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Found 3 results

  1. I get it. Seattle had a team they loved that was stolen from them by Oklahoma City. If Hurricane Katrina never happened (not just in this sense but for the sake of people's lives,) then Oklahoma City wouldn't become a viable option for basketball and the SuperSonics probably would have never moved. Heck, if the Hornets-at-the-time (it's really weird situation when try to talk about the two teams from a historical perspective) played somewhere else, then there's a chance they still wouldn't have moved. But, the past is the past and we can't change it. However, at this point, it's certain that you're gonna get your team back. Every time someone brings up NBA expansion, just about everyone says Seattle. But now, since KeyArena is getting renovations, not just for an NHL setup, but also for the basketball setup, the Sonics will be coming back in the near future. The renovations are expected to be finished in 2020, so the earliest they can begin play is the 2020-21 season. But, the expansion bid hasn't been placed yet, due to the fact that the higher-ups of Seattle are more concerned about hockey and the NHL than basketball and the NBA. Because of these things, people need to stop putting Seattle on their expansion lists. At this point, it's certain they're coming back, and the fans wishes have pretty much been granted. Thank you for looking at my somewhat of a rant. Please comment your feeling or your thoughts about the Seattle situation. (mods sorry for posting this in the wrong thread. please move this thread to sports in general. also please don't hurt me.)
  2. Seattle Supersonics concept

    I Want some sonic boom back! Here's an Seattle Supersonics concept I made
  3. NBA 2K16 Team Relocations

    Sorry if this has been posted before... I did a quick search and did not turn up anything, but I thought it'd be fun to have a place where we showcase any successful relocations in NBA 2K16! It's a fairly robust creation kit, and it's predicated strongly on uploading logos from your computer to 2K's website, so the Illustrator folks aren't handcuffed by the in-game logo creation suite. (Jerseys and courts, like I said, are robust and not a handicap at all.) The reason I'm posting this now? After 3 years in MyGM, my Clippers relocation to Seattle was finally approved! Introducing the new and improved SuperSonics (C+C appreciated):