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Found 9 results

  1. GRIZZLY BEAR HEAD LOGO - Just for practice, decided to try my hand and a grizzly logo! - Traced an image from online, no hand drawn steps, as that hadn't helped me out with a falcon I decided to simply trace it in illustrator instead. - Eyes and Nose aren't to my liking but cant seem to find a better way to portray them both. - Teeth may look to "sharp" or Cartoony? But help the fierceness IMO. C&C Much Appreciated/Needed Inspiration Image:
  2. So I was originally going to abstain from posting this, but I could really have another set of eyes look at it. - Drew Inspiration from mountains clearly - To Be used as watermark on my photographs and work design. - Uses my initials, HK. Lemme know what you think!
  3. So to go along with my re brand proposal to my high school, I am making a Falcon logo which is our mascot. I have the general shape down to what I really like, but am struggling with all the little details. Included is the vectored shape, and the sketch of what I have so far! I could really use some advice on this.
  4. A while ago I saw a project on Behance that really inspired me to maybe start a similar project. This is the link of the one I saw: Muskat is a wonderfully creative team of two designers from Germany and lets say I started following them ever since I first glanced at their projects. They focused on German brands and stores, making them look better, I on the other hand, will focus on the stores I see in my town of Zagreb, no matter what country a brand comes from. I just might put in a Croatian one, maybe... Sooooo, long story short, I started with Müller, a German trade company that basically sells everything from perfumes to cosmetics, from notebooks and pens to toys (lots and lots of toys). Lets say they are part one of my project. <--------dribbble link I hope you leave a like and a comment. Thank you! EDIT: The image is a GIF, so if you click it you'll see the logo on different color backgrounds.
  5. This is a thread for anniversary logos that have to do with companies and brands. Lamborghini-50th anniversary. So post any anniversary logos you can find.
  6. With all of us making personal logos now, I thought I'd throw a hat into the ring with mine I've been having photo bucket problems so it's a miracle this one turned out half decent
  7. Working on a Fantasy Football team concept design, any thoughts and contrutive criticism welcome! Primary Logo: Woodmark: Primary (Home) Helmet: Secondary (Away) Helmet: Alternate (Home) Helmet: Primary (Home) Uniform: Secondary (Away) Uniform: Alternative (Home) Uniform: Football Field: I'm most pleased with the Away helmet, I'm kinda super stoked about the helmet "horns" ... my wife suggested the drop shadow to make them look like seperate pieces such as on a real samurai helmet. Suggestions welcome!
  8. Ok guys...last time I posted a personal brand project II was massively restricted by my strict old-school design professor that went to retirement this year, so now that I'm completely free from high school chains and entering rough seas of university, I thought that it would be fun to finally brand myself with something I can associate with. I'm originally from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the color blue derived from town's coat of arms. Center hexagon is filled with the coat of arms blue and the darker navy-ish blue is just a darkened version of the original blue. Also I want to see how visible are my initials in this logo O and P. Note: Its not the final version and if you give me some good critics I can improve upon it.
  9. Ok, I said I'm going to make a personal brand but this came up in my head. Its a made up design firm for my graduation project in high school. Tell me should I use it as a personal brand or do something new that actually contains my name in it. View the whole project on Behance. [EDIT:presentation with no blur crap on it]