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Found 90 results

  1. We have the Players in the "Wrong" Uniforms thread and within that thread I've seen a few "Right Team, Wrong Uniform" entries. I thought I'd separate the two, because it is an interesting topic of its' own. Here are a few to start the thread off with ... Charles Barkley, Preseason 1992, Phoenix Suns Matt Hasselbeck, 2001, Seattle Seahawks Jeff Bagwell, 1992, Houston Astros.
  2. I wasn't sure where to put all of these, so I figured I'd start a new thread of small little finds I found while browsing the 'net -- and specifically, right now -- Getty Images. Most of these are small oddities, difficult finds and what not. I was going to open this up to stuff I found in other sports, but basketball and NBA history in the 70s and 80s has recently captured my attention. Anyways ... some of my finds: GORGEOUS Color vs. Color in Baltimore against the Bullets and Warriors (also note it's Ladies Night!) Royals vs. Warriors game in Phoenix's Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The caption says it was a 1967 pre-season game. Note Rick Barry in the old-style Warriors' jersey. He never wore these in the regular season as 'The City' jerseys were introduced on Opening Night 1967. Larry Nance wearing #6 in the half season right after he was traded to Cleveland from Phoenix. Similarly, Kevin Johnson wore #11 in Phoenix for the half season after he was traded from Cleveland to Phoenix. Interesting font and styling of Tom McMillen's name on this Hawks' jersey. Not sure why the underline? Notice the name on the back of Dave Stallworth of the Bullets. The name was pretty long so the "st" of Stallworth is white to not clash with the blue stripe.
  3. Aaron Dodson from The Undefeated listed The 30 Best NBA Throwback Jerseys is response to Nike's announcement that eight teams will be wearing a Classic Edition uniform (READ: Throwback) this upcoming year. There's a lot to be said about Dodson's list, which needless to say, I don't agree with. So I thought I'd share ONE throwback for each 30 teams that I'd love to see worn. This isn't necessarily the best designed throwback from their team history, but more back to an era relatable to the fans and their history. Also, in the spirit of the NBA going with more Color vs. Color match ups, I decided to go with colored jerseys, especially since the Association Edition (READ: Home Uniform) will presumably be the only white jersey in team's collections. Anyways, here is my list. I'd love to see everyone else's opinions on what throwbacks you'd like your favorite team to sport next year or near future ...
  4. Hello everyone. I am very excited for the NBA to make the move over to Nike this upcoming season. And according to Nike, 8 teams will have throwback uniforms this year. I wanted to take a shot at some throwbacks, but I also wanted to modernize them. I will be posting uniforms for all 30 NBA teams, and maybe the Supersonics/All-Star teams. For uniform references, I used this thread by @eibram . First up,the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta Hawks For the Hawks, I used a combination of their current color scheme/uniforms, and their Dominique Wilkins-era uniforms. Please leave CC. Next up: Boston Celtics.
  5. Overall, I'd say that the transition from Reebok to Adidas has been positive for most teams in the NHL. But some teams took a step here is my attempt to fix their errs. First up: Nashville What they unveiled: Too minimized for my liking. Here's my take: C&C appreciated. I probably won't get to every single team in the league, most likely just a handful of them that actually need changes to perfect their current sets. Buffalo is next!
  6. NHL Outdoor Games Ideas

    This is Where I will post my concepts for potential Outdoor Games that I think the NHL should consider, and will even write mini proposals We start off with a crazy idea I has for a Florida outdoor game, a stadium series probably. First off, it would take place in Raymond James Stadium (the Bucs home), which in the winter can go down to as low as 40 F, perfect to sustain ice for a perfect amount of time. With some nice planning, this would not be much of a hassle. As to why to do this you ask? These two teams are very unknown and do not have any attention going to them. A NBCSN game and outdoor game in Florida would attract much press attention. Also although I do not agree with most southern market NHL teams, I feel that Tampa Bay has a very passionate fan base and does deserve this. Now for the aesthetics of it, the Florida Panthers whole theming would be around the sun and heat, as they do represent most of Florida and many of their logos do indeed. For this I made the Panthers uniforms have the rays of the sun on the bottom stripe as well as more red and yellow then usual. The Lightnings uniform have the grey color of storm clouds, using all 4 of their colors rather then just 2. For the actual presentation of the arena the arena would be set up with palm trees all around the outskirts similar Minnesota's pine tree display. There would be a small picture above the arena of a sun facing off against a storm, pushing against one another. This would be between the logos. When the Bolts come out lightning coils will activate as they walk in. When the Panthers walk in fire will erupt followed by gold-ish smoke. Worst case scenario it all melts. Also I feel its only appropriate to have both team goal horns go off. Any Ideas for the next one?
  7. Custom Jersey Framing?

    I have two game-worn jerseys of my favorite childhood athlete wasting away in a drawer and I really want to step up and frame them for my office... my father is a high-end woodworker, so I am good on the hardware, I am eyeing all the UV-protecting class and non-acid backing, etc, and I will probably bite the bullet on having a professional mount everything... but I am more interested in the conceptual side since I will want to design the actual layout myself... does anyone have any framed jerseys in their home/office? Any pics of your setups or general advice? Any tips are appreciated!
  8. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I guess it's that time again -- looking forward to the uniform and logo changes in the NBA for the upcoming 2016-17 season ... THE LAST YEAR OF ADIDAS! As has been twirling around Twitter, UniWatch and the mothership (thanks to Conrad) ... the "rumored" or "semi-confirmed" changes for 16-17 include Sacramento, Utah and Detroit. Not sure if this graphic confirms a change in the Celtics' primary logo? But, I'll post it here for speculation ...
  9. Scrubs in Stars' Jerseys

    Simply put ... the thread is of scrubs (or lesser caliber players) in jersey numbers a same team where an All-Star or HOF made that same number their own. Here are a few examples from the NBA ... E.C. Coleman, New Orleans Jazz Sidney Green; San Antonio Spurs Steve Kuberski; Boston Celtics Cazzie Russell; Los Angeles Lakers Rowland Garrett; Chicago Bulls.
  10. I own a blank 1993 Green Bay Packers jersey that I want to get lettered. However, in 1993 Green Bay used screen printing instead of sewn-on tackle twill. I am curious as to if anyone knows of a company that can apply the lettering in the same way as back then.
  11. After searching the site for this thread and coming up with surprisingly nothing I'll start it off. What teams old/classic/vintage uniforms do you prefer over their current ones? I'll take the easy route and say the old Capitals threads. They aren't the best jerseys in the world but I'd say they edge out the current rendition. If I'm blind and this thread does already exist please comment and I'll take this one down.
  12. I just saw this in my Twitter feed. It's a neat article talking about the old tailoring that used to take place to get a team ready to play.
  13. Well, after seeing @FinsUp1214's MLB series, it got me inspired to make concepts again. I've tried to learn other art programs, but I always end up getting flustered, so I've chosen to stick to what I know for this series: MS Paint. Anyways, the 1st team: The Anaheim Angels. Seriously, the "Los Angeles" & "of" aren't needed at all. For the Angels, I wanted a set that was different but also showed history for the team. I decided to use the 1971 logo as the basis for the concept as I've always adored that logo. The jerseys themselves are a blend of the 1960's, 1970's, The "Angels In The Outfield" set & the 2007-Now jerseys. As for each colour, it's a blend of RBG values from each era that creates the Navy (They've used 3 different shades), Grey (2 variations, but also mixed with the light blues used by the team during the 00's) & Red that these Angels wear. I also feel like the Angels are a team that can pull off dressing in various setups, so I gave them 3 hats to wear. I also decided Navy was best to use on the Road given their love of using the current reds at home. Let me know watcha think & maybe give me a suggestion on who to do next. P.S. Does anyone know if I can get any MLB fonts somehow? I can't seem to find any.
  14. Might as well start this thread off with the Knicks' tweet of Derrick Rose in #25
  15. Yeag's NHL Redesign

    Hey guys, So I'm still pretty new to posting my work and stuff but I've decided to take a whack at a large project, so I picked a redesign of the NHL. I'll be posting each teams new jerseys and logos as I finish them. Some teams will be partially or completely untouched depending on how much I like their current sets. I'm using MS paint so obviously I don't have a lot of breathing room, but I'll try my best. I also haven't been able to find any good name and number templates that are compatible with MS Paint so that's why they look like crap on all my jerseys. But anyway, C&C is greatly appreciated and I can't wait to see what you guys think.
  16. Vegas Golden Knights

    Figured I would take a stab at what I think Vegas will unveil as their uniforms based off of some things we know (jersey color, possible fonts, etc.) and recent Reebok/Adidas trends in hockey. One thing that I STRONGLY considered was adding a gold helmet to go with the home set...I thought that would give the team a unique identity, but eventually decided against it because black fit in better with the entire uniform. C&C always appreciated! If I get some more time, I may come up with an alternate to go along with this set...
  17. I have recently done a few 3rd jerseys for some of the NHL teams. There is no specific order or any reason for the teams I picked. Just whatever came to my mind. First are the New York Rangers. I have a seen a Rangers t-shirt that is navy and white only. So I wondered what they would look like without red. And I think for a third or a one game only jersey it would look quite nice. Agree? Disagree?
  18. How to 'concept' tips and trix

    Heyo, I've recently started to try to create concepts for sports with ms Paint. But I've having some trouble with finding the correct fonts and logos. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for finding those? but I also wanted to create this thread for any user to share some of their tips for creating good concepts. Because at least for me, starting out is pretty hard. thanks, please share your tips and trix if you like
  19. NBA First Alternate Jerseys

    Let's just take a look at each team's first attempt at adding an alternate jersey and choose the best (or worst): Celtics: Clippers: Hornets/Pelicans: Wizards: Bulls: Cavaliers: Mavericks: Nuggets: Pistons: Pacers: Heat: Bucks: Lakers: Timberwolves: Jazz: Nets: Knicks: Magic: Warriors: Suns: Blazers: Kings: Spurs: Rockets: Sonics/Thunder: Raptors: Hawks: Grizzlies: Bobcats/Hornets: Sixers:
  20. The title says it all. The reason I brought this up is because me & a buddy were discussing ugly uniforms. It made me notice that the State of Colorado has ugly jerseys galore. MLB- The Rockies are a team that all love to hate on here. The too-much black, the vest jersey, everything about the set looks bland and bad. NHL- The Avs wear RBK Edge Piped awfulness and I hate the new C shoulder patch logo. And I don't care, that alternate jersey is bland and needs tweaking. Plus, Navy and Maroon don't work often. NBA- The Nuggets jerseys looked better before the unnecessary wordmark & number colour change they made last year, which I still never got. Why use black numbers? The yellow alternate jersey looked better before they changed the wordmark too to that Rainbow- era wordmark last year too and that jersey was fine and should be the basis for a new set. That sleeved alternate (The White-Gold jersey) is meh. The jersey itself is awful, but the shorts look okay. NFL- I don't care how iconic you think they are, the Broncos look dated. Now that Manning is gone, this should be the time to change and re-modernize one of your much better looking sets. MLS- The Rapids are nothing special & that yellow jersey they wear is ugly. So, just my thoughts. Who do you guys nominate or do you agree with my choice of Colorado?
  21. Hello all. These are concept designs for national soccer/football teams. I have made a home, away and third for each country. I will post one each day. I will try to make revisions when I can and where I see necessary. C&C is welcome, please keep comments relevant to the thread. Eager to hear what y'all think. Thanks First up is Algeria Algeria Home kit- all white kit with green accents, the top features a split tonal design that mimics the Algerian flag showing the two halves with the crescent moon and star. Away kit- all green kit with white accents, the top features a rhombus green gradient that is more noticeable as you move down the shirt. The rhombus is a common element in Arabic architecture and design. Third kit- all black design with green accents, the top features dark diagonal pinstripes
  22. A Bunch of Random ECHL Concepts

    I was planning to do an entire ECHL redesign, but I couldn't find enough creativity/motivation to do every team, so here's the few I did do. ALASKA ACES: (Home/Away) COLORADO EAGLES: (Home/Away) FORT WAYNE KOMETS: (Home/Away) GREENVILLE SWAMP RABITTS: (Home/Away) INDY FUEL: (Home/Away/Alternate) ORLANDO SOLAR BEARS: (Home/Away/Alternate) TOLEDO WALLEYE: (Home/Away/Alternate) UTAH GRIZZLIES: (Home/Away) Tell me what you think! I doubt I'll make any changes, however, due to other projects I've taken on and a lack of motivation for this. Thanks, though! Template credits to @timberwolf
  23. Hockey Fixups - Bonus Oilers concept

    If you couldn't figure out by the title, this is my own little fix-it Friday series. I won't necessarily be posting them on Friday, but you get the idea. I'll be focussing on tweaking or overhauling ANY semi/minor pro hockey team in North America. I will not be doing NHL. I'll be taking requests, but kindly leave C + C if you drop by. Template by Chris Smith (Icethetics) and edit inspired by @TRoyConcepts (check out his NHL series, I'm liking quite a bit). REQUEST LIST I will try to get to these when I can, but if it takes awhile, it's nothing personal. Bemidji State Wichita Thunder Colorado Eagles Rocky Mtn. Rage Denver Cutthroats Dayton Gems Team 1 - Tulsa Oilers I used an old 1935 hockey jersey from Tulsa to create the design, along with the classic colours and a modernization of the current look. The team has always flirted with Ranger clones, Oiler clones, and some hybrids, and I wanted to unify the look. The logo is the Oilers wordmark (it's a concept, don't fuss) over the primary look. I'm not sure about it. Let me know. Comments wanted!
  24. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Welp, since we're starting to hear rumors of the Clippers' new logo, potential new Bucks logo, etc., etc. I figure it's time to give its' own space.
  25. Dice-based "uniform" ideas needed

    Your ideas wanted! The tl;dr version is that I'm looking for interesting ways to present a six-sided die as the 'player' upon which team-related branding, logos, etc could be created like in any real sport template. Any items or 'gear' need to incorporate something like the image of the six-sided die above as part of the template. If there's a 'helmet' it needs to be one that a six-sided die could wear. But in this sport, dice teams are almost more like thoroughbred horses. It's a single entity that competes in races. But they are also considered like a 'team'. Just no team members or players. If you have any clever ways a cube could be displayed in a sports template, send them my way. No idea is too silly. But I'm taking this very seriously. I'm not wanting actual templates sent to me, as that's something I plan on creating myself, but I'll gladly accept any visualizations you might have. Thanks in advance! ============================================================================================================ ========================================================================================================== ===================================================================== For those of you who find this sort of sport/league creation interesting (like me), here's the way too longer version of what I'm looking for. After years of lurking and commenting on this forum, with only a few actual bits of content posted, I'm finally ready to have some fun with my Magnum Opus series. It's going to be probably uninteresting to the vast majority of the people here, but it's something I'm going to have fun with for the next several years. It's going to combine many of my little hobbies and things that aesthetically or sportistically please me, from logo design, to league history, to stadium creation, to uniform design, to simulating sports, to creating team merchandise, to cool data visualization, to trading cards, to book design. Yes, it's ridiculously ambitious. I've got it all more or less lined out, there's just one aspect that's giving me fits right now. And that's the way I can present a uniform or jersey in this fictional sport I'm creating. From the subject and header graphic above, you have probably guessed it has something to do with dice. You are correct. But it's not just using dice to simulate the results of this sport. The dice ARE the sport. The generic term for my fake sport is "Dice Racing", and it's as basic as that. I roll a lot of dice (or simulate it using a complex spreadsheet) and tabulate the results. Yes, I realize this is stupid, but you just have to go with me on this. I first created this game/league/hobby/antfarm 30 years ago, back in 1986, as something to do while I was waiting for my turn in role-playing games. It started off as just rolling dice while bored (that RPG used as many as 30 dice at a time, so I always had a big pile of them to fiddle with), but then I started getting interested in which number came up most out of that thirty dice. And then keeping track of which numbers did better over time. And then creating a 'standings'. And then codifying a league structure. And then assigning team names to the numbers. Etc. As these things go, it's evolved and grown over the years until it's become the ridiculous entity it is today, which you will see. In fact, back in 2005, it was looking for cool team names and logos to use for some of the teams in my league that first led me here to (it all comes back around). So, what I need YOU to help with: In the world of this sport, there are basically sponsored Dice Teams or Dice Clubs. A typical race or game has 54 dice being rolled, with the numbers (1-6) being placed in their column and tabulated at the end. Each number in that race will have a team assigned to it, such as the Piranhas assigned to the number 6. So in essence, there are no "players" in this sport. There's just the entity of the Dice Club. This club has an identity of some kind, which is basically the team name. Generally these were real sports team names, especially at the beginning, such as the original named lineup including "Bears", "Dolphins", "Canadiens" and "Celtics", but have evolved to be made-up team names (such as many created here in SportsLogos) as well as more soccer-style non-mascot names such as "1836" (the Houston-based team, 1836 being the year of Texas Independence), "Bedrock DT" (the Flinstsones-based team, with the DT standing for Dice Team, in soccer "FC" parlance). There's nearly 1000 teams making up this massive association at this point, so there are styles of names all over the map, based on a nearly infinite number of things. With the team being a vague "entity", they've generally fallen under the basic concept of being like a thoroughbred race horse. Which is appropriate, as they are racing. So that's where things have clogged up for me. I want to create something filling in for what is normally a jersey or uniform or helmet in other sports. In this sport, there's just the dice. No people. The graphic of the die posted above is how I visually see a die being represented in most instances. I like that angle because it makes a basic hexagonal shape, which flows nicely with everything in the league being based on the number six. My first thought is to just color the dice in team colors, but that's kind of limiting. You have the faces of the die, and the number pips on the sides. That's two colors. You could have each face of the die be a different one of the teams' dominant colors, but you'll only see three faces at any given time, which is visually boring really quickly. Plus there's the matter of logos being needed to be represented. My second thought is to double-down on the horse-racing metaphor, and introduce "Racing Silks" as part of the visual presentation. In my team template, this could be in the form of a banner behind the featured die, or maybe it's draping a pedestal that the die is sitting on. My third thought is to really embrace the silliness of the entire league (the big inter-league championship game is called the Super Roll. Every few seasons, a massive gathering of teams compete in the Rollympics. Another regular tournament is the Rolled Cup. You get the idea. I've got dozens of similar dice/rolling puns). So maybe create a square-ish "helmet" or cap or something that sits on top of the die's 'head'. Or maybe it's a square or hexagonal thing that hangs below the die. All while incorporating a racing silk or banner. I don't want to make the dice into people, with arms and legs, though. The square/cube aesthetic will be the driving force at all times. Bottom line, from a graphic design perspective, I want something that provides an interesting shape or container in which to place logos and stripes and color combos and such. One of my favorite parts of this Concepts Forum is seeing all the unique ways people fill the shape of a football helmet, or a baseball uniform, everything from minimalistic to gaudy. I'd like the basic idea of this "uniform" to be simple, but also versatile. I want it to be instantly recognizable as the 'gear' that this sport uses, but I don't want it to necessarily look like anything that already exists for other sports. That's what I love so much about Yakball and the other made-up sports. It's just fun to see different types of containers and constraints placed on a design. Some Iconography, visuals, and themes connected to this sport that could be mined for ideas. Cubes. Hexagons. Dots (like on a die). The number six. The various facings on a die (the fact that there are six sides/faces on a die) Tracks/lanes (like a track and field track). Horse racing. Auto racing (especially sponsorship/branding of cars) Racing of any kind. Stables or Racing Teams (such as Bob Baffert's Racing Stable, or Team Penske auto racing.) Lineages (such as thoroughbreds having offspring that go on to race). (yes, in this sport, teams can go out to 'stud' and have offspring that bring further glory to the family name). The sport of Dice Racing also attempts to incorporate nearly every other sport into its world, at least thematically. The kickoff to any season is the Roll Call, which is like a cross between the FA Cups in national soccer leagues and with the NCAA basketball tournament, meaning that every single team in the entire sport (nearly a thousand at this point) gets a chance to compete every season (all done through computers, obviously). The winners move on to the Big Leagues, filling the spots of the newly-relegated teams from the previous season. Each of the Big Leagues (there are two leagues, one historic, and one upstart) features three divisions in which there is soccer-style Promotion/Relegation. Three teams in each league get Relegate out of the league entirely and sent to Exile (which is a sort of "Phantom Zone" where all the exiled teams compete for a chance to earn a single slot in the Roll Call, hoping to make it back to the Big Leagues.) The winner of the A Division is named the Champion of that league. The two champions then compete in the special Super Roll, much like the original Super Bowl featured the winners of the AFL and NFL. The winners of the six divisions (three in each of the two Big Leagues) compete in the Rolled Series. How we get there is that each season has ten races/games, which determines the champion. In each 54-dice race, any team/number that accumulates 10 or more dice is credited with a Win. Wins are worth two points in the standings. If that team also happens to be the highest-scoring team, it's awarded a First, which counts as an additional point in the standings. Getting exactly 9 in a race counts as a Tie, which is based on the idea that if all six numbers (1-6) all roll the exact same number of dice out of 54 dice, it comes out to 9. A typical winning points total in a ten-race season is 15, based on around six Wins and three Firsts. Over time, the concept of "Six" has become one of the primary ideas in the league. It starts with their being six sides on a die, of course, so six teams compete in a typical race. The "Six" motif continues in that the world of the sport isn't based on nations, but six "Kingdoms", which is a general theme-based grouping of teams. These six are "Genre", which incorporates all teams themed around sci-fi, fantasy, animation, comic books (all stuff I love and felt it deserved its own unique grouping.), "Entertainment", which is based on all other non-genre movies, TV shows, music, etc, "Nature", which is where all animal-based teams go if they aren't affiliated with any other genre, "Historical", which is where all monarchy-based team names (like "Pharaohs") go, as well as military-based team names, crime-based team names, and future tech-based team names. "Sports" is where all actual sports teams go, which is anything that's based on an existing real team (such as the "Midway Monsters" being an offspring of the Chicago Bears). Around a third of the 1000 teams are directly affiliated with one of these five Kingdoms. The remainder are Free Agents, and are affiliated with the sixth Kingdom, the "Independent States". The membership of this particular Kingdom varies from year to year, based on which Free Agents earn the right to represent the Independent States. In a nutshell, in the final Roll Call lineup each season, the 1000 teams are whittled down to 216 who are invited to the Roll Call. This 216 is made up of each Kingdom sending 36 teams which are drawn from their directly-affiliated teams. The Independent States has a separate giant race where the 700 or so Free Agent teams are whittled down to 36. Two of the Independent States' 36 slots are made up of Exiles. Each of the six Kingdoms crowns a single winner in Roll Call, of which those are promoted into the Big Leagues filling the six (three in each League) slots that were just relegated. Furthering the "Six" motif, each Kingdom is made up of Six "Houses", which are basically themed sub-divisions within that themed Kingdom, such as "Scales" in the Nature Kingdom for all reptile-based team names or "Humor" within the Entertainment Kingdom, or "Football" within the Sports Kingdom. Houses can be further sub-divided into six "Minor Houses" where each of these even more focused themings will compete to represent one slot in a House. (following all this, those of you who bravely kept reading?) The beauty of this sport is that allows me to continually add new teams as I come across them. There are several dozen teams based on logos or ideas presented here in the Concept Forums. The most recent team name I came up with and added to the database is "Space Pants", based on the recent SNL skit. Any real or fictional team, or animal, or fake organization in a comic book, or anything you can think of is eligible for being added to the list. It's always exciting to see one of these random teams emerge from the quagmire that is the yearly Roll Call event, and get called up to the Big Leagues, where they have a chance to work their way up from Division C to Division A. Many teams get immediately relegated right back out into Exile (three of six Division C teams get relegated each season), so it's a pretty big deal when a team moves up the ladder and starts making a name for itself. While most fake sport or league creators ask that people not send in their ideas for team names, I actually hunger for them! If it's not one that's already in the database, I'm happy to add any cool new team name to the Free Agent pool. Even if it's an existing name, it can be easily modified (usually) to make it unique. So, much like Ethiopian food relief, if you send me a team name you'd like to add to the database, every season, I'll send you a virtual postcard letting you know how your team did. At minimum, every team competes in the Free Agent Draft Race and/or Roll Call. My fun dream is that enough people submit teams that I can create a Minor House (The Creamer League) where all these teams compete directly against each other. And if anyone wants to run their own "Big League", I can send over the giant spreadsheet file that serves as the backbone of this entire bloated mess. Those teams can even be added to my giant statistical results database, where all teams can be evenly and fairly ranked. The reason why an even/fair ranking is even possible is because at its heart, Dice Racing is utterly and perfectly random. No team has any strengths or weaknesses that modify a result like in all other sports simulations. In any 54 dice race, every number (1,2,3,4,5,6) has an equal chance at being rolled as any other. Therefore, a score of 19 being rolled is a big deal, no matter what level of competition it was rolled in. So a team on the absolute lowest level of the Roll Call ladder scoring 20 in a single race (and breaking the record) is as valid and arguably more important than a team scoring 19 in a League Championship game. It's all even. The only thing changing the 'value' of the result is the context. All things being equal, any accomplishment made in Division A is more impressive than the same thing being done in Division B or C or in a Roll Call. All sports is just numbers. It's only the contextual value we place on those numbers where the epic stories and figures of sports emerges. Dice Racing allows for a relatively simple way to simulate the entire scope of sports stories. Who's going to be the first Roll Call winner to advance all the way and win a League Championship? Which teams will emerge as the Yankees or Patriots or UConn Women's Basketball Team? Or which team will emerge as the Secretariat, being the fastest team of all time and beating all comers? Which team will emerge from Exile and make it back to the Roll Call and then back to the Big Leagues and then WIN the League Championship? Which Offspring will carry on their family's legacy and bring new glory to the family? Which Kingdom will somehow dominate among the six? Which House among the 36? Which teams will Retire and move on to the Roll of Fame? Which teams will do well enough over a period of seasons to get invited to the big inter-season events such as the Rollympics, the Rolled Cup, the Face-Off, or the Champion's League? At it's absolute basic level, Dice Racing is really nothing more than Cool Logo Racing. Which one will emerge as the best? ================================================================= ================================================================== =================================================================== So if you have any fun ideas for how I can make a D6 feel like it's a member of a team, send them my way!