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Found 5 results

  1. ECUFan25

    Lights. Camera. Concepts.

    So, most of my concepts have a cool OP intro, but I couldn't really think of anything good to write, so basically, these are concepts for sports teams from famous movies. This is pretty much a topic to have a topic open and post some concepts while I'm finishing up some details on a REALLY big project I'm gonna overtake soon, so they won't be that good. So now the concepts. Team 1: The Bad News Bears Everyone on here has probably seen the movie enough to know that it is a great pinnacle in sports movies, and should be recognized. These are going to be concepts if these were real teams in their sports (for this team it's LL baseball). C&C Encouraged
  2. So I decided to take football teams from TV and the movies and modernize them. I am going to start with Blue Mountain State. If you have any suggestions as to which teams to do, please share.
  3. BigMac12

    New MPAA ratings pictures

    I notice that some movies have some new ratings emblems on them. Has the MPAA offer an official announcement about this? Sorry, I don't have any pictures.
  4. CS85

    FX Movie Network

    Formerly the Fox Movies Channel