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Found 14 results

  1. Ritt Design

    My take on a few college logos

    Here a re a few college logo update / different ideas. Done just for fun, I would love some feed back. They are all still works in progress (especially Hawaii), so please be kind. Thanks guys.
  2. Lafarge

    Notre Dame Logo Update

    Recently I came across a logo I had made awhile back for a college hockey series. I wanted to post the logo itself with some recent edits made, because I kinda feel like it got shoved in the back of the project as a whole, and I'd really love to get some feedback on the logo itself. The motive for the logo was pretty simple. It's, at least for me, one of the most iconic and memorable mascot logos in all of college sports. Despite the fact that the logo is from a conceptual standpoint, pretty great, I feel like it really hasn't aged well, like many logos from its era. So, I decided to give the classic a modern tough. To put it simply, I took away a look of the extraneous details that all old logos seemed to have, streamlined the figure a bit (no more weird flat head), and made he leprechaun a bit younger looking to match. I also made the decision to add a bit more blue to the logo itself. I realize that the leprechaun is supposed to be wearing a green and yellow suit, but I felt that the increased blue better represented the more balanced use of green, blue, and yellow/gold that the university sports these days. Finally, I added a vegas gold to emulate the color the sports teams generally wear. Thanks guys! I'd love to hear your C+C!
  3. Ritt Design

    Notre Dame Shamrock Series Concept

    Notre Dame Shamrock Series Concept Uniform. Thoughts, feedback, and ideas much appreciated
  4. hockeyny13

    College Lacrosse concepts

    As we approach the final month of regular season games I decided to come up with some uniform adjustments for college lacrosse teams. I will start by designing the ACC and move on to probably the Big Ten from there. Starting off I have Syracuse and Notre Dame. For Syracuse I wanted to give an old school feel, bring back the glory days, but I didn't want to go over the top with a throwback uniform. I combined elements from the uniforms they wore back when the Gaits were at the school, and also from the 2008, 2009 championship teams. With Notre Dame i went very new and crazy. The shamrock has a celtic design, which is also featured on the blue helmet. the gold helmet has a bright green chrome facemask. Also kept a similar striping to what they already have now.
  5. Concept idea for HJC of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I took a celtic pattern and set it in the gold stripe adding the ND seal which is currently worn on their shoulders. The fonts are from the Cinci reds, I thought the style was similar to the style of the ND crest I used. I made my own version of the Under Armour template for SVG Any comments welcome.
  6. What did you think of the uniforms that Notre Dame wore for the ACC and NCAA Tournaments? Personally, I liked them. They were of a shade that could be worn as either home or road; they made good use of Notre Dame's little-used green while not neglecting their Navy blue; the script across the chest was very good, in my opinion; and the shamrock just made it better. However, this thread isn't primarily about what I think, but rather about what you all think. And...go!
  7. mbannon92

    Notre Dame and Under Armour

    Press conference at 11 a.m. EST to reveal Notre Dame Under Armour stuff. Sneak peeks of football and men's basketball on the ND Football and Athletics Facebook pages.!/shows/Special_Presentation/1783797
  8. NDFreek

    Notre Dame Throwbacks

    As an avid Notre Dame fan, I have my collection of ND memorabilia. My most current piece is getting this program cover blown up into a poster. Well that inspired me to make jerseys based off that one, and let ultimately to this: The jerseys have a lighter tone of blue and a darker tone of gold, I also put my ND logo on the sleves in white, and a pure brown belt giving it a 1940's/leather look. I also added another ND logo to the pants in a shamrock, as ND always uses a shamrock logo and have been doing so since..... forever. (Also a little tribute to my man Tyler Eifert) I tried to make my own interlocking ND logo, giving it a retro look (seeing these are meant to be 1942 throwbacks). I also put that logo in a shamrock. C&C appreciated.
  9. NDFreek

    Some Football Concepts

    ***FINISHED*** New York Jets New England Patriots Denver Broncos Notre Dame Fighting Irish Alabama Crimson Tide Los Angeles Raiders St. Louis Rams Found these old concepts when looking through my computer, might come back to this project. Sure was fun. Any thoughts? Jets Patriots Broncos
  10. So according to HGI Notre Dame's ice hockey team will sport helmets modelled after the new golden helmets designed for the Notre Dame football team. http://www.hydrograp...inished-by-hgi/ This has Notre Dame ice hockey following in the footsteps of Michigan and Ohio State ice hockey, who have previously modelled ice hockey helmets after the famous lids their schools' football teams wear.
  11. fouhy12

    Big East Yakball

    Today's trend in concepts seems to be Yakball, so I thought I would try my hand at it. I will try to do the entire Big East as it is now in basketball, but due to my school schedule, I can't promise how regularly I will post my concepts. I have four completed teams, but I want to use one of them if raysox has an NIT Yakball Tournament. First up will be Notre Dame. 1. Notre Dame For Notre Dame, I tried to keep the design as simplistic as possible. I focused heavily on blue and gold for the primary and clash, and mostly green and white for the alternate.
  12. Deadspin's claiming that Manti T'eo's girlfriend, the one who allegedly died of leukemia and carved this legend out of the Irish star, never died. They say the entire thing was fabricated. Very, very weird.
  13. bigmike

    FBS Independent Concepts

    Alright folks next up in my College Football Series is the Independents of the FBS. Four teams in College Football are independent, and these four teams are some of the most traditional teams in the sport. Every team has a rich uniform history, and some of these teams possibly have the best uniforms in College Football. Here are the two conferences I have already completed, check them out! SEC Pac-12 FBS Independents (4/4)