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Found 44 results

  1. Hey guys.. it's been awhile since I've posted Here, and i thought that you guys might wanna put this freebie to some good use FREE FOOTBALL HELMET PHOTOSHOP MOCKUP Show off your Logo Designs, School’s Mascot, Sports Branding, Or Business Logo, on a Realistic Football Helmet, featuring editable lighting, Reflections, & Shadows as well as One-Click-Logo integration. If you use this template, please use #sportstemplates on social media when you post it so I can find you and add you to a draw to win free templates!
  2. MLB Hydro Dipped Helmet Concepts

    Taking a dip into the world of MLB batting helmets Here are some interesting concept for hydro dipped helmets. I personally like the Yankees, Pirates, Astros, Diamondbacks, and Padres.
  3. PAC-12 Alternate Concept Helmets

    I received some great C&C on my Big Ten helmet project, so I thought I'd follow up with the work I had done for the PAC-12. Same as the Big Ten, this project is intended for alternate helmets to be worn for 1+ games. I am going to post in pairs, in most cases calling out the rivalries. Washingon is a move back to the 90s purple helmet, chrome decals, purple facemask. Wazzou is a play off of the Tennessee Smoky Mountain design.
  4. Big Ten Alternate Helmet Concepts

    I've recently wrapped a portfolio of Big Ten alternate helmet concepts, and look forward to hearing your comments. To be clear: each helmet created is intended to be an alternate helmet, used for one game, possible more during the 2017 season. To the best of my knowledge, these concepts are unique to existing concepts or helmets worn by the schools. To remain distinct to prior concepts, some of the designs are admittedly out there. I thought best to go the unique-and-quite-possibly-polarizing route than to recreate something that has already been designed. I will post 3-4 designs per day, and welcome your C&C. As always, a firm handshake to Mr. Davidson and Darth Brooks for their tutorials. This project was also preceded by a PAC-12 portfolio, which I will post in similar fashion assuming there is interest. Thanks in advance for your feedback. And away we go ...
  5. 3D Helmet

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the stuff on these forums but rarely post. I'm in a fantasy league (on steroids) where we use helmets to brand our team. I discovered the 3D Helmet tutorial Davidson posted in the forums a few months ago so I tried it myself. After weeks of trial and error I figured out if your brand new to photoshop it's not that simple to use. I am wondering if anyone who loves doing this stuff and is good with photoshop would make me one. I am naming my team the Parlor City Phantoms. Probably a red/black/white color scheme but am open to ideas. You guys are the artists not me, lol. I have a few logos I found that are nice but can't figure out the helmet tutorial. If you are interested please let me know. It'd be really appreciated. Marc -
  6. Las Vegas NHL Concept (Spartans)

    So, I was trying to come up with a logo for my personal design brand and a got a bit sidetracked by the Caped Crusader, the Sharks new logos, etc. I struggle drawing things free hand, for whatever reason. It's difficult for me to even things up. Plus, I needed to start to learn affinity designer and photo more in depth. I started out creating a spartan helmet, something relatively simple. Then I created a spear to go along with the helmet. Then i started reading about the Las Vegas' NHL franchise again. So I had to try to put together a quick logo concept and home/away jerseys. Feels generic, but at this point that might be what will happen. So here are the Las Vegas Spartans. Since Black Knights is a no-go and the OHL London Knights own Knight in Canada, and Foley has been adamant about having knight or knight/cavalry themed something somewhere, I chose Spartans. I did not look up to see if Spartans would work legally, but Las Vegas Spartans actually doesn't sound too bad. Just a primary logo right now, wasn't sure what to do for a secondary logo or tertiary logo. Might use this in NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17. I'd use it in NHL 17, but... no logo uploads this year. P.S. If you want to use it 2K16/17 just let me know, I have a few different color combos. Can Change just about anything on it.
  7. USA Today HS Super 25 Helmets

    Here goes for my concept debut. For those who don't know, USA Today has tracked the top 25 high school football teams in the nation for a little more than 30 years. Because there are already so many Pro and NCAA helmets out there, I thought it would be interesting to start my work out on an area left fairly untouched. While creating the templates, I've realized that HS Football has changed dramatically since I played: private academies and charter schools are concentrating talent, with private schools in particular spending significant money on athletic programs. Half of the schools wore multiple helmets last season (40 helmets across 25 schools, to be exact). A few quick shout-outs to: - Darth Brooks: for his initial pass at a Riddell Speedflex template and willingness to coach on design and the craft of building a template. While my template is self-made, I did use his template as a separate benchmark to understand how to build templates. - bkknight95: for how he packaged and rolled out his NFL 2020 work. I thought it was a creative means to roll-out design, so I've borrowed from the format. - Fraser Davidson: the godfather of concept helmets. On to the work ... I will post five(ish) schools a day, beginning with the 25th ranked school. C&C welcome.
  8. Greatest Football Helmets of All Time

    Hey guys, so this is officially my first thread on this website (so don't mine the errors)! For my first thread I decided to start a topic about football helmets. I believe there was a thread about this a while back aswell. I know it sounds kinda lame, but i've always been intrigued by the football players helmet and/or face masks. So i guess ill start off. I've always been a fan of Dennis Dixon's Helmet and Facemask when he played for the Ducks. Mike Vicks helmet as a rookie on the Falcons was also pretty amazing. And lastly, DJ Shockley's helmet as a Dawg. Hope to see some replies and to keep this thread going!
  9. The Website is up and now you can get The Most Realistic Football Uniform Photoshop Template Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated,To Give you Total Control over the final look of your Design, so if you need a matt finish Unifrom, You can lower the Opacity of The Reflections, or even hide them all together.. Or if you need more intense Shadows to fit your scene,.. you can do it in one click.. Here is a tutorial i made using this template, on to create the Broncos jersey side/Frond/Back in under 10 minutes For sports Logos members, you can Use the Coupon Code Below to get 20% off.. Valid till Feb 23rd Get this Template From Here :
  10. NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts

    Starting my first ever thread. NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts. @alksports on instagram First up: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Please leave feedback and requests!
  11. So recently I read an article about Xenith's new Epic Varsity Helmet (declared to be the safest football helmet currently), which I think happens to also look pretty cool, and it made me want to use it for helmet designs. I hadn't seen a template out there so I've attempted to make my own Paint.NET template for this helmet. This is my first template that I've made from scratch, so feel free to give some pointers for improving. For the first design using I decided to do a take on a concept that's been done before but I really like, the Packers 'Cheesehead' helmet design.
  12. Hey guys, I was asked by someone in a fantasy football league I'm in to come up with a logo for them so I thought I would share what I came up with. The team is based in Waco, TX and the team owner said he wanted a Roman soldier theme to go with the name, which is the Warriors. Hope you all like, C&C is appreciated! The left side of the helmet would have the number of the player wearing it in Roman Numerals (the example is 75)
  13. Hello, There.. Been a long time lurker around here, but just decided to get my own account today.. and thought I'd ask you guys .. What Photoshop Sports templates do you need the most ? I've made this Photoshop Riddler 360 Helmet template last year, where you can easily edit colors in one click, and add images/logos...etc and i've seen it used several times by users on this forum... So I'm currently looking forward to make more sports templates, so if you prefer specific angles, equipment, resolutions, or sports.. just let me know and i'd love to work on them.. Regards
  14. Anyone know what helmet this is

    Anyone know if this is a template or what helmet brand this is? I love the look of this thing
  15. Interested in seeing what the logo board has to say. I originally designed the Blue helmets and got great response, but lots of people wanted the Black helmet. Which do you like better?
  16. A few years ago there was a Broncos helmet concept floating around the internet. I thought it was a nice mix of eras, so I decided to see what it would look like if I actually made it... What do you think?
  17. So this helmet would be a simiiar style to Floirida states helmets, with a jet on both sides. Thanks for looking and C&C welcome. Template credit to davidson.
  18. Oregon Carbon Fiber pattern

    I haven't seen this posted on the site, and I've seen some users try to find the Oregon Carbon Fiber pattern, so I thought I'd add to the board. Oregon uses this pattern primarily for helmet finish, but has also used the pattern on its wing decals (including the 2015 National Championship game). To match the this pattern to Oregon's Liquid Lightning/Thunder/Carbon helmets, play with the contrast/brightness, then adjust hue. Here's a link to a PNG version of the pattern: And here is an example of how it can be used with adjusted hue (and yes, this is another concept theme I have been working on as well):
  19. Here are a few examples I made myself of football uniforms designed around old logos. I've never designed the whole uniform in PhotoShop; I find TeamBuilder so easy to use. Note: make sure you check the box on the page that says "Display Custom Logos," or you won't be able to view these. C&C welcome; also, does anyone else have anything similar? While it is a bit constraining in limiting one to pre-designed uniform styles, I love the ease of use that this tool provides. Most of the generic logos came from the Wayback Machine's archive of Another note: I have two separate accounts because I made so many teams, so these aren't all from the same account. NFL logos: (old Eagles logo) (old Falcons logo recolored) (old Jets logo) (old Broncos logo, but not much changed) (Packers logo recolored) (Bears roaring-bear face) (old Seahawks alt) (Saints recolor into a team of wimpy French Canadians) (Oilers, nothing much changed) (old Rams logo) (Lions, recolored to look like 1990s Falcons) Other pro-sports leagues' team logos: (logo of long-defunct NHL club Montreal Maroons) (recolor of even-longer-defunct NHL club Montreal Wanderers) (edits and [and slight recolor in one case] of turn-of-century Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds logos) (recolor and reshaping of Denver Nuggets alternate logo) (kind of forget where this logo came from, but I know I recolored it) (San Diego Padres' "friar" logo) (Atlanta Braves' script logo and old "Indian head" logo) (always wanted to see a uniform set designed around the Spurs' 1990s "fiesta" color scheme; here it is) (1990s Houston Rockets alternate) (Denver Nuggets' famous "rainbow skyline") (Houston Astros' 1990s logo) (Brooklyn Nets, with some dark blue added) (Tampa Bay Devil Rays' early logo) College and high school logos: (Western Washington University logo) (Rice Owls alternate logo) (Northeastern "N" logo recolored to original colors of "Buccaneer Bruce") (fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles from "Coach") (I think this Cardinal comes from some school, somewhere) (Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, OH, my alma mater; reasonable fascimile of their current and past football uniforms) Corporate logo: (Boise College Big Red, featuring the logo of the pop brand) Generic/new logos but kinda cool: (Maine-based school, the Lobsters, with "Lobstahs" written on their jerseys) (recolor of logo that looks Purdue-ish) (Great Southwest Sidewinders) (Eastern Virginia Panthers) (in Kirtland, Ohio, and nearby towns, there's an old urban legend about "Melonheads"; this uses an illustration from one of the sites talking about them)
  20. NCAA Football Helmet Redesign

    I will be attempting (and probably failing) at my first ever posted concept! I will be making college football helmets, and I will be taking requests! C & C appreciated! Thank you everybody! UNC Tennessee Please don't tell me how bad they are, I already know by looking at you all's concepts
  21. Michigan State football helmet concept

    I just hatched a good idea for a Michigan State football helmet concept while watching them a few minutes ago... The way that their current helmet is, the stripe is supposed (I think) to be the top mohawk (no idea what it's called) part of the spartan helmet in their logo. I like that idea a lot, and I think there is lots of potential there, instead of just putting the logo on the helmets along with that stripe. The current MSU helmet looks like this, if anybody needs reference. So I've blended their logo into their helmet stripe, and it turned out something like this. This is just a quick mockup just to get my idea out of my head. If anyone likes this idea and wants to run with it, feel free to post some better quality concepts of this idea here.
  22. Upper Iowa University has a pretty unique mascot: the peacock! Because of this I couldn't help but come up with a concept helmet for their football team. The inspiration for the design was a peacock's head: the blue and green parts represent the blue and green feathers, the white parts represent the white markings around the eyes, and the facemask is gray to represent the gray beak. Now that I look at the helmet and the peacock head side-by-side I think the helmet could be improved by adding a feather texture. I'd love to hear what you guys think!
  23. UCLA Bruins football helmet

    I made a concept for the UCLA Bruins but I can't decide which one is better. Also I can't make any changes to these helmets since I will be out of town this weekend. I would also like feedback on these helmets. That would be great! Vote for gold facemask or blue facemask: Gold facemask: Blue facemask:
  24. So after seeing countless NFL re-designs in this forums over the past year or two -- some great, some not so great -- I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. I'm currently designing as well as modifying some existing templates to fit my needs, so the actual process may play out rather slowly. I will be releasing each team as I finish them, by division, starting with the AFC North.
  25. I decided to mix this look: with this look: and got this baby: Comments and Criticism welcomed Edit: Made the logo and facemask gradient. Looks WAAAAY better