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Found 1 result

  1. Funny NFL Fantasy League Concepts

    I am working on this thread that might appeal to fantasy football players. It is simply a / funny / punny / or /sarcastic/ way of developing a team name and logo for your fantasy team. I feel that most fantasy players really enjoy naming their team so I will be taking requests from anyone who would like their team concept in a wordmark and helmet format to use as an avatar/profile pic in their fantasy league. I am familiar with how ESPN fantasy leagues allow team owners to upload graphics from the web and think that they are best suited for this type of graphic representation. You may know of others so please contribute that information to this thread. I want this concept to be based off of Current or former NFL Teams. I will not do anything vulgar that compromises the integrity of so keep it clean. I purposely leave city names off of the wordmarks so that it will hopefully have a broader appeal. Fantasy or fictitious city names are doable. Here is my first attempt with an NFL team that has had much controversy in the past month.