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Found 2 results

  1. Your Favorite Teams?

    I see alot of people on here have various and seemingly unrelated teams in their sigs. So for those that have teams that don't necessarily go by geographical location, how did you choose? My teams are pretty easy, although I don't have them anymore, I'm from NY so I'm a NY fan and now I live in Tampa so I root for the Tampa teams with the exception of the Devil Rays. How about everyone else?
  2. Mental Health & You

    Hey folks. So in the WGYG thread I detailed a small blurb about a panic/anxiety attack I had today, and it's kind of like the cherry on top of an anxiety sundae that's lasted for nearly 6 years. I've got a LOT of self-loathing issues I need to work on and I'm encouraged by what I've read around the web & heard from co-workers who are themselves going through their own mental health calamities. I figured this wouldn't be a bad place to reach out to anyone who has experience with this & could give me or others advise, etc. Do you identify as someone with depression/anxiety at an overwhelming level? For anyone diagnosed what has your treatment been like? For those on medication, how are those results? Etc.