit sponsor: Taco Mac (popular wings and beer) Twitter: @ATLSilverbacks
  4. Report: Carolina RailHawks to rebrand, announce bid for MLS
  5. Old NASL Logo Caricatures

    Looking around the interwebs, remembering some of the old NASL days, I remembered someone did caricatures of the logos. I found not one, but two
  6. Another summer, another soccer concept. Looked back through North Carolina's railroad history and included some of those design elements in the crest and secondary logo. All feedback is appreciated.
  7. NASL | Jacksonville Armada FC Rebrand

    And another soccer club rebrand – somehow I'm in the mood. This time I decided to give the NASL's Jacksonville Armada FC a new primary mark. I'm not the biggest fan of their current identity, especially not of that 1980s typo, but I also dislike that angular-shaped anchor with those wings attached to it. The whole mark looks like it could have been on a cover of some video game 25 or 30 years ago, but it was created and announced in 2014. I modified the color scheme a bit. Royal blue is gone while gold is now a little more saturated, less dirty. Pantone Cool Gray 2 C is just an accent color for the logo, like in their current mark. Current logo
  8. 2016 NASL Jerseys

    A bunch of kits got revealed for the new NASL season and a couple more are on the way. Tampa Bay New York Cosmos Carolina
  9. Well, the Timbers are the MLS Champions for 2015, and that puts a capper on the 2015 domestic season. Time to talk about 2016! I'll get it started: Sports Illustrated is reporting (from a reporter for the Davis Enterprise) that the NASL will announce a San Francisco franchise next year. This is huge because the NASL desperately needs a West Coast team (or at least a WST team) to maintain their DII status. But... downtown San Francisco? Sounds excellent, but where?