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Found 3 results

  1. That's right the East vs West format is gone! players are voted into a "pool" of players and the top 2 vote getters become captains (like on the playground) and pick their teams from that pool. More details here: What do you think of this shake-up?
  2. NFL Uniform Codes and Violations poster

    I thought this might be of some interest to the community here. These are pictures of two posters that get hung on gameday in every NFL locker room. Spelling out, in amazingly minute detail, every rule and violation involved in the wearing of a profession football uniform. I guess this is what the players are supposed to be looking at when getting dressed. I'm sure to a lot of people these are a pretty damning example of the "No Fun League" in action, but I disagree. I wish baseball and college football (for instance) were equally exacting, personally. In fact, my only wish would be that the NFL were a little more hardcore in enforcing these rules. I see the sock rules, especially, get broken constantly.
  3. Back about 1991, I drew up a logo and jumper kit for an Australian Football League club called the Tasmania Devils. This was after Adelaide joined the league, and I felt there needed to be a sixteenth team to balance things out. I came up with the colours blue and black because I thought there was no side in the league that carried them. Today, I managed to recreate my drawings onto SVG Inkscape. These are what they look like: Logo Shield: Jumpers: Now I know what you're all thinking. These aren't proper colours for a team in Tasmania, and that they should be decked out in green and red. Well, I got that covered: Logo Shield: Jumpers: C&C.