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  1. I tried this early last year but it never really panned out. I made this this league a couple years back and decided I'd make the logos of the teams present in the league. I use OOTP Baseball for this fictional league because of how well you can design and map out your own league. Without further ado, the Baseball in America Association ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Baseball in America Association began in 1983 when the Frontier League (Renamed the Rocky Mountain League after 1983) merged with the Mississippi River League. Reginald Barron was the creator of the Mississippi River League which played its very first season in 1937 which saw the Brooklyn Mobsters take home the championship over the Midwest Baseball Club (Now the St. Louis Arches). In 1950, the Negro Leagues era came to an end when Boston Black Wonders Second Baseman, Norm Barraclough, was sold the the Boston Wonders to become the first black baseball player in the Mississippi River League. The Negro Leagues were disbanded the following year. 1963 rolled around and Ken Deal, the wealthiest man in Kansas, believed that baseball should have more of an influence out west then to the Mississippi. Ken and other wealthy men across America joined together to form the Frontier League. “Expanding to a new frontier of baseball” was the motto of the league as it entered its first season and is still the motto to this day. In 1967, a new league arrived as an independent league. The Great Lakes Legion had a small U.S. following but a huge Midwest following. In 1974, it was decided that a merger would be done and the Milwaukee Wheaties and the Minneapolis Meat would be absorbed into the Mississippi River League. The MRL was at its lowest point in 1976, when the league and the Players Union couldn’t agree on a deal. The Players went on strike. Some looking for new deals went to Canada, but most went west for the Frontier League. Reginald Barron was on the hot seat. He went looking for ideas. He thought up an All-Star Game between his league, and Deal’s league. Deal said the only way he’d take the deal if the game would be played in a Frontier League ballpark. Barron accepted the deal and the 1977 All-Star Game was played in front of 30,000 at Johnson Field in Memphis, Tennessee. With the hit of the All-Star Game, Barron and Deal decided that the two leagues would merge in time for the 1983 season. The contract stated that the MRL would only take 4 FL teams, the two leagues wouldn’t play each other in regular season games, and that the All-Star Game would remain. The World Series era began as in the first BAA World Series, the Boston Minutemen would knock off the San Francisco Pirates in 7 games. Barron died in 1989. Deal decided that the World Series trophy would be name after Barron, and the name changed from the American Cup to the Barron Bowl. Deal passed away in 1992. Barron’s son, Danny Barron has the President of the BAA since 2001. The Association now has 32 teams that spans from Boston to Vancouver. The latest expansion came in 2016. There are 4 divisions in each league each named North, South, East, and West. Both RML and MRL have the DH rule. 158 games are played a year. Huge thanks to @JMurr for redoing the logos Hope you all enjoy the BAA