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Found 8 results

  1. CCSLC March Madness 2018

    March Madness 2018 is here! I've started a group for anyone around here wanting to join in on the bracket fun over on ESPN. To keep track of the standings easier, I think it'd be easier if you name your bracket after your CCSLC username.
  2. So I started to make an AeroSwift template when it was unveiled, and I didn't have enough resources to complete it at the time, so I moved on, worked on other things and now, in the the biggest basketball month of the year, I finally have a template. It will be an .ai file and I'm still debating on a release right away. But in the meantime, and to make sure that I worked out all the bugs, I decided to roll in a Sweet 16 concept thread with it. First things first, here's the template. And starting off the concepts is the Wisconsin/Florida matchup: Wisconsin's newish look doesn't change a whole lot with the move to the template. Biggest difference is the leg stripes wrap around the legs this time. So I do not like Florida's current uniforms, the panel design just isn't doing it for me, so I mixed the HyperElite Disruption uniforms with the sublimated gator pattern, and the stripe pattern from the 2013 uniforms and you get the above result. I know I'm a day late dollar short for the whole set of games, but I still plan on getting through them all to the finals. C&C welcome!!
  3. Hello All As many of you are well aware, Adidas releases postseason jerseys for some of their teams to wear in tournaments. Nike does not do this, so I decided to try my hand at this idea. I have 12 teams that I will be doing jerseys for, and if those turn out well, I may take some requests for teams from the NCAA tournament. Without further ado, here are the first two sets, North Carolina and Butler. NORTH CAROLINA: For the Tar Heels, I've always thought that navy blue would be better than black. So here it is. A navy jersey with their Carolina blue as the accent color. Argyle pattern remains on the shorts, and the word mark is a baseball word mark that I thought worked well for these jerseys. BUTLER: For the Bulldogs, I focused on the aspect that they are Indianapolis' big team. The Indy skyline appears on the jersey, and the flag of the city is the shorts design. Hope you all like these, and of course C&C is appreciated! Thanks for looking.
  4. Instead of making an 'unique' bracket for March Madness I decided to give a theme based on popular culture from the past year. Enter Stranger Things. All logos were used in 1983 which is the year of season 1. I took the time to research each school in advance by going through this website, digitized yearbooks, youtube games, and google searching. I believe this is about 96% accurate to 1983. "In reality NC State defeated Houston as a Cinderella team. That game is considered to be in the Top 5 of greatest finishes in the NCAA Tournament. The Final Four was hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the tournament consisted of 52 teams. In the Upside Down, the tournament expanded to 68 teams and neither NC State or Houston qualified. How will the tournament fare this year? Will we see stranger things happen in March?"
  5. For March Madness I am making a themed bracket based on Stranger Things. The year is 1983 and all of the the logos for March Madness will be from 1983. However I am having issues finding what the Belmont Rebels look like. FYI Belmont changed their name in 1995 to the Bruins. I may share the bracket if there's interest.
  6. Hey Creamers, Now that the NCAA Tourney is over and everyone has a weeks before the NBA Playoffs start, I think it would be fun to explore which school has the best ALL-TIME roster. Page 2 did Something similar 10 years ago, however my seeding is based on how each school has done in the NCAA tourney since its inception. Before unveil the bracket, here is my methodology to create it: If a team made the tourney, they got 1 point for that year. If a team won the Nat'l Championship, they got 64 points. If they finished in 2nd, they 32 points. Then 16, 8, 4, 2. Play-in game wins didn't count for additional points. I've attached the spreadsheet I used to calculate each school's ranking. Before reviling the 68-team field, here were the last four schools out: Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa State & NYU. As I said before this is a 68-team field, so here is the First Four: West Region: Wichita State v. USC Midwest Region: Missouri v. Western Kentucky South Region: Xavier v. Florida State East Region: Providence v. Boston College Here's the West Region: #1 UCLA v. (Wichita or USC) #8 California v. #9 Stanford #5 Arizona v. #12 UTEP #4 Georgetown v. #13 Bradley #6 Utah v. #11 Holy Cross #3 Michigan v. #14 Oregon State #7 Kansas State v. #10 Oregon #2 Connecticut v. #15 St. Joseph's Here's the Midwest (who would play the West Region winner in the Final Four): #1 Duke v. (Mizzou or Western KY) #8 UNLV v. #9 Notre Dame #5 Arkansas v. #12 Wyoming #4 Oklahoma State v. #13 DePaul #6 Marquette v. #11 West Virginia #3 Michigan State v. #14 Pittsburgh #7 Wisconsin v. #10 Purdue #2 Kansas v. #15 Loyola-Chicago The South Region: #1 Kentucky v. (Xavier or Florida St) #8 Memphis v. #9 Texas #5 Florida v. #12 Butler #4 Cincinnati v. #13 Georgia Tech #6 San Francisco v. #11 LSU #3 Villanova v. #14 Dartmouth #7 Maryland v. #10 Iowa #2 Louisville v. #15 Baylor The East Region: #1 North Carolina v. (Providence or BC) #8 Houston v. #9 St. John's #5 NC State v. #12 Virginia #4 Syracuse v. #13 Wake Forest #6 Oklahoma v. #11 Temple #3 Ohio State v. #14 CCNY #7 Illinois v. #10 LaSalle #2 Indiana v. #15 Dayton --------------- In the next few days, I'm put up a poll or something to determine a champion, but I think this is a good starting Alltime.xlsx
  7. Ultimate Bracket Upsets

    One thing I pride myself in is my ability to pick a bracket. I always have the ability to sniff out that one cinderella team that goes on an upset run. Remember FGCU/Dunk City? I picked them to go to the Sweet 16. Literally. It was because teal was like totes, my fave color, so naturally, I picked them because they wore teal, not because I sniffed them out. But that triggered some sort of upset gene in me to something. UAB over ISU? Picked it. GSU over Baylor? Picked it. So that got me thinking, what MEGA UPSETS have you picked, and not a 9 over an 8, something big!
  8. It's named "CCSLC Forum Brackets", and the password is "ccslcforum". I didn't put a year in the name of the group because I wanted it to be one that everyone can rejoin every year without it having the previous year in the title. If you are interested in joining, please post that here so that we know who is playing. If you decide to play, please name the bracket with your CCSLC usersname (you don't have to rename your username) so that we know which brackets are associated with which people. ONLY one bracket per person per group. Same group name and password for the following sites... ESPN Group CBS Sports Group (No longer being used) Yahoo! Group (No longer being used) NCAA March Madness Group (No longer being used) Because the ESPN group gets a better showing, I encourage everyone to join that one. If there isn't a good showing in the other groups this year, they will likely not be continued in following years. 2016 EDIT: All the groups above except for the NCAA March Madness group were reactivated. I had to make a new group for the NCAA March Madness group because the NCAA site doesn't save groups from previous years. All the links above should work for this year. The Sports Illustrated group and Fox Sports group from last year (2015) were removed because of lack of people. New for this year (2016), here's an ESPN Group for the women's basketball tournament... ESPN Group (Women's Tournament) ESPN Second Chance (Restart Bracket at Sweet 16) ESPN Second Chance Group 2017 EDIT: All the groups from 2016 are back and the links should work. Again, I encourage everyone to join the ESPN one because it gets the best participation. The Second Chance group will be reactivated once ESPN has it up again. 2018 EDIT: Only doing ESPN groups (men's and women's tournaments, and second chance) this year due to low participation in other groups.