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Found 4 results

  1. I think the Eagles have a great logo and I'm a big fan of their midnight green color, but I think they just have too much going on with black, charcoal gray and silver accompanying the green. In my opinion, the Eagles look best when they are wearing only green, silver and white, so this concept is more of a clean-up than a full on rebrand. I was also inspired by what the Detroit Lions did with their logo an uniforms this past season. Those are not perfect, but I really like the idea of what the Lions did. Here's my take on the logo: nothing too exciting, the green is a touch more green and the black is gone. The new wordmark is my take on a simpler, less "XTREME" version of the current wordmark and is more in line with the contemporary branding in the NFL: bold, single color lettering with some serifs and a bridge shape to give it some character. Here are the new home and road uniforms. Less is more as the uniforms are reminiscent of the current duds but are without the needless clutter of superfluous colors and embellishment. The Color Rush uniform is gray in the same style of the primary uniforms and the regular alternate uniform is a midnight green version of the classic throwback uniforms thanks to the one-helmet rule. So, thats it. Thanks for taking a look and I'm definitely open to any and all C&C and feedback.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles Concept -10/10/16

    My idea for the Philadelphia Eagles, with a Kelly Green throwback Alternate. I dropped the black from their color palette. Steelers Concept -
  3. Back with an NFL project, a modernized version of the Philadelphia Eagles current primary logo, the Eagle head. My intention was to keep the iconic eagle as the team's primary mark, making it simpler and give it a timeless, modern look. Different areas were revised, like the eyes, the beak, the feather lines (which are now only three in order to shape an abstract "E" for "Eagles"). Plus, the Eagles are wearing Kelly Green again – not the exact shade like back in those famous Randall Cunningham years, but just a touch lighter (PANTONE 348 C). I also recreated the secondary logo with new typeface. The Eagle is still facing right instead of left as in the primary mark. The helmet wing logo remains the same. UPDATES: – Green eye added – Eagle doesn't cover word mark as much as before – "A" serif in "EAGLES" removed Primary mark Secondary mark Word mark
  4. Philadelphia Eagles Nike redesign

    The Philadelphia Eagles have been in "talks" about Kelly green becoming their primary color and a getting a Kelly Green colored uniform but Jeffrie Lurie (eagles owner) ex-wife Cristina Lurie apparently hates the Kelly green look and thinks it should stay in the past. With the Eagles kinda needing a redesign I made a concept on what I think Nike will do based of the other nfl teams that have redesigned under Nike. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Helmet: I changed the wing on the helmet to the back of the bird I have always wanted to see what it would look like and I think it fits with what nike has done before. The helmet has a diagonal wide stripe pattern(?) which kinda serves as the feather pattern that the Seahawks have on their jerseys and helmet. Jersey: The wings are on the shoulders of the jerseys and give the jersey very little empty space on the shoulders which is something nike has had on some of their uniforms (I.E Seahawks to an extent and the Jags) the Stripe pattern is on the sleeves of the jerseys just give it a simple but clean aesthetic. Numbers also have the striping pattern. Pants: I was debating to put the wing on the thighs because I though it would look like too much but decided to go with it anyway. The Stripes go around the back of the pants (which I debated also) and only go up 3/4 way up the pants. This is my first Computer-done concept ever so I hope you enjoy!