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Found 21 results

  1. SplashBoogie

    Dallas Mavericks Rebrand // CrownCorvus

    It's soon to be a new day and age here in Dallas. We are rapidly approaching the end of the Dirk era and last season was the worst season for the Mavericks in 20 years. After a period that included 12 straight playoff appearances, 2 Southwest Titles, 2 Conference Championships and finally hoisting the Larry O' Brien with some revenge over the Miami Heat, it's time for the rebuild (whether Mark Cuban is willing to be fined to be so upfront about admitting it or not) With a new core of Dennis Smith, Jr , Harrison Barnes and Luka Dončić setting up the future for the Mavericks, now is a perfect time for the Dallas Mavericks to rebrand for the next chapter in our franchise's history The primary logo keeps the horse iconography but the horse is now holding his head high. This fixes the issue of the "emo horse" look for the current primary and distinguishes the team from other horse logos that are either charging forward (Denver Broncos) or have their head down midbuck (Boise State / 90s Detroit Pistons) The off center roundel wordmarking for the primary was inspired by the Boston Celtics and was done to give the primary logo a feeling of motion. Green returns as the primary color for the team at a slightly brighter green than from their inaugural season. The Navy used is the same shade as the current. The font, Melma Black, was chosen for its balance between solid shapes and slight western feeling. While I was tempted to modify the old M-hat logo, I wanted the secondary to use a capital D. The logo is inspired by 47Brand's hat which is too strong of a look to be left as an unofficial logo any longer. The new Association uniform brings the wordmark bold and out front. The Icon Uniform returns the Mavericks to a Green base team to unify them with their co-tenants at the AAC. Additionally using green as their primary dark uniform helps distinguish them from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The side striping takes inspiration from the logo of the jersey sponsor, American Airlines. Our current city uniform has "DAL" out front which is a name we never refer to ourselves by unless you're talking about Love Field. Of course, for obvious reasons, you can't put "Big D" in front of a NBA uniform. To compromise you have a modified version of the secondary logo alluding to this nickname. The striping for the logo and numbers take inspiration from the green neon lights in Downtown Dallas against the night sky. CC welcome
  2. The other day I saw a picture of the 2011 NBA finals. I've always thought the Mav's blue jersey would look better with some parts of it recolored and slightly changed. I spent the past couple of days messing around on this. Let me know what you think.
  3. If Nike and the Dallas Mavericks decided to go all in on the Skyline design this season...... Special shoutout to Riley Gisseman for the jersey template. Please let me know what you guys think!
  4. I came across an idea for a secondary logo for the Stars, and decided to run with it. The presentation is below. I've got a version made up for the HJC Random Competition. The challenge was to create the Stars in red and blue, and you can find a link to that HERE.
  5. Hi all, Inspired by the news on Dallas trademarking the Texans name, I've decided to start a new project, a throwback inspired by the Texans. Beginning of project: A: Modern, current D, Green Wordmark UPDATED: B: Black D, Green Wordmark UPDATED: C: Green Monotone UPDATED: D: Green D, Black Wordmark UPDATED: C&C Appreciated, and vote in the poll!
  6. Zeus89725

    Dallas Stars Alternate

    Here's the alternate that Dallas deserves, and the one Dallas needs. It might be BFBS but I think it works well.
  7. I've always liked the space horse logo, no matter how crazy it is. However, the Idea of a classic/space-horse-ish logo has got me thinking. After multiple tries on paper and more than enough time spent on the computer in illustrator, I present to you v 1.0
  8. miltonANDlumbergh

    Dallas Mavericks- Past Uniform Submission

    Back a year and a half, maybe two years ago when Mark Cuban opened up the uniform submission contest via twitter, I designed these bad boys. They aren't anything extreme. I combined past Mavs looks with current looks and put this together. I think the hat logo was too strong and I've always thought their current horse head was designed poorly. If Mr.Cuban would stop worrying about Roger Goodell and start revisiting his contest, the Mavs might change. Oh well.
  9. henchmeister

    Texas Stars AHL Concept

    Hey all, Recently I've started fiddling around with creating logo and jersey concepts in Illustrator and came up with something for the AHL's Texas Stars. Primary Logo: Not a fan of the present day Texas logo which is basically the old Stars logo except heavily beveled. I am, however, a fan of the old Dallas shoulder patch logo, so I took that and removed the "D" and the black from the logo and replaced all of it with gold. Alternate logo: Removed all the unnecessary beveling that I feel ruins the look of the current brand and added the old Stars colors for continuity. Jerseys: Currently working on an alternate, but in the meantime, any thoughts or critiques? Fire away
  10. Hello For those of you who remembered my first Dallas Dynamite concept, it was rushed and not very good. I have since gotten Inkscape to create my jerseys and logos. This is my second take of the Dallas Dynamite. I changed the cap logo and word marks and took red out of the color scheme. A big thanks to Conrad for all the wonderful for the wonderful fonts of his I have used to create this concept. So here it is. as always C&C is appreciated.
  11. I will do as many of these as I want to. Goal is to eliminate Reebok piping and reduce stock stripes (may keep when it's a traditional look). I will start with Dallas. The uniforms are not unique enough for a newer team IMO. I thought it needed to tie in to Texas more since they might as well stay awhile. My designs were meant to resemble the iconic Texas flag and remotely remind hometown fans of the Cowboys that play in town. I will take suggestions for who to take on next. C&C is needed because I want to keep getting better. Help from the boards has taken me a long way and I would like to go further.
  12. itsmecon

    Dallas Mavericks jersey concepts

    here are some of my rough designs for new Dallas Mavericks jeresy designs, i focused on bringing green black because i think it works well. please feel free to leave some constructive criticism home - away - alt -
  13. itsmecon

    Dallas Mavericks jersey concepts

    wrong one sorry
  14. Here is my take at a new re-branding effort for the Dallas Mavericks. I think this set retains the overall simplicity of the old logo and color scheme, but gives it a crisp new look that would hopefully stand the test of time if selected. I've seen this approach more and more lately with the 76ers, Wizards, Jazz etc., and it seems to be successful. I designed that new custom typeface as the foundation and then everything was driven by that. And since Texans love their great state I included some alternate logo options with the state and lone star in there. Comments and feedback are very welcome. Thanks Uploaded with
  15. In response to the announcement that the Mavs may be redesigning their uniforms, here's my first-draft attempt. - Brings green back into the color scheme - Side striping designed to resemble a horse's stirrups - Lone Star of Texas forms the notch in the shorts - Western typeface and styling evoke a more distinctively Texan identity HOME: AWAY: AWAY (alternative version if you don't want a third color in your color scheme): Any feedback is much appreciated. UPDATE: I've also been toying with an idea for a Mavs logo (unrelated to the above concept) for a while now, so I thought I'd see what you all thought about that as well. Obviously, this is far from a finished concept -- not only is it currently using a design recycled from another team's defunct logo (Detroit's), but the execution in general is still really sloppy. This is more a "proof of concept" thing, just to see if the idea might be worth refining some more. The basic idea is a horse's head that resembles the state of Texas when turned upside-down (the ambigram wordmark is just sort of an extra). It could be used as a secondary court logo or something. Thoughts?
  16. Jvelleu

    Dallas Mavericks concept

    Inspired by Cuban's contest for the Mavericks unis, heres my concept: Logo: Secondary Logo: Home Uniform: Away Uniform:
  17. satansgoalie

    Dallas Cowboys Football Uniform Concept

    I enjoyed making the Texas Tech uniform concept so much that I decided to work one up for the Cowboys. I've done one of these before and a few people freaked out when they saw it. Remember, this was just for fun. It's not like Jerry Jones is going to go with these next season, so everybody just relax...
  18. Here is my concept for a revamped cowboys uniform. complete with a chrome helmet. comments please!
  19. lancealot

    Dallas stars concept

    Basically north stars colors, modified star template to better match the logo ad black alt based off current uniforms. Let me know what ou think
  20. 29texan

    Mavs with OLD colors.

    A simple re-coloring of the Mavericks.... Thoughts?
  21. mrgross25

    Dallas Stars Concept

    This is my Stars concept I just got done. The striping is based on the old "star" jerseys. Thanks. Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.