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  1. The Principality of Lisander is an environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Prince Johann Harmin with an even hand, and remarkable for its avant-garde cinema, pith helmet sales, and stringent health and safety legislation. The compassionate population of 10 million Lisanderians have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. The national sport is Rugby Union, although national teams of Association, American and Australian Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby League, Autosports and even Lacrosse had some international appearances. On this topic (which I hope is not misplaced, I decided to place it under Sports Fan Fiction because it's fictional, even if it is not a league), I'll start re-posting some old (current) stuff, and would like to gather some C+C to the uniform replacements, sooner or later. I will start with national teams, a round of C+C in each sport then the new uniforms. When the cycle of national teams is over, I plan to start the national leagues. Hockey, Association Football, Basketball and Rugby are the most advanced leagues, while Volleyball and American Football are only poorly planned, with only some teams imagined. So, we need concepts. Let's start with a map (I hope this counts as a concept). Below, Lisander. An Island in the Atlantic Ocean, between Portugal and the United States. The map itself does not represent the cities itself, but the Communes (not related to communism. Equivalent to US Counties, based on Italian Comuni). Most of the communes only have one city, but some of them like Sirenia have more than one, and some cities even may span over more than one Commune, like Casterwill. The commune marked in red is Soria, the capital of the nation. Other big cities/communes are Despina, Sirenia, Kasandora and going up north, Lerna, Alix and Grandeville also have populations over 60,000 inhabitants. Most of the people concentrate in South, due to harsh temperatures in winter. Official Language is Portuguese (just because it's easier for me to manage), but English and French are also recognized and widely spoken over the nation. There are even some Irish out there. Soon, I'll start gathering some old concepts, previously posted on this forum, as well as stuff posted only in NationStates Forum.