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Found 12 results

  1. Division II school Winston-Salem State University has a new logo
  2. DeSales University new logo

    Division 3 school, so I'm not sure the interest level. Press Release Logo Sheet - pdf
  3. New Bravo logo

    Old: New:
  4. Florida Panthers

    What do you think about the new uniforms for next year
  5. The Leafs finally unveiled their nice new logo yesterday. Now the speculation begins as to what the jerseys will look like. I figured they will be based on a classic set, but possibly with a twist. So I came up with this interpretation. What do you think?
  6. The griffins new logo, per the mothership.
  7. Utah Jazz Concept

    So there is talk of the Utah Jazz getting a new logo. With the roundel craze that is happening in the NBA I wouldn't be surprised if Utah went that route. Just look at their draft party logo. I thought what if they just cleaned this up and used it as the logo. So that's what I did. There is an option if they keep their current colors, revert to retro colors, or retro colors with Gray introduced. Let me know what you think and what I should change.
  8. A few months ago I did a Phoenix Suns rebrand concept. Over the course of the last twelve or so hours I refined the concept, created some new logos and uniforms and built a template to go with any logo design I do moving forward. So onward to my rebrand proposal for the Phoenix Suns As with last time the Primary logo is a basketball on sunburst. The sun is a giant ball of nuclear energy. That cannot be contained so putting it in a box like Phoenix's current primary seems ridiculous. Purple was a requested add from the last thread and it finds itself on the basketball and lettering to add weight. The orange used is more red than previous to help distinguish from the gold. The last go around the secondary and partial logos were just the primary more and more stripped down. This go round we actually have different marks. The S-Sun will go on the short legs of the uniforms while the PHX-Sun goes on the back of the waistband. The new Script logo I think is my biggest improvement from the previous mark. It was originally much more simple (just Phoenix as written with Suns in Orange with no outline with the Sunball over the O in Phoenix) but I happened on the idea for a thicker outline and spoked edges while designing the jersey wordmarks and carried it back over to the script logo. Uniform designs and wordmarks will go up later but here's the main logo sets for my Suns redesign? How do we feel?
  9. Hey guys as you all know the clippers are going with a new logo and overall redesign of the team. i decided to take what they had and just add one thing to it, and that one thing was a tie in to the teams name of Clippers. i like roundel logos and i hope the entire NBA goes to or in some cases back to them that for all teams. the clippers new logo was missing the identity of the team so i i darkened the blue and lightened the red, removed the "LAC" and added an anchor to the center of the basketball logo and for a secondary logo i turned the ball on its and add a clipper and "LA" logo to the center and i really want to know what everyone thinks so without further ado... C&C always welcomed.
  10. Ziploc's new logo

    I saw this in some commercials and advertisements and thought I might as well post it. Before: After: Not much of a change, but personally I like it more.
  11. Pandora Gets Re-Freshed Branding

    Pandora, along with it's update for iOS7 has refreshed it's logo set with a new font and app icon to reflect the change. Link to the article: I think it's a change for the positive for Pandora. The look, to me, feels new and modern where their old marks felt too "light" to base an entire brand around a single letter.