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Found 2 results

  1. British Flash League - A Fictional Sport

    Hi. Here is my fictional league of a sport named "flash", a sport based of a game I played at school. I'm still learning inkscape so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Lets start of with the logo of the league. I wanted to create something simple and iconic. The logo is supposed to be a literal take on the word flash and the red is in the configuration of the British flag. But what is flash? Basically, flash is a game where players throw a cylindrical object, underarm, over a crossbar and between the posts so that it goes to the other side, where the opponents will catch it and throw it back. You get a point if the it lands on the opponents side without them catching it or the opposing team throws it outside the field of play, which is made of synthetic hardcourt similar to that of what is used in the Australian and US Opens. The ball, known as a flash, is a wooden cylinder lined with vulcanized rubber. It is 20 cm long and has a diameter of 6 cm. The field is 20m by 10m with each side being 10x10 metres, slightly larger than a volleyball court. The difference between volleyball and flash is that in flash you can catch the ball and run with it. Also, you have to throw it in between the posts, which are 5 metres long, and over the crossbar, which is 3 metres high. Each roster has 10 spots with 5 players playing a game, there are no substitutions. 3 players must be in front of the 5 metre line (pretty self-explanitory) at all times. The positions, going left to right, are: left forward, centre forward, right forward, left back and right back. The backs are generally more athletic as they have to cover more ground and the centre forward usually orchestrates the team by calling plays designed to deceive the opponents. I hope you like my concept. Team designs will follow and feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  2. What with all the excitement brewing about the Iron Man 2 movie, and the trailer seemingly being nominated for best picture next year, I thought it was time to bring about a thread devoted to the good comics company, DC. Why? Well, why the hell not. DC has a history of great characters, but half-assed adaptations (Catwoman, par exemple), but things seem to be looking to change in the coming decade. 1. Green Lantern. FINALLY, the one true space opera is coming to the big screen. Ryan Reynolds as GL, someone else who I don't remember as Sinestro, and a second-tier super villain (Hector Hammond) along for the ride to set up GL2, which will of course feature an all-out battle between the two GLs of sector 2814. :censored:ing rights. 2. The Flash. Provided they can do what the TV series couldn't do, and that's make a guy running balls-out look good, then this has a ton of potential. No casting rumors as yet, in development for a potential 2011 release. 3. Batman III. Christopher Nolan has done wonders for this franchise, showing us that comic book movies can be grounded in reality, and still maintain their feel. 4. Superman. Next movie is to be called The Man of Steel, script by David Goyer, produced by Chris Nolan. Rumored director is Nolan's younger brother Jonah, but this is strictly a rumor. These are all due to hit the screens by 2013, which is all well and good, because in 2015, Nolan is set to produce and direct (and probably write) Justice League. Depending on which other DC licenses come out in this time (Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, etc), all of DC's heavy hitters should be in this one, meaning, I'll be in a theater crying tears of joy at age 45, tears that no one has seen since ET came back to life.