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Found 5 results

  1. Your team not in the playoffs? This is your place.
  2. Time to fire this up again. Magic make the first move, as GM Rob Hennigan is finally out (took them long enough!) Great fire by the Magic. Hennigan did nothing but destroy the team, and it's about time he's gone.
  3. Mods, feel free to lock up until October 5th.
  4. After the Warriors winning the title a short time ago,it looks like the offseason is starting. FA will be a frenzy as always,but who will go there remains a mystery until July 10.
  5. A lot of teams have made major improvements in this offseason. Some teams have added some explosive players. Here's my list of top 10 teams to watch in 2014. Feel free to add your list of top teams to watch in 2014 and discuss. Warning: My list is terrible 1. Redskins 2. Buccaneers 3. Broncos 4. Patriots 5. Vikings 6. Browns 7. Raiders 8. Jets 9. Texans 10. Packers