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  1. The Super Bowl trivia contest that requires a little more than the ability to quickly google answers. For the new folks, here's how it works. Every player has appeared in at least one Super Bowl. The easier the player, the tougher the clues and vice versa. The emphasis is on players who played in the 60's thru the 90's but a player could be from any Super Bowl. Pay close attention to the way the clues are worded and the words used in a clue. Round I I. The teams I played for have a combined total of 10 Super Bowl appearances. II. I played in 5 of those ten Super Bowl appearances. III. I was one of the players in a famous in-season three team trade that also involved a Hall of Famer. IV. My draft position was the highest for my college since this Hall of Famer was drafted and I'm still my alma mater's highest draft pick on my side of the ball . IV. Bumbles may bounce, but Beurleins don't. Who am I?