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Found 4 results

  1. ---UPDATE--- I've added templates for Baseball and Basketball. Sorry Hockey fans, no center ice just yet. ------------------------------ To request a lockscreen, please include the following: 1. The team AND the sport, if it's a college. Obviously the Lakers are a basketball team, but Kansas Basketball vs. Football vs. Baseball - you get the idea. 2. The logo you want used (Stanford "S" vs. Stanford Tree, etc) , and preferably a link to a high-res version. 3. The color you want as the gradient in the background. ------------------------------ Got bored with my current lockscreen and decided to create a better looking one. After creating the image, I realized it was fairly simple to plug in additional logos/colors, so I'll be taking requests. Aside from Nebraska, I also did Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn and Virginia Tech. So far, I've only done this for college teams but I suppose NFL teams would work, too, since there's a 50 Yard Line in the logo. And that also sort of rules out MLB, NBA, etc. Feel free to add requests to the thread. I don't always have a ton of time available for design, but I'll post more as I can create them. Also - yes, I realize the resolution isn't magnificent when viewing on a full sized monitor, but when you put this onto a 3-4" screen it looks a lot better. Ohio State, Oregon, VT and Auburn:
  2. Apple ios7

    Apple should be releasing their iOS7 update today for their products. Thought it would be cool to see everyone's thoughts on it that use Apple.
  3. NFL Jersey iPhone Backgrounds

    with the nfl season starting right round the corner, i figured that i needed a new bg, so i made this for me but 2 things -i will do, suggestions in bunches, not like 1 here and 2 here and another one here - im looking for suggestions on the overall design (ps thanks to conrad for some of the fonts ill be using)
  4. iPhone 5 Wallpaper

    Sample Wallpaper for Iphone 5 & all other smartphones.. I hope you like it.