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  1. 2017 WWE Prediction Game

    With Elimination Chamber being this Sunday, that means not only is there a brand-new round of the prediction game, but it’s the first round of the 2017 prediction game! I want to thank everybody who participated in the prediction game last year with special congratulations to HabsFan1 on his overall victory. For the most part, the prediction game will be staying the same this year, however we will be adding Takeover events starting with Takeover: Orlando. Point totals will be kept at a minimum for Takeover events, such as lower card matches being worth 2 points and upper card matches being worth no more than 8 points. They will basically be treated as a bonus round: Takeover Lower Card: 2-4 points Takeover Mid Card: 4-6 points Takeover Upper Card: 6-8 points Everybody will be starting at 0 points with one exception. I will be giving Habsfan1 fifteen points to start things off. It was my intention of awarding Habsfan1 with a 3-month subscription to the WWE Network but unfortunately, as we both learned, the card doesn’t work in Canada. I’ve looked into Hulu and WWE Shop gift cards as well and can’t find a definitive answer if they work in Canada. So, not to leave Habsfan1 in the dust, I want to give him some sort of reward for winning. After your guys’ feedback, I will be changing some things around but keeping the same format that I used for the Royal Rumble PPV. In the interest of rewarding those who do well, I have decided to give bonus points for the three finishers each round: 3rd place: +3 points 2nd place: +6 points 1st place: +9 points Not only am I doing this to reward those who do well but to also break up the chance at a tie-breaker at the end. Without further wait, here is your card for Elimination Chamber: Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: John Cena (20 points) vs. AJ Styles (20 points) vs. Bray Wyatt (20 points) vs. Dean Ambrose (20 points) vs. The Miz (20 points) vs. Baron Corbin (20 points) *Bonus Question: Who will be the final two in the chamber? 1. (5 points) 2. (5 points) Smackdown Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (15 points) vs. Naomi (15 points) Tag Team Turmoil Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship: American Alpha (15 points) vs. Rhyno & Heath Slater (15 points) vs. Breezango (15 points) vs. The Usos (15 points) vs. The Ascension (15 points) vs. The Vaudevillains (15 points) Luke Harper (10 points) vs. Randy Orton (10 points) *Bonus Question: Will Bray Wyatt interfere? Yes or No (5 points) Becky Lynch (10 points) vs. Mickie James (10 points) Dolph Ziggler (5 points) vs. Kalisto & Apollo Crews (5 points)