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Found 2 results

  1. I'm just a casual MMA fan at best. Pretty much only watch the UFC events that air on Fox and FS1. Saw one Bellator event before Spike TV was dropped from my cable package a few years ago. Is PFL a new company? Only did a brief search before making this post, and saw that it has a "regular season and playoffs" format. Different from the usual year round model MMA/boxing tends to have, but kind of an interesting concept. Can anybody that follows MMA more thoroughly than I do chime in? Is this a serious promotion within the MMA world? Or is it something that won't likely be around a year from now?
  2. Hello all, for awhile now I have been wanting to start my own concept league, but I hadn't been able to produce a product that I was satisfied with and willing to share. After fooling around with GIMP for the past few months, I think I have finally created a league worth sharing. I have developed a league made up of some of my favorite cities in the US that were large enough to possibly be able to support a team. Most don't have a football team but a few do have one, but are not 4 sport cities of the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA(not including metro areas). The league is made up of 16 teams is called the Paramount Football League. Paramount means supreme or above all others, so in this fictional world it would have once been more popular than the NFL, but has since been able to coexist with it, much like the AFL and NFL did before merging. The leagues 16 cities, nicknames, and color schemes are pretty much set in stone at this point, as I have produced a good portion of the league already. The 16 cities are as follows (names will be released with each team): Boise (Idaho Appaloosas) Seattle San Jose El Paso Renegades Des Moines (Iowa Goldfinches) Tulsa Kansas City Bees Little Rock (Arkansas Diamonds) Louisville Flyers Pittsburgh Providence Sailors Cincinnati Engineers Charlotte Royals Jackson Baton Rouge Tampa Bay Here is a map of the team locations split into divisions (West, East, South, and Central): The league logo is as follows: The first team should be up within a few days. All the primaries will be released, then the alternates/scripts, and then once those are finalized I will begin with the uniforms. NOTE: Several of the fonts I will be using in this league were produced by Conrad. I would like to give a big thanks to him and anyone who helped make those fonts and the other fonts I will be using!