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Found 329 results

  1. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    You know what, why not? I'll give this a shot. Though disclaimer, this is my first real baseball concept series, so we'll see how this is gonna go. So much like my Habs'ing the NHL thread (which I'm hoping isn't quite dead yet), premise is that I'm taking one uniforms style from one team and hitting "apply all". Of course it wont be 100% seamless. I will be doing two uniforms for each team, no alternates since the Yanks don't have a declared alternate and if the team has a name on the back, I'm keeping it there. I'm not totally sure how I'm gonna do the numbers, since the Yankees use one color numbers. It'll probably be team-by-team thing. Order was determined at random, and in the lead off spot is the St. Louis Cardinals: REDISCLAIMER: This is my first baseball concept I've posted, much less a series so things might be a little rough. Anyways, here's the Cardinals. I used the cream as the base for the home uniform with red pinstripes. Also used the hat logo for the jersey logo. For the road uniform, I used the St. Louis script from the full wordmark logo as the wordmark and used the sock stripes on the sleeves. Socks are navy with the stripes on them C&C welcome!
  2. Wooden Bats for softball?

    I got the word today that my softball league is switching to wooden bats due to complaints of too many homeruns. I think I might've swung a wooden bat once in my life, so I've got no idea what I'm really look for. I'm probably going to look into purchasing a bat this weekend, so I figured I'd get some input. Any tips as far as brand or type of wood? Hell, has anyone used wood bats for slow pitch softball?
  3. Well, I guess there's no better way to celebrate post #1600 than by launching my newest concept thread! Welcome to MLB: Project 32! After posting in my tweaks thread for about two years (where I'll keep posting little one-offs), I figured I should reorganize all of my concepts with new presentations, template tweaks (mostly altering sleeve and trouser displays), and other refinements. I will try to have regular updates, as long as my schedule allows it. Above are the preliminary colors for each team, along with new divisional alignments! There are no more Centrals, but rather two divisions of eight. The Astros and Diamondbacks have swapped spots (making the 1998 expansion an AL expansion, parallel to the 1993 NL expansion), while one team has been added to each league. The top two teams in each division make the playoffs (seeded 1-4 regardless of division) and the first round grows to seven games (because no Wild Card game and "death to small sample size randomness"). This series will feature two parts per team. One part will be the main concept, the one I'm most happy with presenting. The other will be an alternate take. These will explore past identities, shirk off brand equity, and present interesting fusions. I hope to you take you guys on a wild ride, so let's get started! TEAMS American League East Baltimore Orioles (Modern St. Louis Browns) Boston Red Sox (Forest Green + Red Sox) Carolina Pilots (Modern Seattle Pilots) Cleveland Indians (Cleveland Guardians) Detroit Tigers (Bengal-ized Tigers) New York Yankees (Dugout Script + Red Accent Yankees) Tampa Bay Stingrays (Tampa Bay Rays "of Light") Toronto Blue Jays (Salvaging the Black Jays) AL East Updates/AL West Teaser American League West Anaheim Angels (Navy/Red Revival) Arizona Diamondbacks (Phoenix Snakes) Chicago White Sox (Greyscale goodness) Kansas City Royals (Royal Blue + Metallic Gold) Minnesota Twins (Forest Green + Light Blue and "Twin Cities") Oakland Athletics (Oakland Oaks) Seattle Mariners (Royal/Yellow and Pt. I Update) Texas Rangers (Dallas Chaparrals) AL West Updates and NL East Teaser National League East Atlanta Braves (Atlanta Firebirds) Cincinnati Reds (Fancy Block, scripts, and black highlights) Miami Marlins (Updated) (Florida Flamingos) Montréal Expos (Updated) (Montréal Voyageurs) New York Mets (Updated) (Black and Pink Windowpanes and Road Options) Philadelphia Phillies (Blue and Gold, a keystone, and William Penn) Pittsburgh Pirates (Updated) (Tuscan Font and Updated Pirate) Washington Nationals (Salvaging the Beveled Nats) NL East Updates and NL West Teaser National League West Chicago Cubs (Gray Update) (1930's Modernization) Colorado Rockies (Updated) (Denver Zephyrs) Houston Astros (Updated) (1994-99 gradient) (Houston Railers) Los Angeles Dodgers (Los Angeles Angels) Milwaukee Brewers (Rescuing the Germanic Brewers) St. Louis Cardinals (Updated) (1956 Modernization) San Diego Padres (Surf's Up in Navy and Brown/Light Blue/Yellow) San Francisco Giants (San Francisco Seals)
  4. When I was in my early teens, my parents bought me NCAA Football 98 for the computer. I really enjoyed the game, and it was very well-designed for the most part: 100+ schools; full-season play with rankings, major bowl games, and major awards; school fight songs; decent playbooks; something approximating logos on the helmets. It was a very good game for the late 1990s---not as good as the Football Pro series overall, but distinctly collegiate and lots of fun. Anyway, despite the overall quality, there were two details that I have since learned were wrong. One, LSU by default wears yellow jerseys over white pants at home in that game. Two, Missouri's colors are green and gold in the game instead of black and gold. (Come to think of it, I think the latter was also the case in that college hoops game for the Super Nintendo even earlier.) I was wondering: have you guys and gals noticed any similar errors in other games? (Incidentally, Football Pro 98 has the Eagles wearing kelly-green-and-gray even though they were in their second season with their current and inferior color scheme.)
  5. 2017 Artwork For Joliet Slammers

    Hi all! Made a new account (formally known as Goallinedesign) to post some of the professional work I've been doing. Everything is available on my new website! This summer I interned for the Joliet Slammers baseball team of the Frontier League. All of the posted work was used, but I was hoping to get some feed back on as much as possible. Thanks! **Edit: Is there a quick fix for image quality?
  6. Rebranding the Braves?

    With the endless debate over the Indians use of Chief Wahoo, I feel it’s only a matter of time before the team also receives a name change. “Indians” is both an outdated and inaccurate term to describe Native American people. The Atlanta Braves are no strangers to controversy themselves. The leaked design for a cap bearing the “Screaming Indian” logo back in 2013 was met with such outcry that it was scrapped. There’s also the “tomahawk chop” fans have been enacting at Braves games for nearly three decades. This too has been deemed offensive by some. While the Braves haven’t endured as much scrutiny as Cleveland, I suspect they’re next once the Indians situation is resolved. I am curious where people stand on this issue. If you are in favor of an eventual rebrand, what sorts of alternate names and Atlanta-centric identities could the team explore? Is there a way to keep the Braves name and apply it to something other than a Native American-inspired identity? P.S. I don’t intend this to dissolve into another Wahoo debate, so please don’t allow that to happen. Thanks.

    Just wanted to share a new template I created intended to display a uniform of any sort. Below are two finished examples, one with soccer, and another with football equipment. Message me to get a hold of a blank template with no watermark. It is saved as a png. file and I personally used Nothing special just hoping it may spark someone's interest. Enjoy! I am accepting feedback to adjust as well.
  8. I am personally fascinated by what's going on in Minor League Baseball right now, and the majority of that is due to Brandiose's reign of two-word nickname, food logo, baby cake of terror, which to be honest hasn't been all bad imo. There are things happening down in the MiLB that wouldn't have been dreamed of 20 or so years ago, and its like watching a blowout: Painful, but fun to watch it go down. So i got to thinking, with news of Brandiose sinking its toes into the minor league hockey pool, how long is it before they get their hands on the major leagues? Now if (when) in eventuality they do, they won't come at it with a Jumbo Shrimp ideal, but for fun, I'd like to think of what would happen if they did. So I'll be taking a TBD select number of teams from the MLB and making them look like they belong in the International League, starting with the Oakland Swingin' A's (Athletics).
  9. A new wood-bat baseball league is starting in the northern plains. The expedition league has teams in Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Manitoba. They will play as a summer collegiate league. Team in Aberdeen, SD will be known as the Hub City Hot Shots:
  10. United National Baseball Association ------ UNBA World Championship Series Winners 1901-St Louis Steamers (84-57) 1902-Boston Beetles (91-49) 1st 1903-St Louis Steamers (79-61) 1904-Boston Brotherhood (105-49) 1905-Boston Brotherhood (94-60) 1906-Boston Brotherhood (93-61) 3rd 1907-Cleveland Grizzlies (94-60) 1st 1908-Philadelphia Boomers (94-60) 1st 1909-St Louis Steamers (88-66) 3rd 1910-New York Militia (95-59) 1st 1911-Illinois Packers (94-60) 1st UNBA Award History Year United League Most Valuable Player United League Most Valuable Pitcher United League Most Valuable Manager National League Player of the Year National League Pitcher of the Year 1901 Brad Holtston (RF) Illinois Packers Tim Merrow (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Cory Busby (RF) Brooklyn Beermen Aaron Barbuto (SP) Brooklyn Beermen 1902 Frank Wahren (1B) Ohio Royals Nick Bass (SP) Cleveland Grizzlies --- Darryl Manna (2B) Boston Beetles Sean Reynolds (SP) Baltimore Runners 1903 Derrick Dotson (SP) St Louis Steamers Tim Alister (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Darryl Manna (2B) Baltimore Runners Ben Randall (SP) Pennsylvania Scarlets 1904 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Luke Nuttal (SP) Boston Brotherhood Luke Nuttal (SP) Boston Brotherhood 1905 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Austin White (SP) Ohio Royals --- Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder 1906 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder 1907 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Derrick Dotson (SP) Cleveland Grizzlies --- Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder 1908 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Derrick Dotson (SP) Philadelphia Boomers Derrick Dotson (SP) Philadelphia Boomers 1909 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Shawn Bebb (3B) Manhattan Thunder Collin Lewis (SP) Baltimore Runners 1910 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Phil Scrimshawe (2B) New York Militia Rob Shue (SP) Boston Beetles 1911 Clay Shutt (3B) Chicago Tribe Erik Kingsmore (SP) Illinois Packers Aaron Barbuto (M) Illinois Packers Jeremy Say (LF) Manhattan Thunder Steve Tilton (SP) Baltimore Runners 1912 All-Time Lists Highest Salaries (All-Time) 1. $36,600-Drew Krull(SP) Current NY NY (7yr) 1911-1917 2. $34,100-Phil Scrimshawe(2B) Current NY NY (7yr) 1910-1916 3. $30,900-Derrick Dotson(SP) Current BBR PHI (4yr) 1908-1911 4. $30,800-Luke Inge(SP) Retired CHI (1yr) 1901 5. $27,900-Adrian McCarthy(RF) Retired PIT (5yr) 1901-1905 Wins (All-Time) 1.236-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR 2. 228-Drew Krull(SP)NY 3. 220-Gary Aiken(SP)Retired (M-PIT) 4. 206-Dan Rinfret(SP)Retired 5. 196-Mike Olney(SP)Retired 6. 195-Jeff Gilespie(SP)BAL 7. 192-Jim MacColl(SP)PEN 8. 192-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 9. 186-Dan Scheirer(SP)Retired 10.185-Aaron Barbuto(SP)Retired (M-ILL) Saves (All-Time) 1. 44-Paul Hay(RP)PEN 2. 41-Ted Nichols(RP)PEN 2. 41-Marc Chamblee(RP)DET 4. 40-Luke Lollar(RP)ILL 5. 39-Scott Tonkin(RP)Retired 6. 36-James Velovic(RP)CHT 7. 35-Jeff Ruddy(RP)BAL 8. 34-Ed Ekins(SP)DC 9. 32-Milton Schenk(RP)Retired 10.31-Ron MacQuartie(RP)DET Highest Salaries (Current) 1.$36,600-Drew Krull(SP)NY 2. $34,100-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY 3. $19,800-Steve Tilton(SP)CHT 4. $18,400-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 4. $18,400-Brian Hockenberry(SS)BBR 6. $16,100-Doug Rayfield(CF)BAL 7. $15,900-Jason Neff(SS)BAL 8. $14,700-Cory Bramble(LF)SL 9. $13,900-Will Condon(LF)ILL 10. $13,800-Nat Brane(CF)CHI Wins (Season) 1. 36-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1906) 2. 32-Luke Nuttall(SP)BBR(1904)Retired 2. 32-Austin White(SP)OHI(1905) 2. 32-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1906) 5. 31-Kyle Loveland(SP)BBE(1904) 6. 31-Todd Christopher(SP)BBR(1905) 7. 30-Derrick Dotson(SP)CLE(1907) 8. 29-Gary Aiken(SP)PIT(1895) 8. 29-Dusty Conoway(SP)BBE(1902)Retired 8. 29-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1905) 8. 29-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1908) Saves (Season) 1. 12-Jed Mathis(RP)BBR(1903) 2. 11-Chad Kissinger(RP)OHI(1905) 2. 11-Max Chamblee(RP)PEN(1905) 2. 11-James Velovic(RP)CHT(1911) 5. 10-Luke Lollar(RP)BAL(1901) 5. 10-Paul Hay(RP)ILL(1904) 5. 10-Willis Dyer(RP)CHT(1909) 8. 9-(5 Players Tied) Total Bases (All-Time) 1.3438-Jeff Burrell(CF)Retired (M-CLE) 2. 3210-Adrian McCarthy(RF)Retired 3. 3059-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired 4. 2838-Brad Holtston(RF)Retired 5. 2758-Darryl Manna(2B)CHI 6. 2686-Luke Rigney(SS)Retired (M-BUF) 7. 2637-Darryl Parton(CF)Retired 8. 2593-Mark Westlund(LF)CLE 9. 2536-Josh Felton(SS)Retired 10.2467-Roger Johnstone(SS)Retired (M-NY) Home Runs (All-Time) 1.175-Brad Holtston(RF)Retired 2. 104-Chris Bronshvag(C)Retired 3. 100-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired 4. 90-Justin Albertson(CF)Retired 5. 85-Luke Rigney(SS)Retired 6. 83-Charlie Guerry(3B)DC 7.81-Mark Westlund(LF)CLE 8. 80-Todd Corr(3B)ILL 9. 79-Graham Poling(2B)DC 10.74-Darryl Manna(2B)PEN 10.74-Jay Cody(3B)MAN Shutouts (All-Time) 1.46-Drew Krull(SP)NY 2. 30-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR 2. 30-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 4. 26-Mike Olney(SP)Retired 5. 23-Brian Seelke(SP)BBE 5. 23-Steve Counsell(SP)BRO 5. 23-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 8. 20-Collin Lewis(SP)BAL 9. 19-Gary Aiken(SP)Retired (M-PIT) 9. 19-Jeff Gillespie(SP)BAL 9. 19-Ed Sheridan(SP)SL Total Bases (Season) 1. 316-Clay Shutt(3B)CHT(1911) 2. 309-Denny William(RF)CLE(1904) 3. 306-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY(1910) 4. 304-Frank Wahren(1B)OHI(1902) 5. 302-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902) 6. 300-Darryl Manna(2B)BAL(1903) 7. 299-Jace David(2B)OHI(1904) 8. 299-Steve Dyment(3B)CLE(1905) 9. 297-Mark Westlund(LF)PEN(1905) 9. 297-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY(1909) Home Runs (Season) 1. 27*-Brad Holtston(RF)MAN(1899)pre-unba* 2. 24-Brad Holtston(RF)ILL(1901) 2. 24-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902) 4. 23-Brad Holtston(RF)ILL(1905) 5. 22-Graham Poling(2B)PIT(1906) 6. 18-Chris Bronshvag(C)CHI(1904) 7.17-Brad Holtston(RF)DC(1907) 8. 15-Clint Wipper(LF)NY(1903) 8. 15-Justin Albertson(CF)BBR(1905) 8.15-Chris Bronshvag(C)PIT(1907) Shutouts (Season) 1.8-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1908) 1. 8-Drew Krul(SP)SL(1910) 3. 7-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1904) 3. 7-Greg Briggs(SP)NY(1905) 3. 7-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1906) 6. 6-(7 Players Tied) SLG (All-Time) (Minimum 200 At Bats & Minimum 100 Games Played) 1..507-Rob Cinnamond(LF)NY 2. .481-Alan Pattinson(RF)Retired 3. .477-Jeff Hoyer(SS)IND 4. .476-Brad Holtston(RF))Retired 5. .465-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY 6. .464-Darryl Manna(2B)PEN 7. .462-Jeremy Say(LF)MAN 8. .459-Geoffrey Kirkwood(LF)Retired 9..457-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired 9. .457-Shawn Bebb(3B)CLE Stolen Bases (All-Time) 1.723-Tod Graham(2B)Retired 2. 573-Alex Bailey(3B)IND 2. 573-Darryl Parton(CF)Retired 4. 548-Jeff Burrell(CF)Retired 5. 480-Adrian McCarthy(RF)Retired 6. 461-Luke Rigney(SS)Retired 7.425-Sean Marz(RF)Retired 8. 424-Roger Johnstone(SS)Retired 9. 403-Frank Vittinghoff(CF)IND 10.380-Jim Baldwin(1B)Retired Strikeouts (All-Time) 1.1982-Drew Krull(SP)BBR 2. 1848-Mike Olney(SP)Retired 3. 1463-Drew Krull(SP)NY 4. 1178-Aaron Barbuto(SP)Retired (M-ILL) 5. 1044-Dan Scheirer(SP)Retired 6. 1031-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 7. 949-Collin Lewis(SP)BAL 8. 928-Gary Aiken(SP)Retired (M-PIT) 9. 901-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 10. 881-Dan Rinfret(SP)Retired SLG (Season) pre-unba* 1. .613-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902) 2. .579-Graham Poling(2B)BBE(1903) 3. .570-Ross Hemus(RF)BAL(1911) 4. .566-Darryl Manna(2B)BBE(1901) 5. .557-Darryl Manna(2B)BAL(1903) 6. .548-Cory Busby(RF)BRO(1901) 7. .541*-Brad Holtston(RF)MAN(1899) Retired 8. .537-Graham Poling(2B)PIT(1906) 9. .525-Edward Moore(LF)MIL(1904) 10..524-Darryl Manna(2B)BBE(1902) Stolen Bases (Season) pre-unba* 1.131*-Tod Graham(2B)MIL(1887)Retired 2. 100*-Tod Graham(2B)MIL(1888)Retired 2. 85*-Geoffrey Kirkwood(LF)OHI(1896)Retired 4. 77*-Tod Graham(2B)PEN(1891)Retired 5. 75-Alex Bailey(3B)BRO(1903) 6. 74*-Luke Rigney(SS)BRO(1889)Retired 7. 73*-Darryl Parton(RF)PHI(1888)Retired 8. 69*-Eric Willis(1B)PHI(1896)Retired 9. 68*-Roger Johnstone(SS)CHI(1897)Retired 10.67*-Jim Baldwin(1B)BOS(1896)Retired Strikeouts (Season) 1. 250-Mike Olney(SP)IND(1909)Retired 2. 245-Mike Olney(SP)BBR(1906)Retired 3. 237-Mike Olney(SP)CHI(1910)Retired 4. 225-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR(1904) 5. 217-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR(1905) 6. 214-Mike Olney(SP)IND(1908)Retired 7. 209-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1907) 8. 206-Aaron Barbuto(SP)ILL(1906)Retired 9. 204-Derrick Dotson(SP)SL(1901) 10.202-Derrick Dotson(SP)SL(1903) OBP (All-Time) (Minimum 200 Plate Appearances & Minimum 100 Games Played) 1. .464-Joe Timney(RF)NY 2. .457-Toby McFerran(RF)CHI 3. .451-Jeff Bradsher(RF)BRO 4. .449-Rob Freedman(LF)BBR 4. .449-Greg Hammer(3B)IND 6. .447-Alex Bailey(3B)IND 7. .445-Josh Zimmerman(CF)Retired 8. .434-Jamie Spry(CF)PEN 9. .427-Tony Oberdorf(RF)BAL 10..426-Edward Moore(LF)Retired RBIs (All-Time) 1.1107-Brad Holtston(RF)Retired 2. 1105-Jeff Burrell(CF)Retired (M-CLE) 3. 1045-Darryl Manna(2B)PEN 4. 967-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY 5. 967-Adrian McCarthy(RF)Retired 6. 965-Brian Root(2B)Retired 7.941-Roger Johnstone(SS)Retired (M-NY) 8. 940-Charlie Guerry(LF)DC 9. 936-Josh Felton(SS)Retired 10.933-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired ERA (All-Time) (Minimum 400 Innings Pitched & Minimum 100 Games Played) 1. 2.29-Drew Krull(SP)NY 2. 2.32-Scott Tonkin(RP)Retired 3. 2.66-Rob Shue(SP)BBE 4. 2.89-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 5. 3.01-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 6. 3.06-Will Davenport(SP)Retired 7. 3.07-Calvin Murchie(SP)BRO 8. 3.09-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR 9. 3.30-Ed Sheridan(SP)SL 10.3.34-Brian Bartholomew(SP) OBP (Season) pre-unba* 1. .521*-Alex Bailey(3B)CHI(1900) 2. .521-Edward Moore(RF)MIL(1904)Retired 3. .500-Alex Bailey(3B)BRO(1903) 4. .498-Joe Timney(RF)NY(1911) 5. .490-Rob Freedman(LF)ILL(1906) 6. .487*-Buster Abbott(LF)ILL(1897)Retired 7. .485-Greg Hammer(3B)BUF(1910) 8. .480-Rob Freedman(LF)BBR(1911) 9. .479-Josh Zimmerman(CF)OHI(1902) 10. .477-Josh Zimmerman(CF)OHI(1901) 10. .477-Toby McFerran(RF)PHI(1908) RBIs (Season) pre-unba* 1. 141*-Roger Johnstone(SS)CHI(1897)Retired 2. 140-Jeff Vionette(CF)BBR(1907) 3. 133-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY(1910) 4. 133-Darryl Manna(2B)BBE(1902) 5. 130-Clay Shutt(3B)CHT(1911) 6. 127-Brad Holtston(RF)ILL(1901)Retired 7. 126-Cory Busby(RF)BRO(1901) 7. 126-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902)Retired 9. 122-Darryl Manna(2B)BAL(1903) 10. 120*-Brad Holtston(RF)MAN(1899)Retired ERA (Season) 1. 1.64-Sean Reynolds(SP)BAL(1903) 2. 1.69-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1908) 3. 2.07-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1905) 4. 2.11-Davis Gardner(SP)MAN(1905) 5. 2.12-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1906) 6. 2.14-Drew Krull(SP)NY(1911) 7. 2.18-Mike Olney(SP)CHI(1910)Retired 8. 2.20-Steve Counsell(SP)MAN(1902) 9. 2.23-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1910) 10.2.24-Chad Blank(SP)DC(1909)
  11. OOTP Logos

    A bunch of my friends and I are in an online OOTP league. Thought I'd share a few of the logos my roommate and I have collaborated on for some of the teams in the league. Enjoy
  12. Back with a brand new series! One of my absolute favorite periods in baseball uniform history was the period immediately at the beginning of the double-knit era. Starting with the Pirates in 1970, Major League teams switched from flannels to brand new polyester double-ply technology. Team didn't quite know exactly what to do with the new fabric. The result was a series of gorgeous, modern, colorful but clean uniform styles like the '70s Red Sox, orange-centric shooting star Astros, Swingin' A's, and feathered Braves. Things got a little crazy in the late '70s and early '80s and conservative button downs reasserted their presence. But what if it hadn't gone that way? What if the pullover and sansabelt look had stuck? The uniforms would have been modernized (I doubt we'd see the '83 Sox in the current era) but maybe instead of harking back to the flannel era, maybe baseball goes back to the early double-knits. So this series is based on that alternative history. These are contemporary uniforms but designed with the idea that the pullover era never ended but just evolved along the same lines that uniforms took to this day. We start with the champs. I've used the same revised logos that I used for my original MLB series but adapted them into the early 70's pullover look (minus the blue sleeve caps). I've added white stripes to the stirrups to better match the cap. Powder blue and white dominate the roads and I'm throwing in a blue alt for fun. Enjoy!
  13. Kansas City Royals Circle Logo

    So this is my first post... I took the circle logo from the early 2000s and changed some colors, added some borders, and put the current crown on there also. Not much, but still something I thought was pretty cool. I would think that it's probably too complex to go anywhere except the arm of the uniform. If you think it would look cooler a different way just let me know. I might just make it that way!
  14. When you have something you wanna improve on, you have something you wanna improve on. In this case, the split scripts I'd used for a Blue Jays set in the Rivalry Series. I've thought about making a contemporary uniform with those scripts for a while, and now is as good a time as any. The two scripts are based on older uniforms worn by the Jays' predecessors, the baseball Maple Leafs, with the addition of the Blue Jays' trademark split. The jay head is on the sleeve of the whites instead of the front because frankly, with this script, the front would just be too cluttered that way. For the hell of it, I included an alternate T cap. The alt blue is, like its RL counterpart, a negative of the homes, though I almost went with a royal-to-navy faux gradient and navy pants. The road alt recolors the grays into powder blue, with a powder-front cap to go with it. And since this one wouldn't leave me alone, fauxback pullovers, 80s style with the current scripts. Posting is a virtue.
  15. High School Redesign: The Gators

    I want to first start out by saying that I will try to make this long story a short one, but if I am unsuccessful in that I do apologize ahead of time. With that being said, this design started with a request from a high school to help them create a new logo and brand. The school's nickname is Gators, so like most high schools with that name they used the different variations of Florida's walking gator and gator head logos, as well as the Georgia/Green Bay "G" for their own branding. My task was to create something unique to this school, but not lose that basic identity that had been established, and create a "gator G" described to me as a "G" logo that is a gator. So, my designs were by request heavily influenced by Florida's. After investing a lot of time and effort into this new "brand" for said school and submitting my work, a new logo was passed and approved without my prior knowledge that was in fact not what I had been working on for months. After that, this become sort of a personal design project that I would continue and try to perfect, so here I am seeking some constructive criticism or compliments on that work so far. C&C, please! I will start off with the colors. The school's primary colors are Navy and Gold, with White as a third. The color in the small circle is meant to be a varying shade of the primary in order to be used in ways that enhance the look, but do not dominate it. I added Green as a color simply because, in my mind, gators are green in logos. It’s meant to be used throughout this "brand" in the same capacity that Ole Miss uses Powder Blue. The Colors The Logos This first logo is supposed to serve as the primary logo across the board. Above you see it in and on various color combinations. Yes, this is visually similar to Florida's walking gator in the fact that they are both Gators in letter-sweaters standing upright, but I tried to make it look a little more, for lack of a better word, amateur because it's meant for a high school team. The other plus to this logo is the opportunity to use the secondary colors (like Volt, Yellow, and Natural) in ways that I think enhance the overall look of the logo. Personally, this guy turned out to be one of my favorites. This second logo is one of the hardest and most thought out I can say I have ever done. This is the one that came from the request to create a "G" that is a gator in one. Design is a constant and ongoing process, and it took me a long time to finally get to this guy. The next evolution of the logo came with the creation of the above “Walking Gator” logo. I decided that if I was going to try and create this “brand” for the Gators, then the actual gator used should be implied as the same gator throughout. So as you will see, the gator head and face are the same in every logo, giving it what I think is a true “brand” look. Another logo used extremely often by teams nicknamed Gators is the Florida Gators primary logo, and like I said, this school was no exception. So again, that was the inspiration behind this logo. As you can see, it’s pretty self-explanatory, and like I said, all gators used in this “brand” are to be implied as the same gator. The next logo is one that had to evolve as I went as well. I’m unsure as to what I want to call it even to this point or what capacity it could be used, so we can just go with the “Gator Script” logo. This is the first logo that includes the whole “GAUTIER” word mark within it, and it is simply meant to resemble a gator as it stalks and swims at the top of the water. Using the last logo as an introduction point, these are the word mark logos for the “brand” in each color combination. The inspiration for these logos came early on in my time at the school when I noticed that the basketball team used a variation of the “flying” Lakers script on their gear. I always knew it was the Lakers design, but in my mind there was something that just screamed Gautier to me about it (maybe because that’s what I grew up seeing them wear when we played them), so I ran with it. As you can see, the font style used above is the same font style found on the Walking Gator’s sweater, the “Gator Script” logo, and the font that will be used in every piece of the Gautier “brand” to come. This next logo is what I call the tagline. I say that because in my head this logo was meant to serve as the main academic logo within the brand. The same way universities use their seal in the top left corner of postage and official academic documents. This is also a logo that sort of developed out of the “Gator Script” logo. The only changes are the implied presence of water under the gator, the loss of the outline, and the addition of “HIGH SCHOOL” at the bottom of the logo. That pretty much does it for the primary logos that make up the brand, so up next are some of the different variations of the above logos, and if this is well received, possibly uniforms, etc. Thanks for the time and the read!
  16. This is my first time trying my hand at graphic design, and I wanted to see what others thought. I'm not an artist, and I don't have an incredibly deep understanding of graphic design- I assume what I drew has bad vectoring, but I couldn't tell you the first thing about what vectors are, or what adding the suffix 'ing' to the word vector actually means. So if this is offensively amateur, feel free to let me know and I'll scrub this post! Just wondering if this is anything.
  18. Western League Baseball (3/8 - Texas Comets)

    Howdy folks, and welcome to the Wild West! This is something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks since the MLB season has started, making teams in-between work, school, and baseball. It is an 8 team league set west of the Mississippi and extends all the way to the Pacific Coast. DSaline’s USBL is a big part of the inspiration for this series which I used his ideas for fields for each team and trying to be extremely in depth with each backstory. Teams will mostly be released sporadically, but hopefully one team will be released a week with half of the league already finished. An important note is that neither the Pacific Coast League or old Western League existed in this universe. Enjoy! C&C is appreciated as always. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— In the year 1950, America’s baseball landscape in the West Coast was scattered and bland. There were many leagues from the Great Plains to the Pacific but they were scattered and small and mostly all lasted no more than a few years before disbanding. The Western League came about when the suffering Rocky Mountain League and Pacific League, the two best leagues in the West at the time, combined with a handshake by Jack Quinn and Lyndon Kurtis in a meeting between the 2 leagues in Houston, Texas. They planned for a smaller sized league to increase the caliber of talent on the field and for teams to be associated with a larger group of people, something both leagues had previously struggled at. The 1951 season started with teams in Kansas City, Houston, Cheyanne, Seattle, and Denver. Throughout the years the teams have changed, formed and collapsed, but the current set of teams have been around since the 1990 season when the league brought in two new teams to bring the total to 8. Teams play a 170 game schedule (yes, I based that loosely off the old PCL regular season schedule) starting the last week in March and ending around the first week in October. The top 2 teams then enter the playoffs where they battle for the Quinn-Kurtis Trophy, named after the men who brought the league together, in a best of 7 series. Some other minor notes, the DH has never been used in the Western League, the fans and owners laughed at the idea when a team brought it up in the 70s due to the fact that fans, owners, and players love having pitchers hit due to the strategy in it. Also, all teams have three uniforms, home, away, and an alternate to be worn either at home or on the road. The league logo depicts the majestic mountains found in the Western parts of America (i.e. Sierra Nevada’s, Rocky Mountains, etc.) against a backdrop of a starry sky with 8 stars. Each represents a team in the league. It is recolored for each ball club and appears on the back of hats and jerseys.
  19. MLB by Nike (Marlins Up)

    Everybody knows the news that Under Armor will be taking over the MLB jerseys in 2019, but I had the idea to think of a world in which Nike was running the MLB. This is that world; vibrant, creative, and very unique. Some of these designs will be off the wall, while others will put a modern, yet classic twist on timeless jerseys. This is my first major project, and I fully intend to complete this to the very end, so constant C&C will be very helpful and appreciated. I have no particular order for which I will be unveiling these teams, basically whatever comes to mind for me, or if you'd like, you can request a team and I'll see about getting to it! First up we have the Miami Marlins. What I've done here is tried to create a blend of the old logo set and the new one. I boiled it down to just three colors, black, orange, and light blue. Occasionally I will use gray as an outline or accent color, but those are the main three. So without further ado, here is the first set of logos for MLB by Nike. Thanks for looking and C&C is greatly appreciated.
  20. EDIT: I decided to include more teams in this concept, although I won't commit to a specific number of them. Also, to cut down the amount of scrolling necessary, original concepts will be replaced by edited versions. Team's completed: AL WEST Anaheim Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Portland Lumberjacks (Expansion) Salt Lake Swarm (Expansion) AL CENTRAL Detroit Tigers Indians Cleveland Tribe Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox Columbus Flight (Expansion) (NEW) AL SOUTH Houston Astros Texas Rangers Tampa Bay Rays Kansas City Royals New Orleans Krewe (Expansion) AL EAST Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees New Jersey Trout (Expansion) NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies NL CENTRAL Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Omaha Steers (Expansion) (New) NL SOUTH Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins Kentucky Gallops (Expansion) San Antonio Hammers (Expansion) Music City Strings (Expansion) NL EAST New York Mets Washington Nationals Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates Montreal Expos (Expansion) AAA Teams posted here AA Teams posted here A Teams posted here For my first post, I figured I'd post a concept for my favorite team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Already to unpopular opinion-time, I actually like the hyphenated "D-Backs" on the jerseys. I modified it slightly, however, because if you're going to go with a snake fang of the "K", you'd better go with one off the "B" as well. Otherwise, you'll end up with some hillbilly snake, which is significantly less intimidating. I also like the shoulder pattern the team currently employs, but thought it would be better utilized on the end of the sleeves. I reversed the colors of the A-snake logo and put it on a red cap, which keeps the snake-skin pattern up top. The road uniform stays mostly the same, but with the shoulder pattern again moved to the sleeves, no front number, and new socks. The red jersey pairs with the red hat and is the home alternate. The black jersey no longer has the A-snake and now uses the road script and is the road alternate. The teal is added to the home and road uniforms, keeping Teal Tuesday going both at home and on the road. Throwback Thursday hangs around as well, with the only change from the current throwbacks being stripes on the socks now. Thanks for checking out my first concept, C&C welcome.
  21. Pro Baseball Clubs of America (Atlanta Added)

    Been a little over a year since I tried my hand at a fictional baseball league series. I went back to the drawing board and created some new teams, as well as perfected previous ones from when I did this before. I went a lot more in-depth with everything this time, and spent a lot more time on each franchise. This is the PBCA (Pro Baseball Clubs of America). The league so far has 20 teams, and I will post sporadically when I'm completely done with a team. 1. Kansas City Roasters 2. Charlotte Xpress 3. Colorado Bluegills 4. Las Vegas Lights 5. Washington Founders 6. Atlanta Hammers 7. Boston Chowdas 8. Seattle Spinners 9. San Diego Servicemen 10. Alaska Black Bears 11. New York Hitters 12. Detroit Crows 13. Atlantic City Skippers 14. Montreal Macareux 15. Anaheim Peppers 16. Virginia Vipers 17. Chicago Rhinos 18. Arizona Sun Cats 19. Madison Creamers 20. Cincinnati Stingers Red=Finished
  22. Milwaukee Brewers Concept

    Have not posted a concept as of yet and I thought I'd get into the game. Here's my take on the Milwaukee Brewers. I gave them the Blue Jays treatment. Updating their classic look by tweaking the font. I kept the current look drop shadow as I feel it has a 'beer label' kind of feel more-so than a standard outline. Used the BiG as the sleeve logo but gave them a simple 'M' as the hat logo. CC appreciated as this is my first attempt. If this goes over well enough I may do the rest of the league.
  23. Rockies Cotton Bureau Shirt

    My Rockies-themed shirt is up on Cotton Bureau! If you know any Rockies fans (or are one yourself), here's an awesome shirt to celebrate the return of Rocktober. I need some help, I've got 8 orders with 7 days to go. Click the shirt for the link:
  24. Fantasy baseball promo poster

    My friends and I take our fantasy baseball league pretty seriously, so I made a promo poster for a marquee match-up quickly approaching. One of the teams and I live down the street from each other, hence the "Sidewalk Series." It is also our 3rd meeting this season, hence "3rd round." I'd love to hear some feedback on how I can improve this!
  25. I was just messing around with Photoshop and I created a fauxback uniform for Michigan State. I used only cream and green for the uniform. I don't really have a list of teams in mind so I am down to take requests.