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Found 4 results

  1. Section30

    High School Logo Redesign

    For the last few years I have been tinkering with the idea of redesigning the logos of my (now former) high school. I finally decided to give it a shot because the schools current identity is a mess. There is only one official logo that doesn't have seemingly thousands of variants and that is just the school crest. My goal was to create a total logo set complete with an updated crest, a leprechaun logo, a shamrock with script logo, and some alternates that can be used in other situations or for specific sports. Some major differences that will be in all of the new logos is the change from a normal blue to navy and yellow to a more athletic gold color. I did this so the schools colors would acctually match the schools sports teams, green is used as an accent color but is not a main color outside of logos. Without further ado, lets begin. Up first is my updated version of the school crest. Below is the current crest for comparison. Changes: New bold font that is easily read and is equal thickness throughout. Updated lamp and shamrock R adjusted to be more even modernized vines Equal weight of outlines througout Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
  2. Section30

    High school football posters

    With the football season starting I decided to start a new series where I make posters for my high schools upcoming football games, this may evolve into other sports as time goes on but for now I'm sticking to football. These designs will be posted by my schools super fan twitter page for the game days. For the first home game of the season I decided to keep it simple with the team helmets facing one another. At the top is the phrase "Let them eat cake" which is a reference to the city of Edina being known for having money and being a generally snobby area that the rest of the state loves to hate, and they have gotten the nickname "Cake eaters" for this reason. The background features a US flag because the students will be wearing red white and blue. The bottom has details about where the game will be played and when with the Rosemount football slogan at the bottom. It's a pretty simple design to start with but I plan on doing more intricate designs for future weeks. Let me know what you think!
  3. kjella47

    Irish High School Logo Update

    Ok, so here's a little background, I go to a high school in Rosemount Minnesota and were called the Irish due to the city being founded by Irish immigrants. Anyway, our school has had the same logo, with different fonts and shaped shamrocks, it's a very simple logo and I feel like the inconsistency in shape and font make it hard to have a solid identity. The school barely uses the logo as they usually use a generic script 'Irish' or 'Rosemount' My goal was to create a logo that can be used for all the schools athletics and be a modern unique Irish logo instead of a Notre Dame rip off. Here's our current logo: Here's my new logos: The Head logo is my more modern version of the old hockey logo from a long time ago, and the full body logo is a leprechaun in the style of Johnny Canuck that I plan on converting into different sports used by the school. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. For this thread I'll be posting my own concepts or redesigns of Minnesota High School Logos. I'll be starting with the South Suburban Conference. (I'm still relatively new to designing logos so I'll often base my designs off of other logos just letting everyone know. I'm not trying to steal other peoples work, just using their logos as a base) Apple Valley Old Logo: New Logo: For the Eagles I tried to update their identity from BC rip offs to something unique. Burnsville Old Logo: New Logo: For the Blaze I tried to get rid of the full Script logo while still showing who they are, I modified the Bloomington Blaze logo and changed the colors to match. Let me know what you think next up are Eagan and Eastview