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Found 5 results

  1. What with all the excitement brewing about the Iron Man 2 movie, and the trailer seemingly being nominated for best picture next year, I thought it was time to bring about a thread devoted to the good comics company, DC. Why? Well, why the hell not. DC has a history of great characters, but half-assed adaptations (Catwoman, par exemple), but things seem to be looking to change in the coming decade. 1. Green Lantern. FINALLY, the one true space opera is coming to the big screen. Ryan Reynolds as GL, someone else who I don't remember as Sinestro, and a second-tier super villain (Hector Hammond) along for the ride to set up GL2, which will of course feature an all-out battle between the two GLs of sector 2814. :censored:ing rights. 2. The Flash. Provided they can do what the TV series couldn't do, and that's make a guy running balls-out look good, then this has a ton of potential. No casting rumors as yet, in development for a potential 2011 release. 3. Batman III. Christopher Nolan has done wonders for this franchise, showing us that comic book movies can be grounded in reality, and still maintain their feel. 4. Superman. Next movie is to be called The Man of Steel, script by David Goyer, produced by Chris Nolan. Rumored director is Nolan's younger brother Jonah, but this is strictly a rumor. These are all due to hit the screens by 2013, which is all well and good, because in 2015, Nolan is set to produce and direct (and probably write) Justice League. Depending on which other DC licenses come out in this time (Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, etc), all of DC's heavy hitters should be in this one, meaning, I'll be in a theater crying tears of joy at age 45, tears that no one has seen since ET came back to life.
  2. Farewell to a TV icon that generations grew up on. Younger people may know him more for his bizarre spins in the Family Guy universe, but for me and many others he was the Caped Crusader of Camp.
  3. The Toledo Walleye will be dressing as Batman and the Evansville IceMen will be Riddler when they clash on Nov. 22 for a "Heroes Night" game.
  4. Ben Afflek is the New Batman

    It's official. Ben Afflek is the new Caped Crusader. Interesting pick. With the success of his directing career, I hope he will have a hand in the development of the character and the films. There is a lot of outcry of the pick... but it just reminds me of the outcry when we heard Heath Ledger was chosen for The Joker. Sources:
  5. It is amazing how different they all are and yet how most of them, except for Batman & Robin ( :censored:astic movie), symbolize batman rather well.