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Found 6 results

  1. NBA teams are taking a minimalist approach on new logo designs. Therefore, I wanted to re-design the primary logo for the San Antonio Spurs! I mainly wanted to simply the iconic spur by blending the stem with the star. I also wanted to personalize the backdrop badge to represent the city by incorporating the Alamo. i'd love to get your feedback! Go Spurs Go!
  2. The NFL (possible) Movers

    Just for fun:
  3. Who wants an MLB team?

    No I'm not Regis Philbin, but let's play anyway. We start off with this gem out of Tampa.
  4. Just a sketch I made as an idea for a SA Raiders logo should they move and want change their logo. Keeping the name Raiders, but using a different image to convey the idea. As stated in the title it just a sketch, I wanted some feedback as to whether or not its an idea worth running with. C&C appreciated.
  5. San Antonio Raiders Concept

    Hello everyone, With the recent rumor of the Oakland Raiders talking about moving to San Antonio, a hot topic is what would happen to the branding if the raiders left California. I know there are many people who are crazy fans of the Silver and Black and to even consider changing the logo is outrageous. But as a creative exercise, I wanted to try and keep the spirit of the Raiders, but give it a look for a potential move to San Antonio. Let me know what you guys think, all comments and feedback are welcome!
  6. Madden - the San Antonio Rattlers

    I've really enjoyed looking through all of the Madden concepts on these boards and here is my humble offering: the San Antonio Rattlers. Critiques and criticisms welcomed. Thanks!