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Found 38 results

  1. Saskatchewan Whitetails

    Hey everyone, so recently there was a competition held by the youtube channel Post2Post and the challenge was to create logos for a new NHL expansion team from a somewhat reasonable expansion location. I chose Saskatoon as my location but the team will be named Saskatchewan to try and gain fans from across the area much like the Roughriders. The team is called the Whitetails for the animal of Saskatchewan and the team colors are kelly and forest green with white. With the colors of the Roughriders, University of Saskatchewan, and the Provence of Saskatchewan all having green I decided to use it, along with the fact no team in north american pro sports uses 2 shades of green as their colors so it'd be unique, not another black and red or red white and blue team. The Whitetails main logo is a fierce deer head facing forward to a bright future. There are also two secondary logos, one is the same deer head but with a 'S' in the left side for Saskatchewan, this would be used on the breezers and merchandise mainly. The second is a circle with a 'S' sticking out the top slightly and wheat to its sides, this logo is a modernization of an old Saskatchewan Roughriders logo. Wheat is a big part of this teams identity and it is seen on one logo, the team word mark, and their third jersey. This submission got second place in the competition, let me know what you think!
  2. MLB History Poster

    So I made this chart to show the expansion/logo changes of MLB teams since 1901. I know something similar to this has probably been done before. I figured I'll print this out on 2'X3' paper for myself and hang it on the wall. Just thought I'd share! If y'all have some sort of C&C let me know. I'm going to be making some other ones (different leagues, maybe cities?) over the Summer. (I know creations are typically under the Concept section but this just didn't fit.)
  3. Houston Bulls NHL Expansion Team

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've last posted on this site. Glad to stop by and see some new people posting! This is one of the first concepts of done in quite some time and I figured I'd add it to the forum. This was my senior project for my Graphic Design major. The last graphic design class in my college career! In short, we had the whole semester (a little more as we started at the end of last semester) to work on a brand. There were 14 students in the course and we all picked something to brand. Some picked fast food (You can see some of her work on my Behance project page), check the game program), some picked guitar stores, puppy adoption, Positive news stations, but knowing me, I had to do a hockey team. Full project on Behance, feel free to check it out on there or just see some of the images here! Link:
  4. San Antonio NFL Team REVAMPED

    I decided that maybe if the NFL decided to expand i think San Antonio is a good choice so i made a logo and uniforms coming soon I went with the defenders obviously i took aspects of SA life and converged them into a logo CC is welcomed
  5. NBA Teams expansion logos

    Hi Guys As I wanted to play to the MyGM mode in NBA 2k17 with an expansion team, I decided to create some logos Feel free to give advices and cristicisms.
  6. Ive always been into making logos for teams in video game systems, it started with custom colleges in the latter years of NCAA Football, and has blossomed into making teams for NBA2K17. Here's my first ones from scratch, i'm very open to suggestions. All done in Photoshop CS6
  7. NFL Expansion

    Hey guys, im bored again so here is what I envision the NFL looking like in the near future....we'll go with 2050. Each division has 1 additional team with some realignments, relocations, and renames. I tried to make it as realistic and not-too-far-out-there as possible. I also list each team in its predicted standings. AFCN -Cleveland Browns -Pittsburgh Steelers -Chicago Wolves -Cincinnati Bengals -Baltimore Ravens AFCS -San Antonio Texans -Houston Oilers -Tennessee Titans -Indianapolis Colts -Jacksonville Jaguars AFCE -London Monarchs -New York Jets -Miami Dolphins -Buffalo Bills -New England Patriots AFCE -Los Angeles Raiders -Kansas City Chiefs -Denver Broncos -San Diego Sharks -Oakland Outlaws NFCN -Minnesota Vikings -Toronto Thunderbirds -Detroit Lions -Chicago Bears -Green Bay Packers NFCS -Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Atlanta Falcons -New Orleans Saints -St Louis Stallions -Carolina Panthers NFCE -Philadelphia Eagles -Washington Redskins -New York Giants -Oklahoma City Storm -Dallas Cowboys NFCW -Los Angeles Rams -San Francisco 49ers -Las Vegas Devils -Arizona Cardinals -Seattle Seahawks Tell me what yall think of the names, cities, standings, etc.
  8. We haven't had much talk about the NHL and their expansion/relocation plans lately. I'm not going to let CCSLC tradition go by the boards, so let's toss something out there, shall we? I present to you, @the admiral's third-favorite team to take shots at...the Carolina Hurricanes. Bless their hearts, they try their best. Their owner has been trying to sell the team for a while....firstly as "looking for investors", then selling them as a whole. Their owner's having about as much success at that as the Atlanta Spirit did. From Yahoo's Greg Wyshynski: Hurricanes possibly to be sold to Quebecor or Las Vegas owner, with relocation a possibility. Now, it's been eerily quiet on the expansion front. You would think that a team starting a couple seasons from now, that there would be some discussions or rumors or whatever taking place. Could that quietness be due to getting this Hurricanes situation settled first, whether the team stays in Raleigh or gets moved to either Las Vegas or Quebec City? Then the city(ies) that lose out on the Hurricanes could be granted an expansion franchise. As the article states, it would benefit Las Vegas (from a box office standpoint) to acquire a team that's already established over starting from scratch and having to wade through the lean, early seasons of the expansion team. Quebec City would pay whatever it takes to get a team and can likely tough out the growing pains expansion teams go through without suffering at the gate. The team has a lease through 2024, but we've seen over time that leases aren't much of a restriction if someone can afford to buy it out, which both Quebec City and Las Vegas can afford to do.
  9. NHL expansion

    Again, hello my friends !!! In my previous blog I dream up on the visual component of NHL teams In this topic, I would like to dream about a possible expansion of the NHL. Imagine how the return of the already known and played before the teams and brand new.
  10. Houston Galaxy NHL Expansion Concept

    At one point there was talk of another NHL franchise in Texas, based out of Houston. I took that information and created my newest NHL concept, the Houston Galaxy. I chose Galaxy because it still has that space theme, but doesn't steal any names from the sports world in Texas. Its hard to choose a good name when Astros, Rockets, Stars, and Texans are all gone. But I think I found a name that some people would like. I know not everyone will be found of the name. It does sound like a amateur name, but a professional soccer team does have the name, so yeah. The logos are pretty self explanatory. I chose Saturn to put in the logo because it looks cool. And thats what I thought of first. The uniforms are where it gets a little crazy. I love the classic stripes, but I thought I should try something different. For the waist stripes, I made it look like the rings of Saturn, from the logo. On the arms, I added the city skyline into the stripes, also from the primary logo. C&C is much appreciated I did create an alternate logo. Its pretty basic, but I wanted to incorporate the space shuttle into the design. I'm thinking, when I create the alternate jersey, I'll put horizontal stripes on the chest under the shuttle, but I have not created the uniform yet.
  11. Yukon Explorers NHL Expansion Concept

    This is my second NHL concept in the last 2 days. This time I went to a place that is very unlikely to get an NHL team. I recently took a trip to the Yukon this summer and I decided to create a team based out of Whitehorse, but representing all of the Yukon. Therefore, I created the Yukon Explorers. The name comes from all the hiking trails and nature within the Yukon, as well as its connection to the gold rush, with explorers coming out to search for gold. The primary is pretty simple with mountains representing the mountains, of course. The pickaxes represent the gold rush, and the star represents its location in Canada's north. If you look closely in the mountains, the middle snow patch is actually the shape of the Yukon. Pretty clever eh? The alternate is simple the Yukon outline with a pickaxe, and a star giving the location of Whitehorse, Yukon's capital. The colour scheme doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the Yukon, but I thought it looked really good. C&C is appreciated. Without further ado:
  12. Portland Cascades NHL Expansion

    My newest NHL Expansion concept is a truly unique name, at least to the best of my knowledge it is. I wanted to make a Portland team and upon researching Portland, I saw that some of the first inhabitants of the area were the Cascade Indians. So was created the Portland Cascades. The primary logo is a C with waterfalls, or cascades, streaming down. I know it may be a little busy, but I freehanded the waterfalls, so it won't be perfect. I wanted to incorporate the native part of the name so with the alternate, I created an arrowhead with rivers running through it. The rivers form the shape of a rose, to represent Portland as the Rose City. The team colours are based from the Portland flag. The green and yellow are primary, while the blue is kind of an accent colour, plus, the water is blue. Good C&C is appreciated. Just saying, this is my first completely original concepts. I freehanded the waterfalls and rivers and arrowhead, so if its not perfect, its because I'm not the best at drawing. Also, just in case TRoyConcepts, I think is his username, shows up, this concept isn't for real use. It's purely for myself and whoever wants to look at it.
  13. Las Vegas Announced 6 possible team names that they will let fans vote on. Silver BUllets was not included so I had to create a new concept for the team. I chose scorpions. Here it is: Jerseys will come soon after I get some feedback
  14. Quebec Nordiques NHL Expansion Concept

    With my newest NHL Expansion concept, I remade the Quebec Nordiques. I feel if Quebec is awarded an NHL team, the name Nordiques should return. With that, I don't think the logo should change much either. It's already a good looking logo. So, I decided the best way to not anger Nordiques fans, but still change the logo a bit, I simply put it in a roundel and added a darker blue to the colour scheme. I attempted to add an updated husky as an alternate but it just doesn't work, plus the fleur de lis works well as a shoulder logo. The alternate jersey is basically the old Nordiques uniform with a shoulder yoke (I think thats what its called). The logo on the alternate is also the regular logo, just with my darker blue added in. I feel that there isn't much to change with the Nordiques besides the plain uniforms, and maybe adding a bit to the logo. Hope Quebec fans like my concept. C&C appreciated.
  15. Halifax Schooners NHL Expansion Concept

    My newest NHL expansion is probably an unlikely place to ever get an NHL team. I created the Halifax Schooners. While it may seem like a strange name, it's completely original (to my knowledge). The name is based off of the Bluenose, the schooner (ship) that appears on the Canadian dime. I was looking to have a nautical theme for this concept and I was pleased to discover that the Bluenose was built and sailed in Nova Scotia. What luck! All 3 logos are pretty self explanatory, the bluenose as the primary, an anchor for the alternate, and a compass as the shoulder logo. I should explain a few things though. In the anchor logo, I tried to create an H in the anchor, as well as an S in the rope. With the uniforms, the home and away were created with a generic ship captain uniform. I thought it looked great and it's unique. As for the colours, I'm thinking people will compare it to the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL, and I can see why. I didn't realize the colours were so close until I was creating the alternate uniform, but I think the concept is unique enough to distance from the Admirals. There's not too many completely unique colour schemes that look good for a professional team. That should be all for my explanation. C&C is appreciated.
  16. Las vegas NHL expansion concepts

    With the possibility of Las vegas receiving an NHL franchise I came up with a few possible team logos depending on whatever they are gonna call this team. Black Knights doesn't seem like a great name in my opinion, and the NHL might no like a team with a name that is based off of gambling so even though "The Aces" may be the best option, I decided to avoid it and other gambling related names, also because many concepts for Aces have been done already. The "Bighorns" was also an option as the Bighorn sheep is the Nevada state animal but a minor league basketball team in Reno already has the name and a few concepts for that have been done as well. Here are the names of teams that I thought could be a possibility and didn't sound too terribly cliche. 1. The Nukes The Nukes pays homage to the nuclear testing that occurred north of Las Vegas during the 40s-60s Sometimes the mushroom clouds could be scene from downtown. Black Knight color scheme of black gold and silver. 2. The Silver Rattlers/Sidewinders This could be either two teams "The Sidewinders" which is a snake native to the las vegas desert, or "Silver Rattlers" as a nod to the silver mining industry. 3. The Sidewinders Another version for the Sidewinders name. 4. The Neons Nothing says Las Vegas like the flashing neon lights of the strip. Three hockey pucks line the bottom. 5. The Silver Bullets This one could carry some controversy to it due to "bullets" what do you think? 5. The Mustangs A personal favorite of mine. Nevada is home to more than half of North Americas wild horse population and can be found from southern to northern Nevada. I'll probably make more logos for other possible names and other versions in the future but for now feedback on these is much appreciated. Also let me know if you'd like to see Jerseys of these.
  17. Las Vegas Black Knights NHL Expansion This is my second attempt at creating a Las Vegas expansion concept. Just after finishing my Aces concept, it was released that Las Vegas was applying for expansion with the name Black Knights. So I decided to redo my concepts with the new Las Vegas Black Knights. I kept the colour scheme pretty similar with a darker red. When I do make the jerseys, the grey may or may not be used, just to keep the amount of colours down. The knight is, of course, the primary while the sword Vegas star is the alternate. I did get most of the ideas for the alternate from another concept I saw online. I flipped the sword the other way and did a couple things different, but I liked the idea too much to do a different logo. I plan on making the uniforms soon, as I only had time to create the logos and some iPhone and computer wallpaper. Good C&C is appreciated I should say, I am not a very experienced concept creator, just a class in high school and general knowledge of logos along with my creativity, so please don't be too harsh with the comments Again, any help with putting the direct pictures up would be awesome.
  18. Las Vegas Aces NHL Expansion I created this Las Vegas NHL Expansion concept before I heard the news that Las Vegas is going for the name Black Knights. I had a better idea for Aces anyway. I got the idea for the primary logo from a different concept I saw, but I added the Vegas star into the spade. I'm more proud of the logos then the uniforms, so any C&C on it, especially the jerseys, would be appreciated. Thanks. Also, all the help I have received for posting the direct picture has not been too helpful. I'm working on a Macbook, and the site claims that the image extension isn't supported. If someone could help with that, that would be awesome.
  19. Hamilton Steelcats NHL Expansion This is the second concept I've created. This time I moved to Hamilton for a potential spot for NHL expansion. The name I chose, the Steelcats, comes from Hamilton's hockey and city history. The 'steel' part comes from Hamilton being the Steel City and the 'cat' part comes from the former Hamilton Tigers. I wanted to incorporate both aspects to the city instead of just copying the former team name. It can work, I just wanted something different. The uniforms are all based off of the Hamilton Tigers uniforms. When choosing the colour scheme, I realized quickly that it would be a lot like Boston's colours. To solve that, I chose to have a black home uniform, instead of going with the yellow. I still think it works very well. If anyone says I should've chosen a different colour scheme because it looks too much like ___ (fill in the blank), it's hard to have a unique colour scheme that looks good and is very different than other teams. It's possible, but I liked the yellow, black, and grey colour scheme too much to change it. If you saw my previous concept (Seattle Totems), you'll realize that I really tried to have a more modern primary and alternate logo and I think it came out pretty good. Some good C&C is appreciated. And I emphasize good. Telling someone to restart is not helpful in any way. Thanks Also, I received instruction on how to post the image straight to the topic, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Any more help would be much appreciated. I use a Macbook to post my topics. Thanks
  20. Seattle Totems NHL Expansion Concepts This was my second go around at creating a Seattle Expansion team concept. My first attempt was very much based off of Seahawks colours and patterns but I changed it to be more based off of the former Seattle Totems hockey team.
  21. Seattle Totems NHL Expansion Concepts I created these concepts for an NHL franchise in Seattle. It is loosely based off of the former Seattle Totems hockey team from the 60's and 70's. The alternate/vintage jersey and logo are recoloured to look like the old Seattle Totems hockey jerseys. If anybody knows how to put the actual image on the topic, I would love to know how to do that.
  22. Concept Logo for New Minnesota MLS Team

    The news that the MLS is adding Minnesota United FC to the league effective 2018 made me very excited. I am assuming that they will use the same name and logo package that they are currently using in the NASL, and I really like that logo, but for the purposes of this concept I am giving them a new name. So here is Minnesota Gemini FC! Some things to note here: -We've got the constellation Gemini appearing with a soccer ball within the state of Minnesota. I like the usage of the constellation in this instance because it ties into another sports team in the area. -The star dotting the 'i' in 'Minnesota', appearing in the far northern part of the state, is meant to evoke Minnesota's status as the northernmost contiguous state in the US as well as its nickname of the North Star State. The constellation imagery is a continuation of this star theme. As of right now, this is a pretty rough sketch of what I have in mind; this is also my first concept wherein I create a logo from scratch so I would love to hear some C&C on this logo. Thanks in advance!
  23. I have trolling forums here and in general a my luck and have thought long and hard about this one. Its simple design and to be honest a little lazy with number because my luck I would screw up. Either way I like how it came out. The colors are red black and green yes those are the old colors for the Devils but they can also represent the desert that surrounds Las Vegas. I decided to you a symbol of the desert and what I though was a Scorpion. So with out further a due I present to you the Las Vegas Scorpions(Note: I will be editing the ice with ads soon): Home: Away: Home Ice(Note I decided to not put advertisement on the ice because I am doing some ad research for it):
  24. Las Vegas Aces- NHL Expansion

    ...A lot of talk lately about an NHL franchise in Vegas, and, although the prospective new owner apparently likes "Black Knights" as a team name, I think that "Aces", with an "air force" spin would be the way to go. Nevada has a rich aviation history with several airfields situated in the state. The largest (Nellis Air Base) is home to the USAF Thunderbirds Team. The Winnipeg Jets gave a nod to the Canadian Air Force with their theme, so why not have Vegas do the same with the USAF. (Imagine the promotional possibilities when these two teams hook up). So I've done up a concept with a logo inspired by this famous American warplane insignia... The barred or winged American star roundel has existed in various forms since 1947 (according to Wickipedia).
  25. MLB Expansion: New Orleans Krewe

    Hello again everyone. I've decided to revisit my expansion project and New Orleans Idea. Using a suggestion another user in my last attempt gave me I decided to go with the New Orleans Krewe. The logo I came up with was a jesters hat. The far left part of the hat is shape as a crescent for New Orleans nickname being the Crescent City. I also used home plates as the design for the crown of the hat and clearly baseballs for the bells. Since this is baseball I also wanted to add a Roundel logo in the set as an alt. I was going to due a Fluer-de-Bat idea but I didnt realize The New Orleans Zephyrs use one as their primary. Next is the Workmark. All the text is custom I believe I used impact bold as the font, then added the spikes on the side. Next are the home uniforms. I wanted to do I couple of options here. First is the standard home uniform. Next is the Home alt. and the last is a Fauxback using a pullover and "stretchy" pants with an "older" version of the hat logo which I will post further down in the post. And also the last jersey shown is the Batting practice for both home and away. The hats go in order along with the jersey. The next set is the Away jerseys. First is just the standard greys. The alt away jersey is my favorite in the set. I wanted to do a home version of it but since the blue was a more dominate color than the gold. I thought it would look better with the grey pants. there is not alt hat. C&C is appreciated. and lastly like I said here is the fauxback logo. It's a little rough but that was my intention.