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Found 4 results

  1. Marsh Lake SC

    Hey folks, was out at the cabin and was struck by some inspiration for a hypothetical team for the community it's in. Its pretty much in the bush and there is a swan haven near by. As always C/C welcome.
  2. Hey folks, trying to design four crests/identities for my local mens soccer league in Whitehorse, Yukon. Basically tried to find the four most prominent symbols in the city, as in stuff used by local business, local landmarks etc etc. Copper Ridge -as CR contains our local first nation community, and overlooks the rest of the town, the raven seemed fitting. Tried to keep the design fairly basic. For Riverdale, there is a local monument, the SS Klondike paddlewheeler that sits at right in front of the only bridge into the neighbourhood, so I thought that might be a good symbol. This one might need work but I thought i'd see what you guys thought. Porter Creek sits a little bit out of town, and honestly I don't really have a specific reason for the symbolism, but the caribou is a common symbol around town so I thought it'd work. Also tried to make the shape like the caribou crossing signs we see around the area. For Greater Whitehorse United, I used the moniker "Land of the midnight sun" as well as the pickaxes which represent our original gold rush heritage that really put whitehorse on the map at all. Midnight blue and gold seemed appropriate Sorry for the size disparity
  3. Yukon Explorers NHL Expansion Concept

    This is my second NHL concept in the last 2 days. This time I went to a place that is very unlikely to get an NHL team. I recently took a trip to the Yukon this summer and I decided to create a team based out of Whitehorse, but representing all of the Yukon. Therefore, I created the Yukon Explorers. The name comes from all the hiking trails and nature within the Yukon, as well as its connection to the gold rush, with explorers coming out to search for gold. The primary is pretty simple with mountains representing the mountains, of course. The pickaxes represent the gold rush, and the star represents its location in Canada's north. If you look closely in the mountains, the middle snow patch is actually the shape of the Yukon. Pretty clever eh? The alternate is simple the Yukon outline with a pickaxe, and a star giving the location of Whitehorse, Yukon's capital. The colour scheme doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the Yukon, but I thought it looked really good. C&C is appreciated. Without further ado:
  4. Yukon Moose (Cutting Room Floor)

    This was my bronze winning design for Event 7 of the 2014 Logolympiad. And these are the portions that didn't make it to the final presentation: Wordmark: Tertiary: Alternate Jersey: There were also some color layout variances (same scheme - different layout). If given more time I would have used it to make the letters more crisp, but let me know what you think.