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Found 2 results

  1. Boxing Thread

    Don't think there is a non-event specific boxing thread here. I'm floored that they gave that fight to GGG. I was cheering for him, but outside of that one knockdown Jacobs was controlling that whole fight.
  2. Logo for a Boxing club. (Request)

    Hello all, I couldn't find the forum for request, maybe it doesn't exist anymore, sorry if it's a problem I will remove my thread or move it. A while ago, I have requested a logo for my friend boxing club, which was done by one member here I can't remember his name, but was very nice. He his now splitting from his partner and starting a new gym on his own. Here is the info I have for it. We need a logo for a new boxing club down here. The name of the club is "Académie de boxe vision" which stand for Vision Boxing academy It need to have a boxing glove involved somewhere of course, and an eye in it. Something like the Illuminati eye. Budget, well depend of your past job, need maybe 2 or 3 concepts to choose from, and maybe 1 or 2 revisions after that. Also logo need to be in vector and royalty free of course Is someone available to do something nice? Will use paypal for payment