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Found 6 results

  1. THIS IS VOL 1 VOL 2 VOL 3 VOL 4 VOL 5 League: NBA League Branding: Nike Team: New York Knicks Jersey Advertisement: Squarespace The Vision: Yesterday my return post was meant with great criticism. Majority of people hated my concept because it was to out there for them. I listened to the critics harsh words, and went back to the drawing board. For today's concept I wanted to once again create a nontraditional design, so what better league than the NBA. I once again choose an iconic New York team, this time it was the Knicks. Today I bring you a much better presentation as well. Thank you. Lifestyle Quote: "A snake will hiss, and a dog will bark. Animals are creatures of habit." -Kong Tom Team Quote: "To design for the Knicks, one must take the pride of the city to heart, and embrace it as their own." -Kong Tom I hope you enjoy, and please leave honest feedback. Thank you.
  2. PepMan33Conde


    I'd like to continue this one. I gotta finish something, you know. Please click this link to understand the design of my uniform set shown below. TWEKEAD ALT (to replace current 'KNICKS' roundball alternate) HOME UNIFORM AWAY UNIFORM ALTERNATE UNIFORM HOME FLOOR
  3. Alright. WIth these I combined a few ideas I saw into one. Tell me what you think, specifically on the side art. I'm working on alternates now and I was wondering if the side art would look better on them or if it needs to be more simple altogether. S/O to Funkatron101 for the logo.
  4. PepMan33Conde

    Modifying the NY Knicks

    Seriously, the Knicks need to change their uniforms and modify their court. Away and Alternate unis will be posted in a few days. Too busy right now. Credits to whoever did this.
  5. I was doing some research on the knicks logo, and came across this interesting article on Micheal dorets original sketches / rejected concepts, just thought it was worth sharing if hasn't already been posted... apologies if it has! (ps. I didnt write the article and I am not personally adopting this position/opinion, just simply sharing..) Also worth mentioning here Bud freeman, who designed the original knicks "roundball" logo... respect.