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Found 2 results

  1. BradyIvie

    NBA Redesign Concepts (Celtics 4/27)

    As a Jazz fan who's not a huge fan of the current design (minus the City Edition jersey), I figured I would try my hand at redesigning the team. Changing the colors to dark purple, teal, and copper, the team resurrects a snowflake logo. The Association uniform is off-white, the Icon uniform purple, the Statement uniform teal, and the new City Edition uniform a gradient going from pewter blue to dark blue. C&C welcome!
  2. Discrimihater

    Kamloops Blazers set

    I know one thing, I've been thinking of doing a WHL team for a while now, and the Kamloops Blazers' new alternate logo was the inspirational spark that got me off my ass and back in the mud again. For the hell of it, I shot for a striping pattern that's somewhere between the usual and something more distinctive...and then put flames on. Though their dark jerseys IRL have been blue, I went with orange. You may have noticed a Kamloops script appear here and there on the home/away set. I based the a and s on the main logo's flame, and for a minute I considered modifying the K to incorporate one before deciding against it. The British Columbia flag is what the jersey design is based on, the torso featuring wavy stripes and a partial Union Jack as the sleeve striping.