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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, people. You don't know me, as I am fairly new to this site, but I am NOT new to making concepts for American Football (teams/leagues).. The first imaginary football league I ever created, I created when I was 7 or 8. I made it because of two reasons: #1 I felt the NFL had too many teams for my 7 year-old self to keep up with. #2 My city (San Antonio) didn't have an NFL team, so I created a reality where the NFL didn't exist, and San Antonio had a team. But that league isn't why I am here. I am here because of another project which I am working on currently. Let's get to it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1980: The year is 1980. The NFL has been around in forms for 60 years or so, but they feel it is missing something. Ah, yes, a minor league/developmental league in which to farm players. Realizing the need, Entrepreneur and CEO of Delbo Inc. Richard Z Delbo Jr, son of Richard Z Delbo Sr, pioneered the first-of-its-kind American Football NFL Farm League, named, The American Football League of America, or AFLA for short. This is the official logo of the AFLA. I couldn't think of anything else, and I decided with the pink/yellow colour scheme because it isn't usually seen anywhere else. The league, head by Delbo, will contain 10 teams with a 9-Week Schedule from January to April. The first of the ten teams is here, right now! Meet the Shreveport Pythons. The logo is an 'S' with two-colors. Their Uniforms. I used a red background to help see the colours better. Which I now realize might be a bad thing for colour-impaired vision people. I am sorry! I promise you'll be able to see the next ones. Shreveport Pythons Facts: City: Shreveport, Lousiana Venue: State Fair Stadium (Renamed to Independence Stadium a Year Later) capacity: c. 65,000 Head Coach: Trent Stinson, age 59 from Tyler, Texas. Played college ball at U-Texas Colors: Lime, Grey, Black Key Players: Kamari Sharold Jr, QB #15 -- Derrick Davidson, ILB #55 ----------------------------------------------------------------- The players and head-coach were fabricated and not meant to be someone who existed, however all the venues in this league do exist in real life during the time they were used in this League.
  2. CrimsonBull9584

    Asia Pacific Football League

    I might have discussed this before, but years ago I was really intrigued by the Asia Pacific Football League. It was a proposed professional American football league that would have teams in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Hawaii. The league had the backing of investors in Hong Kong and former Dallas Cowboys player Preston Person as a "consultant". The league was to launch in 1999, the pushed back to 2000. After that.... well nothing. All there is are a few logos and a dead website that can be found on Wayback Machine. I've tried to find news articles from that time, but no luck, even though I do remember at least one article. Regardless, enjoy the logos that I found from their website. And if your curious the teams were: Sharks, Dragons, Express, Pandas, Stallions, Dolphins, Warriors, Typhoon, Fighting Cocks, and Elephants. More info here:
  3. This is my very first attempt at a fictional football league, I'm calling it the Elite Football League (EFL), I don't have rosters yet, but I have the team names and uniforms. The biggest separator between the EFL and the NFL is that there are zero jersey number restrictions. Founded: 2009 Inaugural Season: 2011 Atlantic Division: ------------------- Orlando Panthers Montreal Maples Boston Devils Pacific Division: ------------------ Omaha Wrath Oklahoma City Crusaders New Orleans Nighthounds
  4. Der Kaiser

    German Football League - Redesign

    First team, the Hamburg Huskies: This is what they currently have:
  5. TheRealCamHart

    AWFL Football (Fictional)

    Hey guys, so I have been working on creating a fictional semi-pro football league. Before I show you my first uniform concept you need to know some background about the league Information The AWFL is a Semi-Professional American Football league headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The AWFL currently holds 2 conferences and 10 teams. The AWFL's players were the helmet of there college alumni. Team Location Stadium Type National Conference Quad City Shamrocks Moline, IL ESPN Stadium Air Out Harrisburg Patriots Harrisburg, PA Metro Bank Park Smashmouth Hampton Roads Cutters Norfolk, VA Dick Price Stadium Strong Defense Manchester Primaries Manchester, NH Gill Stadium Strong Offense Boston Federals Boston, MA Harvard Stadium Strong Defense American Conference Los Angeles Surf Los Angeles, CA LASC Stadium Smashmouth Portland Empire Portland, OR Providence Park Air Out Lakewood Steel Lakewood, CO Jeffco Stadium Balanced Amarillo Copperheads Amarilla, TX Dick Blivins Stadium Strong Offense Las Vegas Brawlers Las Vegas, NV Sam Boyd Stadium Smashmouth I will be releasing new concepts over the course of the week and so on. So here is the first concept - Quad City Shamrocks
  6. This is a What-If concept series, so bear with me here. Timeline (WIP) Pre-CAAF (1995-2006) 1995: The CFL declares bankruptcy due to the falling Canadian Dollar, as well as the major debt accumulated by the failed CFL-USA.1998: CFL ceases operations, eight of the nine teams fold after public interest fades leaving Saskatchewan alone; Roughriders become a travel team.2000: Saskatchewan plays exhibition game using NFL Rules, dubbed the "Millenium Match", against Minnesota, the Vikings win 42-17.2001: NFL officials express interest in a Canadian Minor-Pro League, debates rage over a farm system. It is seen as a stepping stone to establishing American Football as a global game.2002: Green Bay visits Regina in the second game of the "Millenium Series", Saskatchewan is crushed 48-13.2003: Saskatchewan ownership and the NFL Commissioner meet with several NHL owners to discuss feasibility of new Canadian Football League.2004: NFL Board of Executives vote on Canadian Minor-Pro League after 3 years of meetings, it passes narrowly 19-13.2005: Saskatchewan Roughriders become first official team in the Canadian Association of American Football.2006: CAAF announces Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal as the first three expansion teams; Vancouver is named the Thunderbirds, Toronto revives the Argos, and Montreal becomes the Voyageurs. CAAF signs 5-year TV deal with TSN.Testing the Waters (2007-09)2007 Season: CAAF's Inaugural Season, Saskatchewan dominates the season going 6-2 losing to Vancouver and Montreal, Montreal finished second going 5-3. Vancouver went 3-5, Toronto went an abysmal 0-8. Saskatchewan beat Montreal 37-28 in the first "Canada Bowl".2008 Season: Vancouver surprises the league going 6-2, splitting their season series with the Roughriders, Saskatchewan splits their season 4-4 losing to each team at least once. Out east Montreal went 5-3, beating Toronto 4 times yet again. Toronto registered a win against Saskatchewan, bringing them to 1-7. Vancouver wins Canada Bowl II 28-24 over Montreal.2009 Season: Vancouver & Seattle start their "Cascadia Cup" exhibition series in Seattle, Seattle wins 48-17. Montreal goes a perfect 8-0, while Toronto goes 0-8 again. Vancouver manages to go 5-3, while Saskatchewan goes 3-5. Montreal wins Canada Bowl III 34-28 over Vancouver.Restoration (2010-14)2010 Season: League expands to six teams, adding a revived Calgary Stampeders club and the Ottawa Civics. Saskatchewan leads regular season, they go 9-3 losing to Montreal twice and Vancouver once, Vancouver obtains second place in the West going 7-5, while Calgary manages to go 3-9. Montreal leads the east again, they go 8-4, Ottawa made the playoffs going 6-6, while Toronto went 3-9.Saskatchewan beats Ottawa 42-38 to win Canada Bowl IV. I'll update the Timeline above as I go, but first I'll release the Vancouver Thunderbirds HOME AWAY FIELD
  7. Starting a thread that I have not seen on the board yet. If I've missed a thread, apologies. I have an expatriate boss who is from Germany and is a FC Bayern supporter. He's trying to assimilate to American sports culture, and I thought it would be a nice gesture to combine the two footballs for him. Any favorites, or other ideas? Also makes me wonder: what would Football Clubs look like if they were American Football Clubs? ps - was kind of disappointed that I couldn't find any strong alternate logos/mascots for this club. Had to settle on the badge.
  8. thisguyphelps

    IFAF Championships Stockholm 2014

    Welcome to the 2014 IFAF Championships! These Are The Teams: Australia Austria Canada Czech Republic Denmark Great Britain Finland Germany Italy Japan Mexico Poland Serbia Sweden Switzerland United States There will also be WWI fauxbacks for some!
  9. jlog3000

    Jerseys Sleeve Styles

    Any of you members a fan of American football jersey sleeve styles? If so, which do you prefer the best? wide-spreaded mid-sized loose sleeve jerseys (which are common for most quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Kirk Cousins, Christian Ponder, Matt Hasselback, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Vinny Testaverde, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Jake Plummer, etc. (NFL) or Zac Taylor, Joey Harrington, Scott Frost (NCAA)), the wide baggy-ish, mid-sized tight sleeve jerseys (which are mostly common to most offensive/defensive skill position players (i.e.: running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, linebackers, defensive backs) and to some quarterbacks like Ken Dorsey or Chris Weinke) or short, tight micro-sleeve jerseys (which are mostly common for specifically offensive/defensive linemen)? Too bad that I couldn't make a poll for you guys to discuss and stuff, but feel free to reply your answers here. In my case, I top-personally like the wide-spreaded loose sleeves and the baggy-like mid-sized tight sleeves. It's just me.
  10. theskywatcher

    Fantasy Football Logos for Charity

    I will design you a Fantasy Football logo if you donate $20 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. All the proceeds go to charity. Please share