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Found 5 results

  1. I have Amazon Prime, yet I don't utilize it as much for shopping. I shop at a Whole Foods about twice a month for less than $15/visit. Retail stocks like Target, Kroger, Costco, and even WalMart took a dive yesterday by at least 5%. So, do you believe this good or bad for not only retail, but as a shopper? Whole Foods has traditionally been a generous employer, but Amazon is definitely not thought of in the same light. It's a culture clash to be sure. Some longtime WF employees who own stock may just cash out and leave.
  2. Hello, my name is Ignacio and about 6 months ago i've really started getting into PhotoShop. I am 15 years old and like most teens I play video games, especially NBA2K16. NBA2k16 was the first game in the NBA2k series to allow you to upload your logos and make franchises or rebrands in the game. So I have created many rebrands but this is my first serious project. I chose the Portland Trail Blazers, tell me your thoughts, and feel free to take the logos, courts, or jerseys to make tweaks. (all the logos are 100% mine and none are taken from any designer, I promise). Put down designs you would like to share. If you want any more details feel free to ask in a specific question.
  3. Lacrosse League of America

    Welcome to the Lacrosse League of America (LLA). Here are the teams in it's inaugural season, 2013. Louisville Racers: Home Road Alternate
  4. San Diego Sockers (MLS Future)

    San Diego Sockers MLS Concept.
  5. Continuum

    So being in the United States I was a bit late in finding out about Continuum, and saw that Season was on Netflix. I think watched all ten episodes in a few days. Anyway didn't see a thread/topic about it and felt it should get it's own thread. In Canada I think Season 2 started a week or so ago. In the U.S. Season 2 will premiere on June 7th on Syfy. I would describe it as a sci-fi police procedural. Here's my description of the show: In the year 2077 CPS (City Protective Services) "protector" Kiera Cameron is transported back to 2012 with a group of rebels from her time. the rebels start their agenda regardless that it's years earlier. Keira makes nice with a Vancouver Detective, Carlos Fonnegra and eventually the Vancouver PD. Keira also meets a tech genius that can communicate with her among other things. Throughout Season 1 Kiera and Carlos and company attempt to track down the rebel organization Liber8. So anyone else seen it Thoughts? Keep in mind those in the US have only seen Season 1 - It's hard waiting for the June 7th and Season 2 premiere.