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Found 16 results

  1. So I know we're still in the midst of the international break but as the weeks will typically reset on Tuesdays I wanted to get this started today. Hopefully you 7 who said you wanted to do it in the poll were serious . Basically the way it works is this: Liverpool v. Man United You must pick a team to win, no draws (will be explained later). The bolded team is the team you think will win. If you guess correctly, you get 3 points. If the other team wins, you get 0 points. In the event of a draw, you will get 1 point no matter who won. At the end of every week I'll tally up the points total and enter it into a spreadsheet. I know we're 8 weeks into the season, but the season is long enough I thought we could still do it. Have at it! Here are this week's fixtures: Liverpool v. Man United Burnley v. West Ham Crystal Palace v. Chelsea Man City v. Stoke Swansea v. Huddersfield Tottenham v. Bournemouth Watford v. Arsenal Brighton v. Everton Southampton v. Newcastle Leicester v. West Brom

    Post A Custom Uniform Below. On August 10th i will choose the winner! The Winner Will Get................

    Post A Custom Uniform Below. On August 10th i will choose the winner! The Winner Will Get................
  4. Link for those interested in entering the contest.
  5. Tucson Scorpions new AHL Team

    Hello everybody. I am about to post my first jersey concept and logo concept on this site! The good gentlemen over at are having a contest going on right now. This contest entails redesigning the Springfield Falcons. The Falcons were recently purchased by the Arizona Coyotes and will be moving to Tucson for the 2016-17 season. So first I decided to change the name to the Mustangs to keep that desert theme and I also redesigned the logo. For the Jerseys I kept the same colour as the Coyotes. I like when the AHL teams have the same colour schemes but change the design. I added a lot of striping which I am personally a fan of! Also I added as the jersey sponsor. It is one of the biggest companies based in Arizona so i figured it fit. Please give me C+C! Im very very new to Illustrator so I would love tips to improve this logo and help me get a general knowledge of the software! Thank you.
  6. USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    I'd love to get some thoughts on this jersey design I created for the USA Ball Hockey jersey contest. I created two custom logos along with a custom keyboardable font. The theme I'm rolling with is the "Red, White, & Blue for Gold" hence the gold leaf accents. Feel "free" to cast your vote Here! I'd appreciate any votes as I believe the contest is winding down this week. Thanks everyone. I want to see these hanging up in a locker room!
  7. Hello everyone I've really been into basketball lately especially since March Madness has kicked off. And yesterday I heard that TCU is having a contest for a new court since there renovating (or getting a new one I dont remember) and I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. But I didnt want to be lazy and just do a court I've been making a basketball uniform template and I wanted to test it out so basically this will be a TCU Basketball Rebrand. Now basketball is a really hard sport to make concepts for because there isnt much wiggle room for creativity but I had a idea and it looked good to me so here we go.... Court Now I wanted to do something original since TCU isn't the most traditional school I wanted to take a bit of a risk. Somewhat similar to what Northwestern has now instead the colors on the court are inverted and I thought that is was a great look. Uniforms Im really starting to get annoyed with Nike for having every team wearing the "Duke" uniforms and I feel like half of Nike's teams use them. So I upgraded TCU with the new Nike Ignition uniforms now I couldnt come up with some crazy back mesh right now but there may be an update later on it. And I gave them a clean look that I think they could really pull off. So tell me what you think!
  8. Bakersfield Buckaroos AHL Hockey

    So the Bakersfield Condors announced a rename-the-team contest, entries due tomorrow night, which is pretty lousy timing on my end as I'm in the thick of the semester with books to read, papers to write, and papers to grade. So I've just had to work at it a bit at a time, fifteen minutes here, a half-hour there, as I work on schoolwork and teaching-work. I know I only have to submit a name, but they say "extra credit" for fuller concepts, so I decided to design jerseys, logos, and a wordmark. I know they can be better, and would be, if I had time. But I've only had the chance to finish this the day before it's due. It would be nice, for example, if I could manipulate the curves of the texts by hand, but that is detail work for which I simply have no time. (To give you an idea: I have to have read 2 books and a packet of essays, write at least one paper, and grade a stack of essays in the next 48 hours, because grad school.) As to the text, Inkscape mutilates texts when you convert them from .svg to .png anyway, at least if you've altered the angle or kerning or anything. Anyway, I'm going to have maybe fifteen minutes to a half-hour to apply quick fixes by the time I have to submit this. Meaning, I can swap out colors, delete things, do minor fixes to shapes. I'd very much appreciate any fixes you can offer. Any more detailed advice will not be able to go into the entry, but I might add them later for my own education. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I recently founded a Lacrosse Club in Switzerland with a few friends. Because nobody of us had the time and skills to design our own logo, we hosted a contest over in the Requests section. I created this thread over here in the Concepts section to show everyone the winning concepts. Every person was only eligible for one prize, so I'm gonna announce the winners and their highest voted submission. All the winners should pm me their paypal account details, so I can send them their prize! First Place:50$ submitted by OmegaRed, he decided that he'd rather like to get a pinnie of our club, as soon as we got some, instead of the money prize. We gladly accepted! 2nd Place: 20$ submitted by TRoyConcepts 3rd Place: 10$ submitted by TMXX1 I would like to thank everyone who participated and all those people who checked out the thread. Feel free to comment on the logos below. Check out the original thread as well for more context behind the logos! Make sure you like us on facebook! We will be posting in English too and don't worry, not more than once a week! Thanks!
  10. QC Mallards Contest

    My entry for the Quad City Mallards design contest. My main question is... Should I ditch the chest number?!
  11. So, three years ago, I found out about the Grand Rapids Griffins alternate-jersey contest just before the deadline, enough time for me to draw a logo on paper but not enough to craft a full concept in a computer-graphics program. Then they haven't had the contest for *three years*, and all the while I've been chomping at the bit to enter my concept. Finally, I get my chance--but right in the middle of my moving from Minnesota to Alaska, followed by a week of intense graduate-school teacher training. Finally I get my entry together, with barely enough time to get any C&C in in time to enter. So, here's my entry: The logo is done. What I need help with mainly is the striping. I wanted to go traditional because of the Art Deco look of the logo, and I wanted to play off the Detroit RedWings' look without duplicating it. But have I gone too simple? Also, are the fonts working for the numbers and name on the jersey? Speedy replies much appreciated--the deadline is 8pm Alaska Time tomorrow! Thanks
  12. One of the challenges to doing the European Soccer Concept Cup contest (or similar contest on the forum) is that we don't really get a chance to ask for C&C here. That, I think, is part of the point of these contests, and why they're inherently difficult. The designer is forced to come up with their best work possible without any feedback before submitting. So, I had some struggles with my entry for the Spain contest, seen here: My biggest trouble was with the bull's head. As I explained in my rationale, I wanted to take the traditional lauburu design and add bull's heads. (It would have helped if I had done a more visual inspirational board, rather than just write out what I was trying to do--then folks would know what a lauburu is without having to Google. Lesson learnt for next time.) Of course, the trick is that a lauburu is two-dimensional whereas a bull's head--or at least how I conceived it--is three dimensional. And that's where my crest fell apart. I knew that as I submitted my entry, but without feedback, I didn't know how to fix it. Should I have depicted this image flatter or fuller? I don't know, so I'd like to hear what you think. The face of the bull looks two-dimensional, but the addition of the horns on both sides of the head look three-dimensional. I had thought of leaving out the "back" horn but didn't think that looked correct. I also struggled with the facial features. I looked over lots of reference photos (couldn't really find a single one that depicted exactly what I was going for). The outline of the bull's head looks oversimplified to me, yet when I looked at reference photos, the real heads really were that simple. And the facial details seem too simplified, as well, yet, again, a bull's face is really basic. I think perhaps a stroke along muzzle may have helped. I didn't even try it. So, these are my thoughts and concerns on the design, and I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks.
  13. Indy Eleven Scarf Contest Entry

    Haven't been around awhile because I was swamped with schoolwork. I have a week off before fall term, so I thought I'd say hi again and show you what I've been working on. When I saw that Indy Eleven was sponsoring a contest to design a fan scarf for them, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to give mind to the how the ends looked, thinking that people don't just hang a scarf around their necks, but also tie them so that only the ends are really visible. I also wanted to make something that could double as a banner at a game. But before I clicked "send", I wanted to make sure I got some feedback on it first. So, what do you think?
  14. Company Hockey Competition

    This is something that I've been wanting to start for a while. This is a contest where members will make a hockey concept, and use a company or TV Network as the base for the concept. The rules are set below - Contestants must choose a major US or international company, or TV network for their entry - Each entry must have three different uniforms. A home, and way, and an alternate. - All three uniforms must be included in one full image - You can use any logo throughout the company's history as the primary - Adding a rink to your entry is optional I'm going to try and get 32 entries, if that doesn't work out, then we can do 16. Any questions can be asked below. Good luck to everyone! they are in random order: Eric Westhaver: Sirius nas1787: CBC mr.nascar13: Pepsi chrisCLEMENT: Hawaiian Arilaines GotPixels: Atari skier14: Citi EvilG: Baskin Robbins Griffinmarlins: Dairy Queen JMurr: S&M Bikes Lancelot: Wayne Enterprises Xodius: Delta Airlines TShaw528: Kellogs Grant1Woods: Chipotle kevsim1: Tim Horton's THE FINALS 1 - Sirius XM VS. 8 - Dairy Queen
  15. Hi! I have created a fun game called Ramseyball. It is entertaining and played between teams of however many players you wish to have. The equipment includes the Ramseyball, which is a Wilson volleyball with "Ramseyball" written on duct tape that is slapped over the Wilson logo, flags, and time fracture wickets. The game itself is played on some sort of comparatively clear area, but trees, bushes, rocks, and cliffs are acceptable. Stadiums will work as well if you can rent one. The rules are simple. How you play the game is to be made up as you go along (feel free to change the rules as you play depending on the zone you are in-but be aware that you will be penalized for breaking the rules depending on the whim of your opponent), but you cannot play the game in the same way twice. Singing is also a critical factor, and any song is permissible, although anything from Huey Lewis and the News' "Sports" album is discouraged. Scoring is allowed, but it's kind of like "Who's Line is it anyway" in that the points don't matter or may not even be rational numbers. There is also a Ramseyball song that must be sung before every game. "Other kids' games are all such a bore! They've gotta have rules and they gotta keep score! Ramseyball is better by far! It's never the same! It's always bizarre! You don't need a team or a referee! You know that it's great, 'cause it's named after me!" (Backup-Singing "Rumma Tum Tums") Anyway, since this is the concepts forum, I feel like I should discuss uniforms. The Ramseyball uniforms are simple-teams only wear blindfold masks. These masks are not to be questioned as they are integral to the game. Since I know many of you are enterprising designers, I felt I would provide a sample template for the Ramseyball uniforms, as well as an example of one. This is the uniform of the Chagrin Falls RedYellows ------------------------------------------- Anyway, I have ideas for a league and I wondered what you would do with them. I feel teams could be located in a variety of places, and have suggested nicknames for some. Places include: San Francisco Los Angeles Chicago Detroit New York Boston Miami Atlanta Phoenix Toronto Cincinnati St. Louis Dallas Houston Seattle Denver Minneapolis Washington Schaumburg Madison Indianapolis Fayetteville Mississippi Piccaroons Richmond Rebels Aledo Vermont Frost Heaves "Wyoming" Hyannis Abbotsford Carbondale Olympia Torches Havana Akihabara Nogales Quincy Bowling Green Chickpea Junction Moose Jaw "Springfield" (traveling team) Bartonville Allentown Mexicali Virginia City Tallequah Beardstown Timbuktu Kandahar East St. Louis Roswell "Southwest Missouri" Churchill Peoria Please make all of these concepts. And enjoy. The best concept may get something. Or may not. Who knows. P.S. This is for a school project.
  16. NCAA Yakball NIT

    Well here it is! The NIT for all of those who missed sign ups for the one raysox hosted. So here's how it'll all go down. The first 16 people that sign up(I don't think we'll get 64) choose a college a D1 or D2 school. Then, I will randomize the bracket, and we'll have a vote off on the thread. Seems easy enough. However, If we can get an interest from 32 people, that would be great! All teams must have 2 different colored jerseys, no sponsor, a field design, and a brand tied to the school. Here is the template in svg, paint, and psd. You could make your own if you wanted, but I figured everyone will just use the same. You also don't need the YA logo or the same font that is used by raysox. The field isn't included in here, but you can find it in one of raysox's Yakball threads. As of right now, all submissions will be due on Monday, March 25, so send them to me by 11:59 EST to be counted. My email is or PM me if you want. DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE! Svg, Paint, Psd Griffinmarlins - Miami DolphinManatee - FIU Lognoco - Colorado BlackBolt3 - Wake Forest Raysfan24 - Ohio State