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Found 2 results

  1. 9 News Update

    9 News is a local news station in Denver, Colorado. They use a fairly generic, bland, and sometimes complex identity that's well-known but just not that good, imo. Their app icon and logo is below. I really just wanted to clean that all up, and make it more modern, unique, and nicer. It's not a huge change, but I think it's at least an update. What I've got is below. I changed the font to be more circular and modern, closed the '9', and cleaned up the app. Here are the white versions of those. I also updated their website's colors and logo, along with a bunch of fake news titles. That's below. I know it's not a major upgrade, but I think more news outlets need to get cleaner, more unique identities, even if it's minor changes like these.
  2. CCLSC Current Events 2013

    After looking at the news today, I realized just how much goes on that isn't talked about here. There are plenty of stories that happen every day that aren't as big as Newtown, Aurora, or Boston, but I feel they are just as important to talk about, even though they aren't big enough to create their own thread for. This thread is for all the smaller events that happen through the year.