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  1. New Blog

    So I'm pretty new to all of this, but I've always kinda wanted to start a blog about my hats. Some of you may know that I've got a pretty big collection. Most of you may not know just how huge it really is, though. The other day I created a Tumblr (I'm not even sure if that's really a great site for blogging, but it sure is easy to use) to talk about my ridiculous hat collection. So far I've got a few posts up and it's mainly just random stream of consciousness stuff. Talking about my favorite caps, a few facts here and there, and interesting observations. I kinda want to transform it into more of a journal of sorts talking about how fitteds tie into my daily life and such. It's kinda fun to do so far, and lets me talk more about this crazy obsession I have that most people in my life think is weird. And again, it's nothing really that special, unique, or groundbreaking. But it's fun! Does anyone else do stuff like this? The Fitted Game