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  1. In my opinion, one of the best looks in baseball is an off-white home uniform. Because of this, I really liked the Cool Base Ivory fashion jerseys that were introduced a few years ago, despite not being a fan of every design. I recently stumbled upon '47 Brand's Two Tone Clean Up caps which were also off-white and featured retro team logos. I figured these caps would look good paired with uniform designs inspired by the Cool Base jerseys, which gave me the idea for this series. I took some creative liberty here and there (for instance, I was definitely not going to use the "cracked out" Tiger logo) and ended up pretty happy with the results. This will be a quick series, so I'll be positing each division at once. Let's start with the AL East! ORIOLES: RED SOX: YANKEES: RAYS: BLUE JAYS: C&C appreciated. AL Central is up next!
  2. TheScottyZ

    Crosstown Classic Logo Concept

    What do you all think?
  3. So, now that I got the Miami Marlins off my chest, I figured I should tweak the other teams that have been bothering me too. Nothing bothered me as much as the Marlins, but it doesn't take much to aggravate me...sadly. The next team I wanted to put a paint brush to was San Diego. Like most, I feel they should be going back to the brown and yellow colors. I on the other hand want to put more emphasis on the brown and keep the yellow to a minimum. I have no issue with their current word scripts and uniform style, I just feel the brown and yellow would look better. So with that in mind, here is my version of the Padres. The away has a grey that has very slight orange tint to it, just to give it some warmth with the brown and yellow. Then there is the Home alternate. The big trend of having the logo over the heart/left side is not missed on the Padres. I'm currently working on a brown top alternate for the road as well as a new main logo that will combine a few era's logos with the swinging friar as the center piece. How does that look? C+C appreciated.
  4. So here's my first try at Illustrator (been working in PS with rasterized images). So far so sweet, lots of processes, but then end results are so awesome and the vector sizing is awesome!
  5. The 2016 World Series will be a historic one, to put it mildly. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 108 years; the Indians have waited 68. In just a few days' time, the history of one of those long-suffering teams will be changed forever. That's a pretty big deal. So for this set, I decided to look at some meaningful uniforms the two teams have worn over the last century. Much like my previous entries in this series, these uniforms would be worn a couple times per season, tops. The Cubs and Indians aren't true rivals, but I have a feeling they'll become them after this postseason. Let's start with the Cubs: CHICAGO CUBS For the Cubs home set, I decided to go with a clean, pinstripe-less look based on their home unis from 1945, which was the last time they appeared in the World Series. I used their current primary logo and a white cap with blue bill similar to their 1908 caps. I went with road pinstripes for their away set, but replaced the old "bear with bat" logo with their current "walking bear" alternate logo. CLEVELAND INDIANS: The Indians home set is a combination of two looks: their 1948 home unis and their late '80s "Major League"-era unis. As such, I'm thinking of making this uniform off-white to give it an old-timey look and to separate it from the Cubs home set. Their road set is loosely based on the Cleveland Cavaliers "Pride" uniforms, which the Cavs wore when they clinched the NBA Finals Championship this past June. I'm thinking of adding front numbers on the opposite side of the block "C," as well as eliminating the sleeve stripes to make it even truer to those Cavs jerseys. I left the road cap blank for now because I haven't yet decided how it should look. I'm leaning towards using Chief Wahoo, so that every cap in this series won't have a "C" on it. As controversial as Wahoo may be, the fact remains that he's been a big part of the Indians identity for the last half century. Any suggestions for the cap would be great. As always, C&C appreciated!
  6. MJD7

    MLB Tweaks (Final Logos)

    Hey everyone, For a while I've enjoyed to think about what kind of changes I would make to uniforms across MLB, just being into design as I am. I've always wanted to make a thread of my own here after seeing so many great ones, but never thought I had the computer skills, nor did I really think hand-drawns would show up great online. After my Twins concept though, I got to thinking and decided to at least try to flesh it out into an entire MLB-wide series. Things are probably gonna slow down quite a bit from me once school starts back up, but at least this is worth starting. This series is just gonna be my fixes to things across each of the uniforms, I'm gonna save major redesigns for maybe a future series... So here it goes starting off, naturally, with the Arizona Diamondbacks: Logos -Brick red, Black, and Teal are now the main colors. It's a good time for Arizona to move on to a more modern scheme. -The teal has been adjusted a bit, it's a little greener to look more like a color inspired by Native Navajo jewelry rather than Tron electric blue. -Caps are both the A logo, just because I'm personally not a fan of the D snake. -Both caps have the diamond snakeskin pattern on the brim to still achieve the two-tone look. -Sand-ish colors are still present in the identity, as the home is now cream, and the away is full-on the sand color. Uniforms -I like the way the 'D-backs' wordmark looks, besides the fact that it says 'D-backs'. I had to compromise and put the 'A' on the home. -The diamond pattern is on the back of all jerseys, which makes sense for a team named the Diamondbacks. -No pattern on the pants. It isn't really necessary. -I decided to keep the cut piping, but cut it at an angle on the jerseys, like the pants. The colors are also now teal/red/teal on the jerseys because I feel that looks more Arizona and less Tron. -As said before, the away is now sand. I didn't hate the concept of dark gray, just didn't think it fit the team, especially with teal. -Snake patch is on all jerseys. -Both alternates can be home and road. -Some may not like this, but all accessory elements are interchangeable. Things like hats, belts, and socks can be worn in different combinations with different jerseys. So, of course, let me know what you all think! All comments/criticisms welcome!
  7. gswansea

    Chicago Cubs April Fools Redesign

    Hello! I'm sure several of you saw the April Fools New Jersey Angels redesign. If not, you should google it. Anyway, that inspired me because it's a pretty decent logo, but it would never ever be used. I decided to try the same concept on the Chicago Cubs. I realize they would never change their colors to green and red. I modeled the main logo off of a Cubs script they used to use. The logo is inspired by the ivy at Wrigley. Also, I hardly ever draw baseball concepts, so don't be too harsh.
  8. Some have wondered...and I've joined that some. About what, exactly? Basically, what if the Cubs didn't use the C-ubs roundel, that's what. Back in 2013, I'd made an updated version of the old bear & bat logo for a standalone third uniform, and then brought it back for the first entry of the Rivalry Series. I've been meaning to tweak it, however, and decided to not ony see how it'd far as the primary logo, but see how it'd look in some suggested color schemes I recall seeing suggested for the Cubs, especially during the Color Game era of a few years back. The first scheme is the traditional blue and red, the second is sky blue, brown and cream, while the last is sky blue and maroon. Uniforms after the jump.
  9. As I'm sure you all know, 2015 is the year the Chicago Cubs are supposed to *finally* break the Curse of the Billy Goat and win the World Series, as prophesized by 1989's "Back to the Future Part II." It's amusing to look back at that film and note all the predictions the film got right, as well as where it was hilariously off-base. However, with the Cubs defying most expectations and making it into the playoffs this year, there is, at least at the moment, a possibility the film's bold Cubs prediction may eerily come true. One of the funniest things about BTTF's fictional 2015 is the fashion. It's safe to say we should all be thankful the average person does not dress like this. But what might baseball fashion had look like in 1989's version of 2015, specifically the Cubs' uniforms? For one, it appears in the fictional 2015, the Cubs are still using their current logo. I imagine the Cubs would have digital numbers on the back of their uniforms, because of course. The unis would probably pullovers, as was the style at the time the film was released. Then there's the issue of an American League team in Miami with a gator mascot, but that's a whole other topic.
  10. Anomalied

    Chicago Cubs Concept

    I live in Chicago and have noticed within the past few years a surge in popularity for sports merchandise featuring parts of the Chicago flag. For instance: I then thought about the Cubs incorporating the light blue as an accent with the pre-existing red and white in their color scheme to resemble the flag. The royal 'Cubbie' blue is still the primary color and there are still familiar elements like the home pinstripes, so it's not a huge departure, but I have also tweaked the logos and scripts to earlier versions from past years. I've always felt this Cub head was severely underutilized and the current circle C logoset to be pretty boring (I know it's been around for centuries but it's just my opinion). Just a fun concept to throw together, I know it looks pretty minor league-ish. Thoughts, opinions, criticisms welcome.
  11. It's been a while, I know. Anyways, I got a special edition duo of dueling concepts here...Cubs and White Sox, Crosstown Classic edition First, the Sox I was thisclose to putting the stars on the front of the close. and the Cubs some of you may recall my modernized bear and bat from last year, it makes a reappearance here with a slight tweak. When I was in the sketching stages, I briefly considered piping for the whites,
  12. Discrimihater

    MLB Lonely Alts 2012/2013

    As I often put it, I got ideas. Not necessarily enough for a full set, however. For instance, a road alt for the Braves based on their late 70s roads...I couldn't decide between a white-front or gray-front cap, so I went with both. Speak on it.Loosely straight versionGray-front version
  13. I don't know what section this is supposed to go in, but I figured before I put these jerseys up on eBay, I'd at least give you guys a crack at them because you'd appreciate them more. Both are authentic, both are size 44: 1994 Pittsburgh Pirates home jersey w/ All-Star patch on it. No player on front or back. The All-Star patch was applied over the "R" for Russell Athletic, and I can't decide if the TES in Pirates is a bit low or if they're always like that. Seems that way in other pics, but that always confused me. Anyways, I got it from a guy in Pittsburgh who has a huge collection. I'm sure with a seam ripper that can be adjusted easily. 1990 Chicago Cubs home jersey by Rawlings. No player name on it. That's pretty much it. Let me know if you're interested, and we can discuss a fair price.
  14. Anomalied

    Cubs Concept

    With the recent buzz about the Northsiders changing up their look, I threw together this quick concept. I went for a more simple, vintage feel, with the Tuscan lettering and the cream homes without names. The light blue is derived from the Chicago flag, which is worn on the sleeve. I know the color scheme is similar to Tampa, so I thought about adding more pops of red or another color to make it more unique, thoughts?
  15. Discrimihater

    Daytona Cubs

    I've been eyeing the D-Cubs since the long-overdue overhaul they did last year. Here goes nothin...home and away The home, just about the only difference from RL is the right sleeve patch being the surfing cub rather than the primary. The road, I decided to give it a bit of a different look, and traced a palm tree from the primary so as to put it on the left sleeve, kinda like the 70s Braves' feathers. Now here go the alts... You probably noticed the pinstriped alt cap. That came first, then I figured, why not make a blue jersey with powder blue pinstripes? Eh well, it'd be a conversation starter at least. Then, the vest. What can I say about it that it doesn't say by itself?