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  1. Hello, everyone, and welcome to what will hopefully prosper into a great journey, the North American Markball League. I've done things like this before, but having little success due to my inability to create a logo. This time, I'm feel confident enough to make it through this. So what exactly is Markball? It's a sport based off of Aussie Rules Football, with some differences. Now, onto how the league formed. Graham Urquhart was a Scottish-born, Australian raised businessman who had a love for sport. He played newly-created Aussie Rules football, rugby, and cricket in his spare time. Graham also loved creating ideas for new sports, but nobody seemed to be interested. But then, one day, he came up with an ambitious idea. His idea was that he could create a sport similar to Aussie rules, then go to North America and introduce the sport to them, and create a new pastime. Unfortunately for him. Nobody took him seriously so he found himself all alone. He took a big gamble and continued anyway. After a long, miserable boat ride to London, then another to New York City, he finally found himself where he planned. Wanting to show his new sport off in a smaller city, Graham traveled to Washington D.C, where he offered sessions for the men there to learn this sport. It turned out to be a great success, and in 1879, the world's first ever markball team was created. The game would spread throughout the years, and eventually, in the 1920's, there were regional leagues across both the USA and Canada. 1946, on the 20th anniversary of Graham's death, his son Patrick announced that the following year, the top 6 teams from the Central and East Coast Leagues would form the first major markball league, the North American Markball League, or NAML. The League's logo was unveiled the following month. The logo consists of the league's acronym inside a shield, with four lines at the top symbolising the four posts of the net. CURRENT TEAMS: URQUHART CUP CHAMPIONS: 1947: Washington Warriors 1948: Michigan Bandits 1949: Washington Warriors 1950: Toronto Nationals 1951: Michigan Bandits 1952: Michigan Bandits 1953: Chicago Crusaders 1954: Philadelphia Falcons 1955: Boston Wolfhounds 1956: Chicago Crusaders 1957: Philadelphia Falcons 1958: St. Louis Gatekeepers 1959: Philadelphia Falcons 1960: Philadelphia Falcons 1961: Chicago Crusaders 1962: Chicago Crusaders 1963: Michigan Bandits 1964: Michigan Bandits 1965: Michigan Bandits 1966: Michigan Bandits 1967: Washington Warriors 1968: Michigan Bandits