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Found 4 results

  1. NHL Hamilton Expansion

    I know there has been numerous attempts by teams to move to Hamilton, Ontario with none managing to succeed. What I am looking for is Inspiration for an NHL Team logo or a Concept logo to start with for an NHL Team in Hamilton. I am open to any suggestions. Plus, I am new to the forums on this website.
  2. I had this idea last night to use simplified NHL logos as geographical markers for the teams in the NHL. The icons indicate the location of each teams home base within their state/province. Here are a few that I've done so far:
  3. So I've been doing a few redesigns of community college logos lately which I placed in my other thread but after thinking about it for a while now I decided to start a new one since they're really not vintage logo updates (well the Delgado is but I still consider it a redesign). If anyone has seen these already in my other thread & feel I should just keep them over there please let me know so I can shut this one down. Thanks! First up is the Delgado Dolphins, as always C&C welcome.

    I'm a big fan of vintage logos so I decided to try my hand at updating the Texas Longhorns logo. C & C is always welcomed! *EDIT* Here's an index of all the updated logos done as of 2/16/2015 in this thread courtesy of Doyle524 & davidmiller5. Thank you!