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Found 25 results

  1. Here's a logo, some kits, and some mockups I put together for a potential MLS expansion team in St. Louis. After looking around a bit, the expansion might not be realistic, but I can dream, right? Anyways, here's what I made. *Arena mockups not mine *Arena mockups not mine *Arena mockups not mine And that's it! Keep in mind I didn't make any of the arena mockups, but the rest of the work is all mine. Rip it apart.
  2. I came across an idea for a secondary logo for the Stars, and decided to run with it. The presentation is below. I've got a version made up for the HJC Random Competition. The challenge was to create the Stars in red and blue, and you can find a link to that HERE.
  3. Hey guys. I was sketching out logos just for fun, because I really want to get better at that. I had a nice sketch, at least I thought I did, of an elk logo. That's below. I decided to put it onto my computer screen, hopefully on a jersey later. For whatever reason, it just feels off and not as good as the sketch is to me. That logo is below. Obviously the coloring isn't done. That seems to happen a lot. I sketch a great logo, and it looks like on a computer. Is there any way to make this look better, and do you have any tips for making logos on a computer? I'm using, if that helps.
  4. I've been trying to start making things again, and this was something to restart that. The idea came from their gorgeous away uniforms, with some added red. The home was adapted from that. They're not exactly like their away jerseys, but that's where it started. You'll also notice that the yellow was completely taken out of their logo. I think it's ugly, unless they're going to incorporate it into their uniforms somehow. Seeing as how the Wild are slowly phasing cream into their identity, yellow should phase out as well. The only place it's seen anywhere in their uniforms is in the logo, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. It should've been replaced with cream a long time ago.
  5. In an attempt to both make the Burger King logo look good, and eradicate black from their color scheme, I came up with this Los Angeles Kings set. I know it's out there, but I like it. What do you think?
  6. Here's another shot at football design. I took a stab at the Miami Dolphins, who have one of my favorite identities of any team out there. I took this as an excuse to play around with some new templates I stumbled upon, and I like them all a lot. Home Away Alternate Color Rush That's all! Thanks for reading all this!
  7. In my attempts to expand the sports I do designs for, I've decided to try football. I had the Jets redesign a while ago, but now I'm doing more. Here are my Denver Broncos. I was inspired by their slogan, "UNITED IN ORANGE" and their past uniforms. The jerseys they wear now are overly modern, and kind of confusing. These are a little more simple, and feature more orange than their current uniforms - save for the alternate. Home Away Alternate Color Rush I'm aware the template came from a college uniform, so it's not 100% exact, but aside from that, what do you think?
  8. I've been trying to branch out into more sports than just hockey, such as soccer, and now football. Here is my first ever football uniform, made for the New York Jets. I tried to combine their past green with their current darker green to make a nice blend of past and present. Thoughts?
  9. It's my first soccer concept, so it may be a little rough or bad looking, but here is what I'd do with the Colorado Rapids. Thanks for everything!
  10. dt concepts

    Out of boredom, a need/want to do something, and a first-ever jersey swap, here is my New York Islanders rebrand. Feel free to rip into the actual jerseys, but be kind with the jersey swap - it's my first. What do you think?
  11. denver

    This was @JJ Anderes' and my entry into the HJC Pairs comp. We ended up winning it, so thanks to HJC and all who voted! Anyways, let's dig into this. The concept was to make some logos and uniforms for a future all star game. We chose to put the NHL's All Star game in Denver, Colorado. Below are JJ's logos, and my uniforms. It was a lot of fun working with JJ, and he definitely made some incredible logos. Thanks for watching!
  12. Sorry if this should be in the General Design section, but I didn't want to keep flooding it with concepts. Feel free to move this if you want. Here is the current logo for the Denver Art Museum. Bland, generic, and uninspired imo. Here are my redesigns, using a unique font, and with a logo playing off the building's one-of-a-kind architecture. Simple and modern are what I was going for. What do you think?
  13. Inspired by the chaos and fights in this thread, I decided to update the Colorado Avalanche's logo. Here it is below. It isn't a whole lot better than their current logo, but I tried to go off of what everybody in the thread said. Make the 'A' smaller and not-curved, and turn the oval into a circle. Only thing I did on my own was brighten the burgundy. I threw it together quickly and I don't like it that much, but I figured it'd be worth it to post. What do you think?
  14. dt concepts

    I had an idea for a logo and began playing around, and this is the product. I know it's not that good, but which looks better? Thanks!
  15. UPDATE: Thanks for all the support, guys! This was a fun series to do. Get hyped. 31 teams, 4 all star teams, and 66 jerseys. NHL by Adidas. Here are the Eastern Conference logos and All Star jerseys. They're designed with the red Eastern Conference color, and a classic design based off the past, and prepared to withstand the future. Eastern Conference teams are up first, and will start coming in tomorrow. TEAMS: EASTERN CONFERENCE: Eastern Conference All Stars Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Carolina Hurricanes Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Washington Capitals WESTERN CONFERENCE: Western Conference All Stars Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Calgary Flames Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Winnipeg Jets Thanks!
  16. The Rocky Mountain Rage was an obscure team in the Central Hockey League that played in Broomfield, Colorado. I grew up with them. The little outdoor rink I played at in a nearby town sold tickets to the games, so my family and I would always buy tickets and go to the games. Even though we only got one or two games per year through the rink, we bought a ton of other tickets and saw the team a ton. The product on the ice was never that good, (They were notorious for blowing huge leads in the 3rd) and the seats were never full, but we still loved them. Hell, I still own a Rage hat shaped like a hockey helmet and a Rage jersey, which was the basis for most of these designs. I also noticed that there are no good, high-quality versions of their logo online. Below is a recreation of it to the best of my ability. If anyone ever wants to use it or someone wants to add it to the motherboard, go ahead. Also, below is the best recreation of the jerseys I could make from before their end. Here is my redesign. Not a ton of changes. Here's my redesign. The waist striping is honestly the only change, because I love the flames on the arms. It's a lot more like the previous Avalanche jerseys, with the mountains and all. I know it's not a humongous cahnge, but what do you guys think?
  17. Here's my take on the new Laval Rocket jerseys. I think the new team has a nice identity, except for the "LE ROC KET" logo. I changed the placemet of the fireball, removed the 9 logo on the arms, and made the striping moren interesting. What do you think?
  18. I got curious about the Thunderbirds' jerseys, and I was underwhelmed. They're not awful, but they seem like an unnecessarily templated mess that tries too hard to be modern. Here's my fix. Home Away Alternate The home and away are classic, but modern, designs that I make quite often. The alternate is based on the Panthers' new home jersey, since the T-Birds are the Panthers' minor league affiliate, and that's that. Pretty simple. What do you think?
  19. After the release of the Golden Knights' identity, I made up some jerseys for them. They're based on the style of their cross-rivals, the Arizona Coyotes', jerseys, with the shoulder striping and all. I also added in a castle pattern to add to the medieval identity, as well as a more unique alternate.
  20. dt concepts

    Introducing the NHL Pastel Series. It's essentially a series where I'll make an alternate jersey for every team in the NHL, but with pastel colors. Some of these are out of the box, some of these are minorly changed versions of current jerseys, but they all use a calmer set of colors. Anaheim Ducks: With the Ducks I went back to their inaugural jerseys. They're not exact, but I think it looks pretty good. That's pretty much all there is to say on it.
  21. I took a short break from my NHL Pastel Series to redo the Winter Classic jerseys. The changes I made were mostly minor, but I think they really improve the jerseys. St. Louis Blues The Blues really nailed their Winter Classic uniforms this year. When I started out I wanted to incorporate the St. Louis flag into the jersey. Sadly, any way I tried to do so looked awful, so I left the jersey striping as-is, just filled in the cuffs and waist. Chicago Blackhawks The Blackhawks have really untouchable jerseys, so these don't have a major impact either. The "improvements" I made on this one were to add in some sky blue from the Chicago flag, and add the red stars from the flag on the arms. So, I know those were some really minor changes, but what do you think?
  22. I sent this one into HJC for the contest, and I figured "Why not post it here?" So here's my Ottawa Senators concept. I know nobody likes the Adidas stripes, but I didn't really notice them at all during the World Cup. They look bad on paper, but in real life I don't think they're all bad. So aside from the Adidas stripes, what do you think?
  23. Fresh off my NY Islanders by Adidas set, I'm back with a new Colorado Avalanche by Adidas project! The logos are essentially the same, just the Rockies-esque logo from this year is eliminated. The navy sticks around as a secondary color, bringing a double blue to the Avs. The home and away feature the navy blue as the new main color, relegating burgundy to an accent. The mountain striping returns, and pays homage to the Rocky Mountains the team is named for. The Colorado C stays on the shoulders, as a symbol that the Avalanche represent the entire state of Colorado. The alternate is also based off of the Colorado flag, with the C at the center of a white line. The steel blue and burgundy colors return as the main colors for the set. Well there ya go! Rip 'em apart!
  24. Hello all! After a short break to refill my inspiration, and a failed attempt at creating a WCH 2016 redesign, I'm back with a new personal logo, and a new concept for the New York Islanders. First, some backstory. The Isles have a storied and long history, being formed in 1972 as a way for the NHL to keep the WHA out of New York. The team rose from being at the bottom of the standings to winning the Stanley Cup in less than 10 years, and won the trophy 4 times in a row, which is a feat that hasn't been accomplished in any major North American sports league since. The team's logo was rumored to have been designed by the owners' wives, then touched up by an official designer. The logo has a lot of meaning, with Long Island, a nod to the team's 4 Stanley Cups, 'NY' for New York, a hockey stick, and the team's name. The logo is a bit outdated, in my opinion. I went with a simplified version of the logo, that plays off of the Isles' current alternate logo. The uniforms are also somewhat designed off of the previous ones, but with a more modern and touched up feel. I added a shoulder yoke, and the "signature" Adidas armpit stripes. The alternate is the 2nd orange alternate the Islanders have worn, but the first with a traditional feel to it. The four blue stripes on the alternate call back to the team's 4th Stanley Cup. Let me know what you think!
  25. As we all know, the NHL will most likely get a make over in 2017 when Adidas takes over the league's uniforms. Whether this means the complete demolition of the jerseys we have now, little tweaks, or no changes, we don't know. I see it as a way for Adidas to fix the NHL's jerseys, and I have done so with this series. Teams that I see have perfect sets of home, away, and alternate jerseys (such as the St. Louis Blues) won't be redesigned. Rather than releasing jerseys one at a time, I will be releasing them in sets of 8. LEAGUE LOGO: After the NHL's 100th season takes place in 2016-2017, Adidas will take over. I thought that the NHL may try to move into a modern and classic identity, which the league's new logo does. The shield shape and angle of the "NHL" acronym matches that of the league's longstanding design before current commissioner Gary Bettman's reign. The gradient of the current logo is removed, replaced with a simpler white color, and spaces are inserted in the space between the shield and the lines that contain the acronym. The logo has been implemented in all teams' jersey presentations. ANAHEIM DUCKS: The Anaheim Ducks unveiled beautiful alternate jerseys at the beginning of the 2015-2016 season, that featured a recolored version of the Mighty Ducks logo, a primarily orange jersey, with detailed striping on the waist and arms. These jerseys build on that, featuring a logo mixing the current Ducks era and the older Mighty Ducks era, adding a white jersey based on the orange one unveiled this summer. A classic, yet modern, jersey that fits well with the Ducks current and older identity, is what I hope Adidas has in store for us, in 2017. ARIZONA COYOTES: The Arizona Coyotes also unveiled new jerseys this summer, replacing their previous brick-red and bland uniforms with a newer set, which some call ugly for the complicated arm striping and the big block of black that hangs on the shoulders of the jerseys, I fixed all those issues, and also reintroduced hunter green into the Coyotes color scheme, using highlights of hunter green inside the Coyote's head and the striping on the home and away jerseys. On the alternate, I used an unused Coyotes design from the 1990's, highlighting hunter green and the Kachina-art style on the waist and arms of the jersey. BUFFALO SABRES: The Buffalo Sabres currently have a mix of past and current eras, using a throwback to their initial era, along with navy blue and armpit piping. While the current jerseys are decent, many fans dislike them for the armpit piping and navy blue color. Both issues are rectified in this redesign, going back to the original blue and striping patterns. The alternate is a bit of a modern throwback, using yellow as the team's main color, which the team has never done before. The alternate features stripes on the shoulders and arms that are navy blue and white, effectively keeping navy blue as a tertiary color in the Sabres color scheme. CALGARY FLAMES: Nearly all hockey uniform fans dislike the current Flames jerseys and logo, for the unnecessary black outlines and the terrible piping style the team uses. These jerseys rectify both issues, eliminating black from the team's color scheme, using yellow instead, and having no piping on the jersey at all. Yellow is more prominent on the uniforms, with it being one of the primary colors both in the logo and the uniforms. The jerseys are a throwback to the Flames' older styles, which were brought from Atlanta before relocation, and stuck around until the mid-1990's. CAROLINA HURRICANES: The Carolina Hurricanes had an identity that lasted from their relocation to the Carolinas to 2013, when they unveiled modern-yet-bland uniforms. The only remaining part of the identity they built is on the alternate jersey, which is the only jersey to use the warning-flag pattern that made the Hurricanes famous. With these uniforms, I combine the modern and past identities, and the alternate is a Reebok-esque version of the current alternate, but utilizing more red than the current jersey. More coming a few more posts!