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Found 3 results

  1. Formerly the University of Great Falls, now called the University of Providence. Athletics Press Release with Sport Logos Education Press Release with University logos Attached an old logo for comparison.
  2. I live in Rhode Island and created this hockey logo that I posted this last week... The feedback has been positive overall but everyone keeps saying the stick makes the logo unbalanced and that I should change the stick in the logo. I have no reason to change it because I created it knowing what I'm going to do with it on the jersey itself so here it is on a jersey. The state colors on the flag are yellow blue and white. The state flag also has an anchor on it so that's what I added to the shoulder patch.
  3. Providence Rhode Islanders

    So I live in Rhode Island and decided to create this logo. Its the state of RI with a hockey stick and the puck is where Providence is located. The background you see is of the state house in Providence and the RI state flag is also in the shot. I used the state colors on the logo itself.