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Found 3 results

  1. Rebranding the Braves?

    With the endless debate over the Indians use of Chief Wahoo, I feel it’s only a matter of time before the team also receives a name change. “Indians” is both an outdated and inaccurate term to describe Native American people. The Atlanta Braves are no strangers to controversy themselves. The leaked design for a cap bearing the “Screaming Indian” logo back in 2013 was met with such outcry that it was scrapped. There’s also the “tomahawk chop” fans have been enacting at Braves games for nearly three decades. This too has been deemed offensive by some. While the Braves haven’t endured as much scrutiny as Cleveland, I suspect they’re next once the Indians situation is resolved. I am curious where people stand on this issue. If you are in favor of an eventual rebrand, what sorts of alternate names and Atlanta-centric identities could the team explore? Is there a way to keep the Braves name and apply it to something other than a Native American-inspired identity? P.S. I don’t intend this to dissolve into another Wahoo debate, so please don’t allow that to happen. Thanks.
  2. I figured I would make this into one thread so here it goes... I love the AHL as much as I do the NHL so here are some defunct AHL teams of the past I created. Hamilton Canucks (1992-1994) Saint John Flames (1993-2003) Washington Lions (1941-1943/1947-1949) (For more info on the Washington Lions check here)... More AHL teams of the past to come soon... Comments and critique wanted.
  3. Hi everybody. This is a Rebranding project I did for Düsseldorf from the ISHD. ISHD is the German Inline-Skaterhockey Association. There are about 250 clubs with about 6.000 active players in several leagues. There have been Championships since 1986 so some teams already have quite a tradition. As I completed designing a logo for my hometown team that I also used to play for (Highlander Lüdenscheid) I liked the designing process very much and thought about the logos of the other teams of the league an decided to work on a new logo for one of the most traditional clubs - the Düsseldorf Rams - as I thought that especially the color scheme was outdated. After creating a new logo I proposed it to the club but as expected it got turned down. As I don't want it to get lost on my desktop I thought I would share it with you guys to hear and learn from other Logo addicts. So here we go (hope that I get it done with the pictures): So - what do you think? All the best wishes Daniel