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  1. Today I will be starting my first series on the boards; the Football League of America (FLA). In this timeline, the NFL went under due to WWII and many players going to fight in the war. The league lost enough revenue, and eventually started losing money, causing more than 2/3 of the teams to fold and the league to end with them (in 1943). After a few years of no professional football, a new league, the FLA, was started up with 8 original teams, split up into Eastern and Western divisions. League Scheduling (1946-) - Teams play 8 games each. - Teams play each team in their division twice. - Teams play two non-division games. - There is a 4-team playoff at the end of each season. - East #1 plays East #2, West #1 plays West #2. - Semifinal games are played at the higher seed's home field. - Winners of each games play in the "FLA Cup." - The FLA Cup is played at a predetermined neutral site, voted on before the regular season. The current year is: 1946-47 Teams Team Success: The templates I use for my uniforms are based off the templates at I made my own modifications to make them cleaner and better to use. I use to simulate every game for every season. Right now its only 32 games, but that number will grow quickly as I plan to expand the league as soon as possible. I've been working on the teams for a few weeks, and as of right now (July 12, 2018), I am near completion on the teams' logos and uniforms. I will hopefully have all 8 teams' finished and unveiled by the end of the week. Any C&C on the logos, uniforms, team names, etc. is greatly appreciates. ?