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Found 21 results

  1. a new stadium

    After a long hiatus I'm back with a newish stadium That I modified to fit both football and baseball it's for a fictional university me and one of my friends are doing.
  2. The MetLife Stadium Apocalypse

    So this is more of a curiosity question that I...thought would go here, but I'm not entirely sure. Feel free to move if it belongs somewhere else. In case you haven't already seen it, WSJ posted a video online a few years back detailing the process for changing MetLife Stadium from Giants to Jets. It's a fairly time consuming ordeal, taking roughly two full work days. In other words, not a process that can be completed overnight. So my question is...if in some alternate reality the Giants and Jets both hosted a playoff game on the same weekend, what do you think they would do in regards to stadium decor? Would they find some way to hurriedly change end zone panels inbetween the game, or would they just go with some kind of neutral color "New York" wordmark? I do know both teams hosted wild card games in the playoffs after the 1985 season, but I'm not having any luck finding pictures of what they did then...
  3. Hey guys, Wanted to take a shot at a new project...this is my first attempt working with Illustrator rather than Inkscape. I'm using my own template (which has been slightly streamlined). I envisioned a new look for the Falcons, whose current uniform has been stale for about a decade. This new set would coincide with the new stadium and is more of a throwback look. The overall look harkens back to the beautiful throwbacks from 1966 with the addition of sleeve stripes. I felt conflicted because I love the Northwestern style stripes they've worn before...I also love the gray pants with the red, white, and black stripe (same as the Super Bowl 1998 team's pants)...but mixing those with the helmet and you have a complete hodgepodge of striping patterns. So I've started from the helmet and the throwback pants stripe and expanding into a simple and consistent stripe across all elements. I have designed a custom number font. It's somewhat based off of the wordmark font and tweaked but I think it's still rather simple. I have also included an "Inaugural Season" patch on the black jersey, which I'd imagine they would wear for the very first game at the new stadium. Here's the rest of the number set:
  4. Sketchup Baseball Stadium

    I'm new to the forums, and I am on here to share my designs, mainly baseball stadiums. Without further ado, I would like to introduce my first stadium. It doesn't have a name or a team, but I hope to begin to incorporate those in the future. For this stadium, I took a lot of inspiration from Target Field and Kauffman Stadium. FYI, the mountains are just there to get a good grasp of how the sightlines are from the stadium, and the outside of the stadium is incomplete. Here's the shot from the top row of the lower bowl, you can see the bullpens in center along with the batters eye terrace. The high wall in right center allows for adequate standing room to hold more fans. Down the right field line, you can see the big building that houses a restaurant and game day offices (concessions, merchandise sales, etc.). Here's the view from home plate, same as the one above, but with the POV from the batters perspective. Here is the view from the standing platform in right center that I mentioned earlier. From here you can see the upper deck construction, suites, and press box. Here's a view from farther out of the stadium, where you can see the materials used on the outside of the stadium and get a better feel for the inside design of the field. Final view I have, on the front of the stadium (rounded portion) you can see the front offices, and main entrance. There are also entrances down the 3rd base line, 1st base line, right field corner, right field, and left field. The main team store is housed down the 1st base line (the thing that juts out of the main wall). As with everyone else, C&C is well appreciated! (I most likely won't edit this design but I will take C&C into consideration to improve my designs going forward.
  5. Camp Randall Renovation

    My beloved Camp Randall's most recent renovation added a beautiful new entrance to the student section, as well as an enormous new scoreboard. But, it also added yet another disconnected style to the stadium that has made many upgrades that never really felt connected to the rest. The Field House at the South end of the stadium is the crown jewel of the stadium, and is what the new North entrance looks to be most connected to. I wanted to fill in the blanks between the two and make the stadium feel like it was all built at the same time. A lot of this can be fixed by facades, while in other cases I took a more drastic route. I also added to the upper deck, increasing the student section capacity and adding North endzone suite.
  6. Globe Life Park Logo

    As a native Texan, I've been to more Rangers games than I can remember. As one of the most beautiful parks in the country, the stadium needs a logo that helps promote it's appearance. Therefore, I have decided to rebrand 'Globe Life Park.' More will come as soon as I feel the logo in finalized. Comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks!
  7. ECU Football Southside Reno

    If you weren't at East Carolina's Purple-Gold Spring game (with free barbecue before the game) about midway through halftime, or don't regularly look at their website, you may have missed a very important announcement in the world of stadium designs. East Carolina is renovating the Southside (original) part of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium and it will be done by the time we play North Carolina A&T on Sep.1 2018. Watch the video: Read the article
  8. A Sketchup Stadium Academy Omnibus Thread

    There seems to be a macarena-like fad of sketchup stadium concepts, so im putting this here so the individual concept threads dont get sidetracked from the actual concept to the '''whoaa, how maaaan?!" type deals. so, heres sketchup : and heres what i use to render the scenes: both free. Anyway, a little about the craft..... here, have a seat: ....very simple. 3 planes. practically modern art. not many people dig modern art, so lets slap some textures on: heres a quick render of the same thing...oooh... sexy seat: heres the back: still simple, but showing that you can assign a front and back texture to one plane. ...and the sexy back: but hey, you might be asking, what if i want a diff color seat? no prob you can tint the color of the texture within the program, and not actually modifying the base texture file. this is why i had the textures in grayscale. its easier to do this that way (but still possible otherwise with wonky results). so youre like, great! but thats too much work to photoshop textures. i just want stuff man. tough! here's all the source material, do it yourself! ........ you go all in .png format to preserve transparent areas. now i realize that seating isnt crucial. you'll just slap a texture on a wide area and call it a day. i just use this as an example because you can apply this elsewhere, and when you really think about it, its not that hard to go the extra mile. .....actually it is kinda hard...initially......what i meant is, its totally worth it. everyone else feel free to add some jazz.... questions, concerns, comments etc.
  9. Penguins vs Flyers Stadium Series 2017

    Hey all. I'm back. I drafted up a concept for the 2017 outdoor game between the Penguins and Flyers in Pittsburgh. I do not like a lot of the elements used in these jerseys simply because I dont like a lot of the stadium series templates. I feel they are a bit to modern. However I tried to make these accurate to what the NHL might want in a stadium series jersey. C&C is welcomed and appreciated.
  10. This retro-alternate universe doohickey deletes baseball and makes soccer America's national pastime. The AFA American Football Association (1884) was a real organization that flamed out in the early 20th century, but not here! Lots of actual baseball history is used to fill up the AFA's back story. Stadiums are gonna be made in 3D with Sketchup and rendered in Visualizer! 201603-AFA-1st-division.jpg There's the setup for the 1st division. Promotion/relegation within the 4 divisions. Clubs and stadiums are inspired by a regions baseball history. Naming of the grounds follows the old British style of using the local area or a main street. Club names are all over the place because this league absorbed two other leagues that had their own naming conventions. The Western teams are mostly based off the real pre-1958 Pacific Coast League. Because there's promotion/relegation this table just represents a moment in time (...more like my to-do list....). 201603-AFA-LOGO.jpg There's the AFA logo wacky tunnelvison process work. First row set was trying to incorporate the American eagle and a 1 (as in 1st Division) into something. The overall idea was trying for a sleek art-deco bald eagle logo, which turned into an epic struggle to avoid anything boy london-ish . Each wing represents the East/West clubs. ..........aaaaand i've just saw theres already an epic concept topic using the AFA name. well. damn. onwards! -------------------------------------------------------- Completed clubs: 3/27 - FCNY 4/12 - NYCFC
  11. From the original source
  12. Share any pictures that you took during professional or college games you have been to. So if you were at a NFL, MLB, MiLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, EPL, NCAA, CFL, AFL, NASCAR, etc. game/match/race/practice post them here. No pictures of high school or youth leagues, please. I get that most good cameras aren't allowed in most stadiums so most pictures here might not be in the best quality. Here are some pictures I've taken over the years at sporting events... Bucks vs Blazers pre-game from this season Badgers "chopping down" the goalpost after win over Minnesota in 2014 Aaron Rodgers TD pass to Richard Rodgers at Vikings in 2014 Badgers pre-game vs Bowling Green in 2014 March Madness 2014: Frank Kaminsky and Badgers tipoff vs Oregon Lambeau Field flyover vs Saints in 2012 Packers season opener vs 49ers in 2012 Tim Lincecum pitching vs Angels in Spring Training NFL Thursday Night Kickoff game vs Saints in 2011 (National Anthem) Jordy Nelson riding bike to training camp in 2008. This day turned out to be the last day Favre was a Packer, traded a few hours later.
  13. Zeus' Hockey Templates

    Hello,! I decided to make a Stadium Series template, obviously for hockey, due to the fact that I wanted the one that uses, but the internet didn't have it. Therefore, I made it on my own, and that made me want to make more. (Some templates are just re-made for Here they are: Stadium Series (Now with tweaked shoulders!): Archetype Blank: Archetype Ultra-Modern: Archetype Classic: Archetype Modern: Archetype Modern Hem Stripes: Archetype Stadium Series: Nike Custom: RBK Edge Ultra-Modern: RBK Edge Ultra-Modern 2: RBK Edge Ultra-Modern 3: RBK Edge Modern 1: RBK Edge Modern 1 Arm Stripes: RBK Edge Modern 2: RBK Edge Modern 2 Hem Stripes: RBK Edge Classic: Old CCM: Sweater: More coming soon. Probably.
  14. Reliant Energy was purchased by NRG Energy a few years ago and NRG has decided to use their "stronger brand" in Houston and to put their name on the stadium complex. The company and stadium changed their logos within the past 2 years to more closely match NRG branding. Now they get to throw up new signage again.
  15. Stadium Series Logos

    So Seeing the new Stadium series logos and the NYI jersey that came out today I decided to give the whole league the chromed out look. First division I did was the northeast teams
  16. The Browns' recently renamed "First Energy Stadium" will undergo significant changes starting this offseason. Sound system, video boards (nearly 3x the size of current), LED panels, escalators, seating and concession improvements, stadium graphics, etc. I thought this warranted a new thread. I think we all expect uniform changes in '15 as well. Before/After slider is in the link if you wanna see side-by-sides.
  17. Purina Sports Complex

    I've been on a Google Sketch-Up kick recently and figured I'd share what I've been working on. This is a concept for a sports stadium located in Sauget, IL (about 10 min. outside of St. Louis). It would be home to a NASL team, the Missouri Valley Conference football and soccer championships, and the MSHSAA's football and soccer championships. It holds 10,500 fans and 11,750 with standing room only. The stadium features two main entrances on both the north and south ends of the facility. On one end of the pitch/field is a three sided scoreboard, corporate office space, and the facilities ticket office. On the other end is an open view of the St. Louis skyline facing east. without further ado, overview of stadium North entrance South entrance view of playing field from south stand West end view Side view of north entrance Another overview East end view Bleacher details Ticket office at east end I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on it.
  18. This is to discuss teams that you think need a new venue.
  19. New Atlanta Stadium

    Prelim designs for the new Atlanta Stadium just got released. Two options, one called The Pantheon which is pretty ground breaking and looks to be more of the enclosed multi-use stadium with the wow factor that the city wants and the other is The Solarium which looks like a greenhouse. Very Lucas Oil like with great open views of the city which I know the owner said he wanted. The Pantheon The Solarium Here's the link where you can download the full PDF which has the other design as well. What do yall think?
  20. NBA Floor concepts

    Hy all I'm an NBA2K video game series patcher and this forum is my favorite place where i get ideas and inspirations for fictional floors. So I'm decided to show U guys how I can implement your concept logos and ideas to this beautifull game ( I mean almost supersimulator ). I repeat!!! the logos are not mine are Yours, are collected from this forum. The court editing is my job. So if U guys like my works u can share NBA concept logos here at this topic and i will made a floor with them. Feel free to rate and comment my works, any suggestions are wellcomed and taked as a positive critic So here is a fictional floor for Los Angeles Clippers (the logo was made in 2005, I realy dont remember whos logo is this, anyway credits to him for this great center logo).