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Found 11 results

  1. So not exactly a logo or uni design, but I enjoy making FSU wallpapers for big games, big moments or just general cool designs. I went ahead and made this for the upcoming Florida State-Alabama game this September. I tried to use a vintage fight poster theme, thus why it's a little over the top and cheesy. Enjoy!
  2. With the College Football Playoff coming up soon, I decide to take the current top 4 teams and design playoff uniforms for them.
  3. Hello all, back during my Michigan Tech redesign, I said that I would be back to tackle more college hockey teams. With school, and what ended up being a month of finals, that sort of got pushed back awhile. But, I'm back, and ready to tackle what may be the biggest curiosity in all of college (or possibly any level) hockey, the Alabama-Huntsville Chargers. For those of you who are college hockey amateurs, Alabama-Huntsville actually exists. No, they are not very good, though they have made the NCAA tournament twice. Generally, the Chargers are considered a sort of joke or novelty, and really haven't made that big an impact on the landscape. They also have a pretty crappy logo. With my version of the logo, I initially wanted a soldier on horseback. Initially, UAH's mascot was the Uhlan, a polish cavalry unit from the 18th and 19th centuries. While the name has long since been changed to the Chargers, I thought it could be a nice little tip of the cap to the original name while maintaining the current identity. Long story short, I couldn't make it work, so it's only a horse (For those keeping score, horse rider logos 2: lafarge 0). Not much to say, really. It's a stylized front half of a horse. With the uniforms, I wanted to emulate the style of UAH's previous looks without blatantly copying the Rangers and Blackhawks, or wearing extremely amateurish uniforms. One main feature is the heavy use of black, despite having no black in the logo. This is meant to mimic the design quirk that the real uniforms feature. When determining the striping pattern, I decided to go traditional, but unusual, and applied a three stripe system. However, instead of placing black as the center stripe, like normal, I made it the bottom stripe. It honestly turned out much better than expected, and gives UAH a distinct look. The chest features UAH with the uniform number below. This is an amalgamation of two styled used by the team. The first featured Alabama Hunstville above and below the number. The second was a diagonal UAH. Combine the two, and boom. NOTE: The primary logo features a silver keyline while the uniform features a white keyline. In theory, the silver would be used in all applications, except for athletics uniforms that feature black (ideally, the designs would move away from black and towards silver, but with several blue/silver or blue/white teams in college hockey, I figured I'd keep the traditional blue/black scheme). Anyway, that's all for this time. It's certainly not as extensive as my Michigan Tech redesign, and I do hope to get back to more extensive treatments in the future. I'm not sure who I'm gonna tackle next, so if you have any suggestions, throw them my way (Existing teams only please) and I'll give em a consideration. Thanks for viewing and thanks for the C+C!
  4. SEC Baseball ~ Football Mashup

    The concept is basically this: SEC Baseball uniforms as an SEC Football Uniform. First up, Ole Miss: Just for fun.
  5. Over the past week, I have been doing a concept series involving Mississippi High School Football teams, releasing them on Twitter four at a time. Today, I finished with 25 teams from Mississippi and one from Alabama. Click on the link below to see all of them with details and descriptions:
  6. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I have a hobby of making Florida State wallpapers for big events that come around & it has led to a pretty cool collection. Thought I'd share a little bit Here's my latest: Rose Bowl promo & Sugar Bowl promo: Feel free to use it wherever you like! For the rest of my FSU album, follow this link: New Orleans Bowl (in comments): Pinstripe Bowl (in comments):
  7. Alabama Big Al Neo-Vintage Logo

    Now I know that Alabama had some vintage versions of Big Al, but I wanted to create one anyway. Just the sketch first and I have a question; Hat or no hat? Plus any other C&C appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I have posted any concepts. Edit: Used a different template and updated this post with it. I plan on redoing the "style guide" template anyways once I start doing other teams. Even though my first template was somewhat customized, I still didn't really know whether I should use it or not so I took the first version down. Once I get a different template for it, I'll post the "style guide" back up, it will be similar but I'll use a template that can be (or already has been) released to everyone. Anyways, I wanted to do something outside of the box for Alabama & Auburn. It is a bit of a break from tradition. Auburn recently had a shirt come out with this logo. The "state of Auburn", as you know I'm a huge Bama fan so obviously I find the shirt to be somewhat comical but I'm not gonna lie, if I was an Auburn fan I'd love it. I went to the Texas A&M vs. Auburn game a couple weeks back and the students are really embracing it, they were handing out free decals as soon as you walked it. This sparked an idea for me since my recent Alabama concepts have all featured a logo change for Bama using the state's outline with the Alabama A inside of it. So for the Iron Bowl I created two modern looks for each team that build off of my last two concepts for Alabama & Auburn. Both schools embrace the "state" title as Auburn uses their "State of Auburn" moniker and Alabama counters with a pro combat slogan stating "THIS IS OUR STATE". Alabama Changes - Glossy/Chrome Helmet, in my concept world chrome helmets wouldn't be so over the top. Think of a more toned down version of chrome, almost a more glossy effect similar to the decals Texas and Miami have used on their helmets recently. Also new State Outline logo on the helmet that is somewhat large and features sublimated houndstooth on the inside along with Alabama's tradition of helmet numbers. The jerseys again are evolved from my recent Bama concepts, houndstooth piping across the chest and houndstooth collar. Numbers are sleeker with a shiny silver outline. The pants feature the traditional Crimson double stripes with houndstooth in the middle, a striping pattern also used on the undershirt sleeves. The pants are now the new shiny silver color which matches the number outline. Auburn Changes - Brought back the alternate helmet I once created for Auburn. The entire set is inspired by this logo and this logo. The uniform uses the tiger stripes on the shoulder yoke. The numbers are very different, they use a double outline to match their traditional northwestern stripes which are used on the undershirt and socks. The cleats and gloves feature tiger stripes to match the helmet and jersey. I also created a new state outline logo for Auburn used on the collar that is based off of the "state of auburn" logo but features the AU logo in the middle instead. Overall, a huge break from tradition for both teams but two alternate uniforms that I feel would work very well for each team and unite the two schools in the battle for the state of Alabama. V.1 V.2
  9. With the uniform craze over the last couple of years only continuing to grow more and more ridiculous, the SEC has prided itself (for the most part) in maintaining a rather traditional feel with their respected universities. I'd like to go even a step further and get these teams back to the root of their design. A lot of the changes were made with tradition in mind, adding elements that used to be commonplace for these institutions, while still at times allowing a pinch of the modern flare to remain. I'll go through each university in the SEC, some given a lot of change, others not so much, to get back to the basics and prove that less is more.
  10. Championship Banners

    Here are some champions banners I made for my fantasy league and also made a few extra for the Ravens and Alabama. I created these using MS Excel. The basic layout I saw (can't remember where..maybe here) and I used that idea as a template and then modified it into a more 3D type look.
  11. Some Football Concepts

    ***FINISHED*** New York Jets New England Patriots Denver Broncos Notre Dame Fighting Irish Alabama Crimson Tide Los Angeles Raiders St. Louis Rams Found these old concepts when looking through my computer, might come back to this project. Sure was fun. Any thoughts? Jets Patriots Broncos